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1 Wayne Gretzky Wayne Gretzky Wayne Douglas Gretzky CC is a Canadian former professional ice hockey player and former head coach. He played 20 seasons in the National Hockey League for four teams from 1979 to 1999.

They don't call him the great one for nothing. He also has more assists than anyone has goals and assists. And 4 200 point seasons along with a 196 season. Only 4 times ever done.

He is just amazing nothing short I can't believe people think he is not the best he is by far the best gretzky is amazing

The great thing about the great one was it wasn't just about on the ice. He cared off the ice about the game and people as well. Thank you great one.

In my opinion being good at hockey doesn't mean being the fastest,or having the best shot or anything like that. Its about knowing the game,and this man knew it very well. He was always where he needed to be, and if your always where you need to be you will score goals and make assists. If you know the game and have passion for it,you don’t always have to have the best shot or be the fastest

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2 Mario Lemieux Mario Lemieux

Mario lemieux is better than all the players because it only took him 1 shot to score his very first goal. That's why he should be top spot. He's amazing because I don't know anyone else who can score in just one shot.

Mario got cut down in him prime or he would have had 2 to 3 times as many Cups. Great goal scorer but as an overall player, offense, defense, passing, hitting, etc... Best of all time! Sorry 99

I'm sorry for math gods, but 66 is GREATER fan 99.

He shouldn't be in the Top 3, is #4 behind Gretzky, Orr and Howe on most lists.

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3 Bobby Orr Bobby Orr Robert Gordon Orr is a Canadian former professional ice hockey player, widely acknowledged as one of the greatest hockey players of all time.

Bobby Orr was amazing! He could juke, skate super fast, and shoot the daylight out! Don't you remember Orr shooting from the opposite side of the rink and making it in the empty net for the win? Incredible! How many other players have done what Orr could have done! Best player ever! Makes sense that the greatest hockey player in history was on the greatest hockey team in history the BOSTON BRUINS! He is my hockey hero!

Bobby orr could just deke past gretzky, lemieux or any other player
his defensive skills were amazing and his offense was incredible too
he won the art ross twice, had a 139 point season(a thing that no incredible forward could get, he got a 102 assist season, one of three to do it

The greatest hockey player to ever lace up skates. He was a man among boys when he was in his prime.


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4 Sidney Crosby Sidney Crosby Sidney Patrick Crosby, ONS is a Canadian professional ice hockey player who serves as captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins of the National Hockey League.

What an overrated hack. He gets attention that he does not deserve. The only reason why people like him was because he scored the golden goal for Canada 7 years ago in the 2010 Olympics. If he had not done that he would not be as popular.

Crosby is the best player in the world right now. He's not my favorite, but there's no doubt he's the greatest. The kid is on track to beat The great one. He lives the game. Yeah, he used to be a sook, but he's not anymore. But the reputation is stuck with him. The guys a living legend

This is a joke. He is not better then all those guys and I know what I am talking about unlike the guy that made this list. And when I say all those guys I mean the top 30 players. Forget crosbey.

Best player in the world

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5 Gordy Howe

No offense guys, but this list is crap. Gordie Howe is supposed to be top 5 material, there is no Maurice "the rocket" Richard even on here, and you put Peter Forsberg at number four, I mean, he's good, but he's not number four. Moreover, You put Crosby and Ovechkin on here, no offense, but I think we should wait until they have both won stanley cups before we start putting them on the list. The top 5 should be, in no particular order: Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux, Gordie Howe, Bobby Orr, and Maurice Richard.

801 goals! Only one person has more than that and that is Wayne Gretzky. Bobby orr said Gordie was the best, so did Wayne, Rocket, and Mario. He must be the best if all of them say that.

This guy starred in my favorite team, the whalers. Even though they haven't won a stanley cup, they will always be the greatest team ever. - fredthewaffle

Gordie Howe will beat all your asses this guy should be #1 Go Wings

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6 Jaromir Jagr

Lemieux should not score so many goals without Jagr. They should be best hockey couple.

Lemieux had his highest scoring season (88-89) before Jagr was even in the NHL

My favorite hockey player.

He is a puck hogging jerk

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7 Alex Ovechkin

He is the best player in the NHL now, how is Crosby in front of him, its not right to see Crosby ahead of him. Now he and the caps are ready for the Stanley cup...

Ovi is the first player to win the 4 major awards, all in 1 season. Hart, Richard, Ross, and Pearson. He has also won the Hart 3 times! Crosby has only won the Hart once. This clearly shows that Alex is the better player, and also shows that Crosby, and Pittsburgh, are just bandwagons.

Ovechkin is very good and should be higher. He is consistent and has never been injured. He makes all kinds of crazy goals.

He is now a Stanley cup champion

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8 Mark Messier

come on! he has the record for second place in point leading! by FAR the best leader EVER. he went through all the news and said we will win tonight! he should be won step higher than crosby. but JUST ONE. I agree gretzky is one but STILL! the rangers were going to lose the series against the devils and he convinced everyone that the rangers would win the game. and he scored a HAT TRICK to WIN the game! should be #4! god! - 2234

Crosby is 8 slots over THE captain? Are you kidding me? How is he even outside of the top 10? Good god! He should absolutely be top 5 if not top 4.

Tops everyone except Gretzky on this list for sure

9 Gordie Howe Gordie Howe
10 Steve Yzerman

How is sid the squid up higher then Stevie?!?!?! That makes no sense Steve was the greatest leader of all time! He was passionate about hockey and didn't care about his stats and wasnt a cherry picker like Sid and Gretzky! - PEYMAN18

The best leader any team can have, sure he didn't have the stats as some of the other guys did but he was probably the most passionate about the game of hockey. One of the best!

you have to be kidding any nhl expert puts yzerman at least in the top ten if not the top 5

Stevie Y should be at 3 or 4 on this list.

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11 Peter Forsberg

he is amazing and has made some pretty cool moves

Power & Technics, scoring & passing, he had it all, just awesome player. One of the best in the history of the game.

12 Maurice Richard

The Rocket maybe could've been similar to Gretzky if He had the right to a curved stick, Maurice was physical, a team player, a goal assister and a goal scorer!

Rocket Richard. People call Crosby modern dad rocket Richard when he is not.

Gretzky l, lemieux and orr it s ok but the rest rocket is better

Placed too low. a clutch player with great courage

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13 Jean Beliveau

Was no fan. but a great leader and a mann with class

He was a hero, R.I.P. Beliveau.

14 Mike Bossy Mike Bossy Michael Dean Bossy or, according to some sources, Michael Jean Bossy is a Canadian former ice hockey player who played for the New York Islanders for his entire career and was a crucial part of their four-year reign as Stanley Cup champions in the early 1980s.

Greatest goal scorer of all time. Let's say he never had injury problems and he played as many games as gretzky. If he kept career pace, he would have had around 1100 goals and even if he didn't he still would probably have 950+ goals.

15 Martin Brodeur

Brodeur is definitely the greatest NHL goalie of all time. - Sabbath

16 Patrick Roy

Best goaltender of ALL TIME

17 Bobby Hull

This is a joke! Bobby Hull belongs in the top five players on your list. Had over 1,000 career goals and over 2,000 career points in 23 years of professional hockey. Was the associated press player of the decade for the NHL during the 1960's. First player to score over 50 goals in consecutive years. Led the NHL in goal scoring 7 times in 15 years, with three Art Ross trophies and and two Hart trophies. Plus a Lady Bing trophy. Enough said.

Belongs in the top 5 players of this or list of all time great hockey players!

Bobby Hull should be in the top 5!
He scored tons of goals & his slap shot was 120mph!
He wasn't nicknamed "the golden jet" for nothing - Ajkloth

18 Patrick Kane Patrick Kane

He's the best nhl player in 2010-2016 and he's my favorite player of all time he's really really good he has to 10-in the top 10

Kane is the best American player in the NHL.

And his eye q level is higher than Wayne Gretzky number he has done some bad things in his life but everyone dose because I know I have do a lot of bad things but I've do good things too

I like crosby and toews better. but he is my favorite hockey player from the U.S

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19 Teemu Selanne

He is still one of the league's top scorers at age 40 and holds the record for the best rookie season EVER. Not to mention one of the top goal scorers of all time, and still strong! Two words, FINNISH FLASH

The Finnish flash cannot be competed with in his rookie season

20 Carey Price Carey Price Carey Price is a Canadian professional ice hockey goaltender who plays for the Montreal Canadiens of the National Hockey League.
21 Evgeni Malkin

It scored over 100 points and it has a lot of hat tricks before

22 Joe Sakic

It blows my mind that he is not in the top 10... He is a million times better then cindy "cry-baby" crosby...

Look I'm a Wings fan and Sakic deserves to at least be in the top 10.

23 Guy Lafleur
24 Mike Vernon
25 Corey Perry
26 Michael Hutchinson
27 Shane Doan

Arizona is nothing with out him

28 P. K. Subban
29 Terry Sawchuk

Was the best goalie with jacques plante in his era

30 T.J. Oshie

A good player,should be in the top 10(note this is coming from a caps fan)

31 Brett Hull
32 Chris Chelios
33 Lanny McDonald Lanny McDonald Lanny King McDonald is a Canadian former professional ice hockey player for the Toronto Maple Leafs, Colorado Rockies and Calgary Flames of the National Hockey League.
34 Pavel Datsyuk

Wow. Datsyuk is going to be in the hall of fame and is number 35? Really. 36 years old and still destroying. come on people.

35 Phil Kessel
36 James Reimer
37 Ron Francis
38 Connor McDavid Connor McDavid Connor McDavid is a Canadian ice hockey centre and captain for the Edmonton Oilers of the National Hockey League.

Give him a few years, he'll be at the top of this list.

Connor McDavid is totally AWESOME! And why did this same list put him #1 on most hated and worst nhl players? Doy!

This player should be nuber one

He is great

39 Jonathan Toews
40 Nicklas Lidström
41 Daniel Alfredson
42 Jarome Iginla

Favourite player on my favourite team (well he was on my favourite team until he got traded).

Iggy for the win

atta boy

43 Larry Robinson
44 Stan Mikita
45 Johnny General Zod

Laugh out loud best enforcer in rangers history

46 Vincent Lecavalier
47 Paul Coffee
48 Dominik Hasek

One of the best goalies of all time.

Yes among the top five maybe

49 Travis Zajac
50 Vladimir Tarasenko

How is he not in the top ten, he is better than a lot of the players on here

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