Top Ten Funniest Lists Made by Positronwildhawk and Britgirl


The Top Ten

1 Worst - But Funniest - Times to Fart - By Britgirl
2 Top Ten Worst Comments to Make at a Funeral - By Positronwildhawk

Look, I know this list is rude, but it's funny. Please don't hate me - Delgia2k

3 Top Ten Jokes We Laugh at Because They're Awful - By Positronwildhawk

These are gold, I tell you, gold! Especially the muffin one! - keycha1n

4 Top Ten Stupid, Hilarious (And True) Exam Answers - By Positronwildhawk

I dare you to look at his list without laughing - Delgia2k

5 Top Ten Alternative Song Titles That Replace the Word "Heart" With "Fart" - By Britgirl

This was a really funny list! - Minecraftcrazy530

A favorite of mine! - keycha1n

6 Funniest and Stupidest Signs - By Positronwildhawk

Actually, pretty much every humor list Positron and Britgirl have made are all equally excellent! I just love all of their lists. - Kiteretsunu

7 Top Ten Awful Jokes Made by Popular TopTenners - By Positronwildhawk
8 Top Ten Funniest Nerdy Insults - By Positronwildhawk
9 Top Ten Funny Things That Can Happen to You In London - By Britgirl

One of the most shockingly true lists here. Great list, Delgie. - PositronWildhawk

10 Top Ten Exam Questions That We Wish Were In Every Exam - By PositronWildhawk
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