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21 Adam Cianciarulo

He is an amazing rider he is my idol thanks for getting me into the sport

Adam cianciarulo is a awesome rider

Adam is a good rider

Best rider in supermini

22 Donny Schmit

Yes, I was at a practice track one afternoon with different riders going over a particular section and he also would take it repeatedly, effortlesly crazy fast. Made me ( and everyone else ) look like a total squid...impressive!

If Donny were still around I'm sure he would be riding with the best of them, god rest his soul he was my inspiration, growing up in district 23 in mn, we called himpeanut, and this guy kicked ASS!

23 Danny Laporte

250cc World Champion, what else needs to be said!

24 Doug Henry

Doug was both the hardest working and nicest guy in motocross. Doug basically gave away several championships by agreeing to pioneer the four stroke Yamahas during his prime. You couldn't have asked for a better competitor or a racer with a better attitude. The way he came back from several devastating injuries to compete for national titles was unprecedented. His victory in his first ever GNCC is still the talk of legend.

By far the nicest and in my opinion what he did after his back injury, is the best motocross rider there is again that is my opinion...

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25 David Bailey David Bailey

The smoothest and best style on the bike

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26 Malcolm Stewart

He is a great rider!

27 Joël Smets
28 Darryll King
29 Eric Geboers

If you don't no

30 Shayne King

My dad stayed with him in a flat and he offered to sell him a helmet but he could not offered it and the next year he won 250cc world champion ship

31 Eli Tomac

Tomac's gonna take everyone by surprise, if he hadn't crashed in 2015 AMA outdoor motocross, he definitely would have been running for the title!

Eli is the worst rider ever and he should quit right now. Ryan dungy is the goat.

Eli is and will be the best rider ever

In Daytona he's untouchable.

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32 Jeff Emig

jeff emig is so fast in supercross and motocross - shelzza

Best rider I've seen Nick Mihalich

If MC wasn't around, Fro would be at or near the very top. As is, he should be top ten anyway, for his mx skills alone.

33 Kevin Wyndham

By far the most naturally smoothest and talented rider ever!

One of the most consistent riders of all time.

34 Brad Lackey

Bad Brad brought America it's first World Championship and a lot of self sacrifice and self-denial went into achieving that Championship. I would love to see today's generation of riders do what these guys did with minimal support and bikes and equipment far below what is normal for today.

And with Jim Pomeroy before before them the top American rider was trying to not get laped

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35 Broc Glover

Smooth clean rider that rode on stock machines againdt factory bikes got robbed I 85 supercross title one of the best ever

Ryan dungey reminds me of my idol broc glover. Fast, smooth, consistent and always up front, truely underrated rider 6 national championships and of course he was robbed in 85 for supercross championship. ward rode backwards on track thesame infraction he got hit for earlier in that year. I was bummed true great

36 Blake Baggett
37 Mike LaRocco

Best Longest Jump Ever and also a Champion and in the Early 90's more 20 riders can compete...

2 dozen riders ranked above who have never beat Mike

Just an out right hero and character

Beast. Had he been a better starter or the motos lasted 10 mins longer he would have won em all.

38 Trey Canard

Overcame more diversity than anyone and still wins races Got my respect.

He overcame the worst injuries and fought back to still win races!

Who is this?
#deez nuts

39 Guy Cooper

I had one of his old track bikes growing up. I thought he was the man.

Never say die aptitude, loved styling it over the jumps.

Killer on a 125

40 Håkan Carlqvist

Pulled over for a beer and still won...

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