Greatest Motocross Riders

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1 Ricky Carmichael

He can ride outside his limits without crashing, he was the most physically fit rider of his day, hardest working, does not give up, has style and talent for miles, and seems to be genuinely kind and humble. Oh yea... He has also won too many races to list, with multiple championships and a X-games Gold medal.

He is the Goat! Nobody better. Anybody that laps the whole field in a race should be number one and the greatest of all time

He makes motocrossers look like they have never been on a bike before - shelzza

Amazing rider he is

2 James Stewart James Stewart James Stewart (May 20, 1908 - July 2, 1997) was an American movie star, who is widely considered to be one of the greatest actors of all time. He is best remembered for his roles in Rear Window, It's a Wonderful Life, Vertigo, and Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. Stewart was known for his distinctive drawl more.

His style belies his age. He's aggressively intelligent. Every newcomer to the sport would do well to watch the kinds of lines he takes!

Hey bro when are you coming back to the track

Actor not rider

James and Malcolm Stewart are great dirt bike riders

3 Ryan Villopoto

No one has made comebacks and dominated like he has

Just plain simple the most dominant rider I've ever seen.

He is the goat

He is awesome

4 Travis Pastrana

He has been my favorite for a while now

Best at the youngest

I think you should back off even though I'm ten I know a lot of things and one of those things is to be kind to one another! I've been through a lot, you know like stuff like that and it hurt so EVERYBODY should stop being rood (ONLY the ones ACTULLY being rood at least) and give him a chance because we all are beginners and if he's not a beginner it doesn't mean anything, so what if he needs more practice that's him not you. If you were in his shoes would you like it if someone said something like that to you? Just think about that rood people.

Who ever said this is a bad person "Pastrana wasn't even a top 5 rider in his day its obvious no one that voted for him ever watched him race, he should not even be on this list, not that I don't like him... but he certainly wasn't a good racer"

5 Jeremy McGrath

Most skilled multi off road racer

Jeremy McGrath made the sport what it is today the man is a genius of the the sport most innovative rider of all time. Not to mention look at all of those wins!

You can't even discuss moto without full recognition Mcgrath is the king of the sport and still active in the scene.

He was absolutely untouchable. His motocross/supercross perfomances increased the sports popularity in the nineties at a time when motocross hype was waning. Also his trick jumps ( the nack nack ) led way to what we know now as freestyle. Thank you Jeremy, I bought a lot of tickets to watch you kick ass. Worth every penny

6 Ryan Dungey

He should be on the top his riding skills put everyones to shame

If you think

He set the example of how it should be done!

Poster boy for mx and all children

7 Stefen Everts

Shear class...

#1 motocross racer

Just amazing records and no one comes close to beating them.

Without a doubt the best off all time

8 Chad Reed

Don't know why he's below Stewart. Chad is a class act and one of the few that could be dirty stewart " when he don't crash he wins". Love to watch him race. Especially in the 2000s when dirty stewart would do everything to run him off the track including running into him and Chad just gave it right back.

He's the best all around rider to ever grace this sport

My dad raced reed and he is a humble guy

I think he should be #1
He is the dirt bike riding legend!
Vote Chad Reed

9 Ken Roczen

He crashed super hard and lives the spotlight si much he decided to race again. And he is super fast and trains super hard for what he has

Rides honda and the best

I love ken roczen and he is one of the best for sure.

He pushed the sport to a new level

10 Roger DeCoster

Roger DeCoster was a dominant rider in motocross. Spanned an era of limited travel bikes to long travel suspension and remained super fast. He was tough and determined and as an older rider, beat Bob Hannah straight up multiple times. The Hurricane was in his prime at the time.

DeCoster is generally recognized as the best-known racer in motocross in the first 50 years of the sport. His racing accomplishments are simply remarkable. He won five 500cc Motocross World Championships; tallied a record 36 500cc Motocross Grand Prix victories; was a member of six winning Belgium Motocross des Nations teams; earned four Trans-AMA Motocross Championships; was a Gold Medalist in the International Six Day Trial (Enduro); and earned numerous national championships in his native Belgium, including a national Trials title.

He would smoke Carmichael!

the Man!


The Contenders

11 Eli Tomac

Tomac is much faster than Ricky he struggles with consistancy and has bad days with no answer but on a good day he dominates and will go down in motocross/supercross history

Don't ever count him out.

Eli is a Supercross Superstar! He struggles with consistency, but when he is on his game no one can touch him. He is one of the greats ranking with McGrath, Reed, and Carmichael.

I've never seen anyone rail corners or catch up from such big gaps

12 Antonio Cairoli

9 time (real) world champion

i think 3

Cairoli is the best, his records are amazing. Sadly americans know very little about motocross outside of US, that's why he is not up there.

Needs to have more confidence in his own ability to beat the yanks in the ama Championship.

13 Jeffrey Herlings


He wins everything. No one is near him atm

This is the best rider 3 times world champion


14 Bob Hannah

He was the reason I started racing YZ80s in 1981, after BMX. Bob Hurricane Hannah is the GOAT of the 70s and 80s

Bob Hurricane Hannah

Enough said

90% of these guys couldn't couldn't carry his boots. Obviously who ever did this ranking, I'm not a fan.
Seriously? , Bob, Ward, DeCoster Johnson,etc behind Pastrana?

Hannah is the best ever.

15 Rick Johnson

Best I’ve ever seen, Him and David Bailey used to battle it out.

Ricky was my idol growing up. He was just a pure rider. The talent he had was awesome, a shame it was cut short due to injuries. He would have won more titles. Jeff Ward just about always pulled a close second anytime these two were in the same race.

Hard to tell how many titles he would have won if he hadn't got taken out with the wrist injury. If he got a bad start he still blew through the pack to the front. Always tells it like it is wether you like it or not.

The best motocrossers are the guys who used to hang on to a 500cc two strokes. Johnson's hard riding and come from behind feats were outstanding. Ward is up there with Johnson - so perhaps it is a toss up. But 500cc open class two stroke racers had to be the best to hang on to one of these beasts of a bike.

16 Jeff Ward

Jeff Ward vs Ricky Johnson - Ah... Good times!

I believe he is still the only racer to win every class championship! 125 mx, 250 mx, 500 mx. 250 SX. (2 stroke) Plus 450 super moto. All AMA national championships.

The flying freckle was one of my all time favorite's. He was always near the front of the pack in every race.

Jeff Ward ruled the 80's like McGrath ruled the 90's and Charmichael does now.

17 Joel Robert

#1 - this guy was such a natural talent it wasn't even funny.

Is this a list of the greatest motocross riders of all time? Because most of these riders are modern era supercross and "outdoor" riders. Nothing against these guys. They are tremendous athletes and highly-skilled. But the sport of motocross changed dramatically in 1975 with the introduction of huge advances in suspension technology. You just can't compare riders of today with the riders of the pre-1975 era. It's like comparing the Beatles with Deerhunter.

This man owned the 250 class, if I remember correctly, for six championships. No special training - just an incredible gift. It's almost impossible to imagine Joel Robert today with all the training aids that accompany our pro riders today. Joel Robert - the REAL GOAT!

The fact that Joel Robert is 20th shows this list is a tad off. He should always be in the top 1 if not higher.

18 Doug Henry

Had a chance to watch him and John Dowd at Dowd's practice track in West Springfield Massachusetts simply awesome.

He was and still is a great rider I've been to his house at his track it it was said to see him get paralyzed on that bike that day I'm glad to have called him a friend

Doug was both the hardest working and nicest guy in motocross. Doug basically gave away several championships by agreeing to pioneer the four stroke Yamahas during his prime. You couldn't have asked for a better competitor or a racer with a better attitude. The way he came back from several devastating injuries to compete for national titles was unprecedented. His victory in his first ever GNCC is still the talk of legend.

By far the nicest and in my opinion what he did after his back injury, is the best motocross rider there is again that is my opinion...

19 Kevin Wyndham

By far the most naturally smoothest and talented rider ever!

One of the most consistent riders of all time.

20 Ashley Fiolek

Just because

Angle on dirt...


21 Jean-Michel Bayle

Absolute guru of the sport. This guy was on top and won every title. Hands down number 1...
He helped change motocross and raise the bar

Best ever ride, WHY; won every tittle in the world

Indoor or out, it didn't matter. He rode smoothly, fast and had a fantastic riding style. A great shame he turned to road racing.

Remember watching bayle as a kid he was the best he made it look so easy all time great in my eyes

22 Dave Thorpe

The most professional in preparation and hugely talented. I saw him at the age of 17 on a Honda 250 floating over bumps that every other good rider hit hard. People said he was boring to watch because he wasn't throwing the bike sideways all the time. He knew that way wasn't going fastforwards, which he was the best at

He road on the fastest bike every made! After 1987 the 500 were slower!

This list is void if Dave Thorpe is not at the top. The most complete racer ever born

Nunber 1 top man ars to 14th

23 Jeff Stanton

3 outdoor national 250 Titles and 3 250 supercross titles! Beat Sephan Everts 4 times in US GP - ejrush

He would its his home gp but never raced a full world series

24 Brad Lackey

Without Brad Lackey, the others wouldn’t know how to race.

Bad Brad brought America it's first World Championship and a lot of self sacrifice and self-denial went into achieving that Championship. I would love to see today's generation of riders do what these guys did with minimal support and bikes and equipment far below what is normal for today.

If I have to explain, you are not an mx'er

You are good!

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25 Danny "Magoo" Chandler

By far the most entertaining rider to watch!

Underrated would be rated much higher on this list if he hadn't had that tragic wreck in Paris. Rip Magoo

He rode hard and crashed hard, but he gave all he had at every race

My favorite racer as a kid. I haven't seen a racer go at it as hard as Danny did. He was awesome!

26 Justin Barcia

Even if there was no 41 on his number plate you would still know its barcia because of his style

This guy is a beast!

Barcia is a god

Barcia is a sick rider he has the style and skill. Have you seen him and eli tomac battling.

27 David Bailey David Bailey

The smoothest and best style on the bike

Best rider of all time.

You idiots have David Bailey listed this low?
He should be listed no lower than #3.

28 Malcolm Smith

Best all around rider ever.

he's dope

I don't think there is anyone ever who was more versatile on a motorcycle. He made those old beasts look smooth as silk.

Do your history this man could change a tire in 5 min during a race

29 Jeff Emig

He is awesome! He should be the top 5. It would be a dream come true to meet him!

jeff emig is so fast in supercross and motocross - shelzza

Best rider I've seen Nick Mihalich

If MC wasn't around, Fro would be at or near the very top. As is, he should be top ten anyway, for his mx skills alone.

30 Blake Baggett

best name

Blake Bagget is a very talented rider and has amazing skills

Great rider watched him at thinder vally and he killed it!

31 Cooper Webb

I love copper Webb he is the best racer I have ever seen race I want to get his autograph and a picture with him one day

He is so nice my moms boyfriend knows him he sent me his autograph and a shirt he is my favorite rider he is #2 but he is the #1 best I want to be his #1 fan

The future of motocross - RawIsgore

He is so cool I want to be his # 1 fan

32 Malcolm Stewart

He is a great rider!

33 Danny Laporte

250cc World Champion, what else needs to be said!

34 Broc Glover

Smooth clean rider that rode on stock machines againdt factory bikes got robbed I 85 supercross title one of the best ever

Ryan dungey reminds me of my idol broc glover. Fast, smooth, consistent and always up front, truely underrated rider 6 national championships and of course he was robbed in 85 for supercross championship. ward rode backwards on track thesame infraction he got hit for earlier in that year. I was bummed true great

35 Adam Cianciarulo

Adam cianciarulo is a awesome rider

He is an amazing rider he is my idol thanks for getting me into the sport

Adam is a good rider

Best rider in supermini

36 Håkan Carlqvist

A true legend. Best of the best.

A true legend and a killer racer! When he got mad, everyone walked away...

A true legend carla will be remberd for his fighting spirit he never gave up and in his best moments he was unbeatable

Pulled over for a beer and still won...

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37 Guy Cooper

I had one of his old track bikes growing up. I thought he was the man.

Never say die aptitude, loved styling it over the jumps.

Killer on a 125

38 Mike LaRocco

Best Longest Jump Ever and also a Champion and in the Early 90's more 20 riders can compete...

2 dozen riders ranked above who have never beat Mike

Just an out right hero and character

Beast. Had he been a better starter or the motos lasted 10 mins longer he would have won em all.

39 Darryll King

Shaped the thinking and racing standard of a nation. Competed against the best, in their prime, on their home turf and had his fair share of race wins against all the odds.

40 Glen Aguilar


Legendary filipino motocross rider.

41 Trey Canard


Overcame more diversity than anyone and still wins races Got my respect.

He overcame the worst injuries and fought back to still win races!

Who is this?
#deez nuts

42 Josh Coppins

Possibly one of the most unlucky motocross riders to race the FIM world mx championships in Europe, He has raced pro level for 17 years finishing 2nd in the world twice as well as many GP wins and national championships. Unfortunately for Coppins, he peaked during Stefan Evert's reign as ten times world champion and had the unlucky incident in 2007 that saw his massive points lead shattered, but I still believe that Josh deserves a place on this list for his honest contribution to our great sport.

Bloody good bastard too

Yeah go nz mx

43 David Knight

Best Rider out there in all types of events, he beat Stefen Everts at the Weston Beach race.
Leaves his competetion to second place

44 Mike Alessi


Mike is very misunderstood, he is a great talent. Outdoors he really can show his stuff. I would love to see any of You haters run pace with Mike.

Known for his holeshot!

Mike has slowly been overtaken by new riders in the sport, but no one can argue that his motorcross career was nothing short of spectacular, with multiple runs in the top 3 and wins against Dungey, Villopoto, Stewart and more.

45 Tommy Searle

Complete beast NO ONE NOES

British champion 2016

The boss rode in mx2 give him a chance

46 Donny Schmit

Seen him race and won it 125 cc inot Killinchy in North lreland he was class 1989

Yes, I was at a practice track one afternoon with different riders going over a particular section and he also would take it repeatedly, effortlesly crazy fast. Made me ( and everyone else ) look like a total squid...impressive!

If Donny were still around I'm sure he would be riding with the best of them, god rest his soul he was my inspiration, growing up in district 23 in mn, we called himpeanut, and this guy kicked ASS!

47 Ron Lechien

Love Ron! The original motocross rockstar... Like you said he was a total natural talent... He barely trained and still won and or was always a front runner.

The Natural.

World championship year was untouchable


48 Trampas Parker

Two world titles two different classes. In a class by him self.

49 Nathan Wilson
50 Grant Langston

Grant and his family is a story in it's self. One of pride and love for children. Meeting Grants Dad removes all doubt why Grant is such an amazing father, husband and human being. I feel that if Grant wasn't such a nice and caring person, he would have taken many more wins, if you understand this.

Completely underrated here... one of the best that ever was

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