Greatest Moments In WWE History

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1 Undertaker Throws Mankind Off the Hell In a Cell Through the Announce Table - King of the Ring

The Strength of Taker.

This is the best

Guys this guy showed his demon inside first threw him off the cell second threw him into the cell and didn't flich

He threw him like a physco

2 Jeff Hardy Wins His 1st World Title After Over 15 Years In WWE - Armageddon 2008


3 Shawn Michaels Vs John Cena Tapout - Wrestlemania 23
4 Rey Mysterio Wins His 1st World Title - Wrestlemania 22
5 Hulk Hogan Bodyslam On Andre the Giant - Wrestlemania 3

you can tell kids vote on this. Seriously how is this not in first?

6 Edge Spears Jeff Hardy Off the Hanging WWF Tag Team Titles to the Mat - Tlc 2 - Wrestlemania 17

It is like seeing a super hero flying and that move was once in a lifetime move. With the two most exciting superstars.

Pure hardcore - LitaLee

7 Brock Lesnar superplex Big Show from the top rope - Breaks the ring
8 Mankind Wins First WWE Title - Raw
9 Steve Austin Gives the Stunner to Hbk for First WWE Title - Wrestlemania 14
10 Stone Cold Steve Austin austin 316 Says I Just Wooped Your Ass!- King of the Ring

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11 Undertaker kicks out of the DX finisher WM 28
12 The Undertaker, Triple H & Shawn Michaels Standing Together As the Last of Their Era. - Wrestlemania 28
13 CM Punk Leaving With The WWE Championship In Money In The Bank 2011

He whipped the ass of John Cena and Mr. Mcmahon

14 Roman Reigns breaks the record
15 Shawn Michaels Catches Shelton Benjamin With the Super Kick.
16 Wrestlemania 1 Begins
17 Brock Lesnar returns on the Raw after Wrestlemania XXVIII
18 Undertaker's streak is broken
19 Arnold Schwarzenegger beats Triple H
20 Daniel Bryan returns
21 Stone Cold wins Royal Rumble for third time
22 Edge Cashes In Money In the Bank On John Cena at New Years Revolution 2006.
23 The Debut of Wrestlemania.
24 Randy Orton Attacks the McMahons.
25 Shane McMahon Jumps Off of the TitanTron Onto Big Show.
26 Shawn Michaels kicks out tombstone piledriver (Wrestlemania 26)
27 The Rock Vs Steve Austin, Rock Bottm to Finally Beat Stone Cold at Wrestlemania for the 1st Time - Wrestlemania 19
28 Stone Cold and Mike Tyson segment
29 Ric Flair Retires - Wrestlemania 24
30 Shawn Michaels Kicks Out of the Tombstone - Wrestlemania 25.
31 Chris Benoit & Eddie Guerrero Celebrate - Wrestlemania 20
32 The Rock Challenges Hollywood Hulk Hogan to a Match at Wrestlemania 18.
33 Rey Mysterio Wins the 2006 Royal Rumble.
34 Bret Hart Is Screwed Out of the WWE Championship at Survivor Series.
35 Jeff Hardy's Swanton Bomb Onto Randy Orton.
36 Randy Savage Wins the WWE Championship.
37 Mr. McMahon Is Shaved Bald at Wrestlemania 23.
38 Batista Defeats HHH In Hell In a Cell
39 Brock Lesner ends The Undertakers Wrestlemania streak at Wrestlemania 30
40 Dolph Ziggler cashing in his MITB Contract against Alberto Del Rio to win the WHW Title on Raw
41 British Bulldog wins the IC Title against Bret Hart at Summerslam 1992
42 John Cena debut on Raw at the Draft 2005
43 The Undertaker turns against DX at Judgment Day 2000
44 Triple H returns after a 9 month injury
45 The Rock returns to be the host of Wrestlemania XXVII
46 Dean Ambrose Returns
47 John Cena returns at the Royal Rumble
48 Lesnar & Taker Brawl - Raw 7/20/15
49 Kane destroys Daniel Bryan
50 Mr. McMahon Wins The 1999 Royal Rumble
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