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21 Sonic Rainboom

YAY! Laugh out loud

22 Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3

I loved how accurate Pinkie Pie rapping was to normal rap (minus all the swearing)

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23 Sleepless in Ponyville

Rainbow comments to Scootaloo is there a bug in here? Not the funniest scene, but I liked it.

"Here branches branches branches! "

24 Pinkie Pride

Pinkie is my favourite pony and party planner! She is an excellent singer better than Rarity and Fluttershy her voice is full of joy! How could you not love this episode?

How can someone not like this episode?! Only if you hate music... This episode is just fantastic.

Watch it and you'll know what I mean.

Funniest moment is when cheese Sandwich sings pinkie pies song lol

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25 The Best Night Ever

This episode was really funny, especially Rarity's side where she is expected to cater to her prince while he acts selfish and haughty. I also think Fluttershy was hysterical with what she was doing to try and capture those animals. And when she chased them into the gala and screams "You are GOING TO LOVE MEE! " I couldn't help but shriek with laughter when the animals went and destroyed the gala as well.

This episode is very funny! There was the cyclops pony, the argument between Rara and AJ in the beginning about ponies wearing clothes, Pinkie's pony pokey song, YOU'RE GOING TO LOVE ME, Rarity getting angry at Blueblood, the girls ruining the gala and of course Celestia loving it all!

All in all, great episode

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26 Dungeons and Discords
27 Games Ponies Play
28 Castle-Mania

I was laughing SO HARD during this episode, it's just as funny as any adult comedy T.V. show.

29 A Friend in Deed

The donkey is bald!

30 Every Little Thing She Does

Hypnotized Mane 5 Was Funny But VERY Creepy At The Same Time - JPK

31 Applebuck Season

I love this episode! Applejack was hilarious! She killed me in the whole episode!

Applejacks episodes are boring I don't like this one!

Applejack episodes are usually boring

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32 Power Ponies

The Maniac is truly a maniac. The last scene where she's tied up in her own hair and is rolling around in it really freaked me out. I swear I saw her eye twitch.

Oh, this episode. I simply love it! The Mane-Iac is one of my new favorite characters. How can you not love this crazy mare? Flutterhulk was amazing, and this is probably the best Spike episode

33 Brotherhooves Social

Big Mac pulling a Mrs. Doubtfire. That is all.

34 The Return of Harmony Part 2

It is so funny! I love seeing Fluttershy act all rude!

"Discord turned the roads into soap! " LOL

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35 Your Color Isn't Green

Um yeah it's called green isn't your color not your color isn't green.

36 A Dog and Pony Show

Rarity - "But I Thought You Wanted Whining! " - JPK

37 Three's a Crowd

Hilarious, every line from Discord is gold.

38 The Mysterious Mare Do Well

This should not be on the list. This is the worst episode ever and everything is bad about this episode. Enough said

Ugh I hate this epsoide Rainbow Dash isn't being herself cool and relaxed

This episode is extremly hated bye gans

Don't hate on it though dude. There are other people that like this episode, but hey, it's your opinion... I do not agree with it though |:<

39 Filli Vanilli

This should not be on the list. Everything went wrong with this episode.

I don't understand the hate for this episode. The song was good and it was enjoyable in general.
Probably those annoying Fluttershy fans who get angry at any pony who makes her upset.

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40 All Bottled Up

This episode owes it all to Trixie. Her attitude can be aggravating at times, but she was the perfect foil for Starlight here. Trixie steals the show in every scene she's in.

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