Top Ten Most Frequently Asked Questions On Roblox

This list is A... Well, list, of the questions players are always asking in Roblox. Some are serious while some are plain ridiculous.

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1 How Do I Become Popular?

Here's mine: does this game suck? - N3GAT1V3

I always see people asking this. And the truth: most of you wont. Trying isn't gonna get you far. Some people are just meant to be devs. The only way to know is to sit back and let life take you in your direction. - BaggyCoyoteRBLX

Keep sending friend requests. Most of the time people will accept. - Pony

You'll surely be treated like an animal if you aren't popular or have because. - aarond9010


You died because you did. don't blame it on that block or lag, just deal with it. You died. Get over it. - BaggyCoyoteRBLX

3 Why Are You Such A Noob?

People who ask this try to be mean, but they're the noob by saying this. This is their way of blaming someone else for something they messed up on. And even if you are a noob, it doesn't matter. It's a game. - BaggyCoyoteRBLX

I hate it when my brother or someone does this, or say "WOW HACKER HE KILLED ME". - Serperior77

Becauce I'm not donate...

4 Why Do The Devs Suck?!

They don't. Its either a mistake they made or just you being a follower. The devs try to make the game a better place, but with the thriving community its hard. If you say the updates are bad, then why don't you go and make the perfect update? Exactly. - BaggyCoyoteRBLX

School. If you hate them, here's the door, now get out - DubstepLover

5 You Want To Date?

Two guys asked me in five mins my answer NO I AM REPORTING YOU

You OD'ers really need to get a life. - BaggyCoyoteRBLX

I was harassed by a boy on Roblox, he kept saying,"Will you date me? "
I said "no, I'm not od."
He said,"I'M GONNA RAPE YOU IN YOUR SLEEP" so I reported him.


6 What Am I Supposed To Do?

This isn't bad, just a question you see every now and then. If someone asks you this and you know what to do, tell them. Its not weird. I'm sure we've all needed help at some point.

7 Can We Do ______ PLZ?!

That's why I always said as a noob, then I got a bit more better with sentences.

I don't know why you ask others. Just do something. - BaggyCoyoteRBLX

8 Why Arent We Playing?!

Now this frequently happens in because games run by admins, where the admins mess around and stop the game, ruining the experience for everyone else. It can also happen in non-because games. - BaggyCoyoteRBLX

9 Why?

Why do you weirdos say why randomly? The chat stops while everyone trys to figure out what you mean. Maybe be more specific? - BaggyCoyoteRBLX

10 Why Am I So Awesome/Cool?!

You're not now stop fooling yourself and go do the dishes. You probably have spiky hair if you say that. - BaggyCoyoteRBLX

The Contenders

11 Can I have some Robux?

Please we need free roblox xylexn

12 Why does this game suck so much?

Because u do

13 Can I team with someone

In PVP games like Arena X and Monsters of Etheria.

Mostly seen on Apocalypse rising reborn

This isn't stupid yes u can

14 What the Heck is Roblox?

A better version of minecraft. Note Roblox came before minecraft so Roblox is older than minecraft.

15 Will U Adopt Me

People say this on games like ro-island and adopt a family I don't have a problem with it but I want to know what other people think.

16 Why do dresses in the catalog barely ever come with shoes or boots, especially if they're long or christmasy?

What is robux

Or am I the only one who asks this? No.. I can't be! - LemonComputer

17 Why did you kill me?
18 Is Roblox Greedy?

Yes, it removed tix and robux now costs to much

19 Why are You Such an Idiot?

Why are you such a bully?

20 Why Can't I Get Domino Crown or Dominus?


The reason why is because you probably don't take as much time to do so. Or you forget that your goal is to get (Replace favorite hat here), If you dedicate all your time into getting what you want,And a strong sense to get it,You might get it. If you can get a small profit on a trade then accept it,So you will get nearer to it. Or go for high demand items,If you don't have a limited,Just make money then buy robux then buy a limited,Trade,Then earn profit from trades

You can't just say "I really want a dominus" And think that everyday,But don't try your hardest to get it,Because then you wont get it. You have to put in the work,Probably a couple of years,But it would be worth it in the future. Try to trade each week into you get it,Then you will probably get it,If you actually put in VERY GOOD amount of work. Try to build up trades that gives you a little amount of robux,Keep accepting them so you will get ...more

21 What are Good Roblox Genius Hour Questions?

I don't know please help

22 Can you donate?
23 Can I have some Roblox?
24 Why do people keep sending me friend requests?
25 How did I get arrested?

(Only in Jailbreak, Prison Life or Redwood Prison, or if there are any other unknown jail games like these.) But still, people get arrested in those games when they think they did nothing.

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