Top Ten Good Names for Warrior Cat Tribes

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Tribe of Shining Stars

I LOVE this one, verry cool keep up the good work

Tribe of Blazing Fire

Love it! - Patchflight

Tribe of Falling Snow

I was about to say this! I love this Tribe name, good job! - AloeVera

Tribe of Running Wind

How about instead of a Stoneteller leading it, we have Runningwind lead it?

Tribe of Towering Pines

Just sounds amazing


Tribe of Blooming Meadows

It's very cute name, love it.

Tribe of Striking Storms
Tribe of Fading Shade

Awesome! -Nightfang

Mysterious :D - CatMote

Tribe of Shielding Stones

My favorite

Tribe of the Steep Mountains

I think it's cool name!

It's my best!

Guide of the precipitious rock were lead to the Tribe of the steep mountains! follow me!

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Tribe of Falling Rain

Great! Just like Tribe of rushing water.

Wolf’s Shadow Over Snow
Tribe of Gray Stones

Awesome- Mistyfoot

Tribe of Falling Leaves

I, Sun That Shimmers On Stream and my sister, Moon That Lifts Stars love our Tribe Of Falling Leaves. We live in a cave on a mountain and are kind, brave, and sometimes sharp, we hunt hares and birds, there is a beautiful trickling stream outside our cave, it reflects the sunset, that's how I got my name! My mother, Sky That Moon Takes, was always going to name me Sun something, but then when I was born one night at sunset, the stream was a beautiful pink and blue mingled mix (so I was told) and reflected ever so brightly. My sister and I are Moon and Sun, so alike yet so different. TRIBE OF FALLING LEAVES FOREVER! - Swiftdawn

I, Lark That Flies Over Sunset and my sister, Sun That Warms Ice, live in a cave on a mountain that is surrounded by fallen leaves. We are calm, kind, brave, but sometimes snappy. We hunt birds and hares - Swiftdawn

Looking back at this, I'm really Sun That Shimmers On Stream and sis is Moon That Lifts Stars, why was I so stupid? Live in a cave on a mountain that is surrounded by fallen leaves. We are calm, kind, brave, but sometimes snappy. We hunt birds and hares. That part is true, our tribe also worships our poor Fallen Leaves, who peacefully lives with the tribe because every cat in the tribe went and found him and took him out of the tunnels then we went to our home. - Swiftdawn

I'm gonna use that!

Falling Leaves... m... LOVE
Teller Of Pointed Stones
Cave Guards- Gorse That Flies On Bird, Hail That Falls Down Hard, Light That Shifts Forward, Hawk That Flies Over Water, Storm That Sways Water, Mist That Hides Peak
Prey Hunters- Wind On Rushing Water, Dusk That Hides Sun, Rain That Splatters Down, Willow That Sways In Breeze,
Queens - Jay That Sings For Wind, and Lark That Wakes In Morning - Swiftdawn

Tribe of Falling Bristle

Cool Tribe name. I feel like they would have a cat named Bush That Bristles Like Fur in there tribe.

Tribe Of Pooping Mice

SO LOL. Clan that lives in an area where mice poop. They also live in poop.

I am Poop that Rots on Dirt.

Tribe of Cats

Beautiful. Definitely says, "Just a tribe of Random Kittyz".

Tribe of Mist Stones
Tribe of Blazing Sun
Tribe of Meowing Cats


Tribe of Rushing Wind


Tribe of Cooling Meodows

Um, How does that work?

Tribe of Fading Sunshine

Oooh. I like that!

Tribe of Wading Moon
Tribe of Shooting Stars
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