Best GPUs for the Money of 2013

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1 Nvida GTX 770

I save lot money on my T.V. today then I went to the shop and buy a door and then eated a monkey then watch batman rises and watch freddie craven on youtube.

Okay so why not the 780 well if you know how to overclock your gpu you can get good performace for the price for 350 pounds you can't go wrong

2 Radeon 7950

I know that the 7970 is better but I'm looking for the best gpu's for the money and for 210 to 250 pounds its awesome plus iv got this in my pc :D

3gb 220 to 255 pounds this is the best gpu I have used for its price and iv got it overclocked and if your 7950 is overclocked then you have got the best gpu for its price

3 Nvidia 650 TI Boost

In my opinion if you can overclock this gpu its better then the 660 and for 137 pounds its better then the price of 170 pound 660

Okay from 125 to 190 pounds this will get you nice performace and overclock it to make it close to a 660 or a 660ti

4 Radeon 7790
5 Radeon 7870

Okay this is a nice gpu and for 140 to 190 pounds you will get very nice 1080p performace and if your sitting far away you can do 720p becuse it will look the same and you will get better frames :D

More like the 7850 but I like this gpu more because its performace is awesome for its price the price is 175 pounds

6 Nvidia 680

370 pounds for a 2gb or 425 pounds 4gb if your going to do stuff on 1 monitor the 2gb will be fine but 2 or 3 monitors then get the 4gb 680 and theses card are beast when they are in sli

7 Nvidia 640

Why this gpu well its not the best gpu but for 70 pounds its good for the price

8 Radeon 7990

800 to 900 pounds this card overclocked is this best card ever do I need to say more I could but we need to move on

Of corse a 6gb gpu is on here and for 800 pounds its better then the titan

9 Nvidia 760
10 Radeon 7750

Okay from 68 to 80 pounds you will get a cheap gpu but still a good gpu for the performace and if you want good performace why not overclock it :D

The Contenders
11 Nvidia 770

Okay so why not to 780 you ask well the 770 costs 310 to 360 pounds and the 780 costs 510 to 630 pounds :O I know that you get 3gb with the 780 but the 770 gives not to much lower perfomace and its a better price

12 Nvidia 660 TI

200 to 240 pounds this is the best ti card yet untill the 760ti comes out

13 Radeon RX 480
14 Gtx 750ti
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