Top Ten Greatest WWE/WWF Matches of All Time

The Top Ten Greatest WWE/WWF Matches of All Time

1 Shawn Michaels vs Undertaker (WrestleMania 25)

Yes truly the best match ever
Undertaker and hbk 2 of the greatest superstars.2 back to back wrestlemania matches and that to the best ever

Best match ever... Just hope HBK would have won...

THe match is the most memorable match of all time...
just can't forget it

Nothing will gonna top this, this was between the two greatest of all time in their late prime bringing two decades of in ring experience and executing it damn perfectly. Also this was pure standard pro-wresting bout with no title, no stipulation neither a main event just pure art.

2 CM Punk vs John Cena (Money In the Bank 2011)

Yeah I agree with you man this match was AMAZING I never thought I would see a match like this in these days... But here it is... But why is it in number 17 are you kidding' me this match was way better than the triple h vs undertaker match it really should be in the top ten

COME ON!... This match is the first to be a 5 star match in almost 10 years it should be at least in the top ten... Both guys were great and they were bringing every thing out of their pocket

This match made me love professional wrestling again. The crowds incredible love for CM Punk and bitter hatred for John Cena, one of if the best storylines in WWE history, and 33:42 minutes of amazing wrestling. I remember watching this when I was 11 years old, back when Cena really was Superman. When he lost, I was sad. But I knew he'd bounce back. Little did I know it would take two years for Cena to actually beat Punk clean. If Cena is Superman, Punk was his kryptonite. Never have I ever been that into a feud. Not even Rock and Austin. This is a match and a experience that I will never forget as long as I live, and not if Nakamura can top this match on my list. Favorite of all time.

The only match I've ever watched that made me scream at the television. The outcome could not be predicted by anyone. The crowd, the love for Punk and the hatred for Cena. The ending was classic, not a single error by either men, perfect match. In my mind best match ever.

3 Stone Cold vs The Rock (Wrestlemania 17 2001)

I think that the rock would win that one but he lost due to interruption of mr mcmahon

Incredible match, they fought non-stop for 30 minutes and lived up to the hype.
We saw both men steal each others finishers and bust each open.
Vince McMahon helping stone cold Steve Austin was one of the biggest shocks in wwe history.

Best promo of all time, two of the best wrestlers in the ring and with the mic. Revolutionized wrestling and made it as big as it was. One of the few times the two biggest wrestlers went at it and it was more than was expected.

It ws a great mtch... People champ the rock dwane johnson played too well but lose due to mcmahn... Stone cold steve austin also played well...

4 Triple H vs Undertaker Hell In A Cell (Wrestlemania 28)

This is the best match ever. Hell in a cell match between two of the best ever (Undertaker and Triple H) and with Shawn Michaels as guest referee. All that in the Greatest Stage of Them All, Wrestlemania.

In that situation, it is difficult to be as good as expected, but that match was incredible, with both men giving all the had, resisting much more than anyone had ever resisted (even a Sweet Chin Music and a Pedigree), ending with a tombstone and the 20-0 streak by the Undertaker. I don't think this match can be surpassed.

Really... The fact that miz vs cena is on this list let alone before any match between h and undertaker is insane. This match was amazing, and better than their match at 27, but that was great too. Its even better than rock vs cena

Greatest Match I've ever seen! End of an Era, two legends of the greatest era of the WWE against each other. Rock/Cena was "Once in a Lifetime"? Triple H vs. Undertaker Hell in a Cell WM 28 was truly "Once in a Liftetime"! Shawn Michaels as referee made it even better! Probably the greatest Story ever told in the Ring. Great show of respect After the Match. Three of the Greatest of All Time!

The electricity before that match was incredible. Everyone was last in the moment of this epic match between two Superstars. The best moment was when The Undertaker kicked out from the
Sweet Chin Music + Pedigree. The Undertaker and HHH proved that this was the best match ever in WWE history. The Match was awesome, the story was awesome, everything was awesome. For what Shawn Micheals and The Undertaker been through, and now what Undertaker and HHH been through, it is the end of an era.

5 The Undertaker vs Mankind - Hell in a Cell (King of the Ring 1998)


Add that to Terry Funk and Mankind's tooth going through his nose, best match ever.

Simply put, this is far and away the greatest match of both wrestlers careers. They joined together and fed off of each others bumps the entire match and gave the fans a once in a lifetime, greatest match in the history of ALL professional wrestling. This was the GREATEST MATCH EVER SEEN, and no disrespect to all of the other greats of wrestling but these two men put on the greatest wrestling show the world has ever seen. We should give a special shout out to HOF Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka for inspiring a young Mick Foley at MSG or this match may have never taken place. Greatness seems to inspire greatness, in 20 years from now perhaps we will be blessed to witness another stunning match from a new young wrestler that was sitting in the crowd being inspired by The Greatest Wresting Match of All-Time by far, Mick Foley vs. The Undertaker - Hell in a Cell (King of the Ring 1998). Gentlemen, if I knew how to give you a standing ovation in place of this vote I would certainly do it. This ...more

This was not wrestling! This was pure awesomeness! Mankind was really injured in this match, but he came back twice to kick Taker's ass! He got thrown from the top of the cage twice! One of the greatest match ever with two of the best legends of wrestling! Mankind/Mick Foley, the hardcore god and the Undertaker, the greatest with his 20-0 Wrestlemania streak!

You absolutely need to vote for this if you are a true wrestling fan!

On a technical wrestling sense there may be better matches. Bret and Shaun ironman, Randy savage vs Ricky Steamboat at WrestleMania, but this was one of the most brutally insane matches of an era and for that it is my favorite. No one was crazier than Mick Foley and in my opinion there still isn't or may never be something like this again. From being thrown off the top of the cell, to being choke slammed on thumbtacks, to his tooth coming out of his nose. This was incredible entertainment from two of the greatest to ever lace them up. They pushed boundaries and I remember questioning as an 11 year old kid, how could this be fake? Not a lot of matches can do that. Truly one of the best of all time, if you consider yourself a wrestling fan or not, you should watch this match. It is worth your time.

6 Bret Hart vs Steve Austin - Submission Match (Wrestlemania 13 1997)

To anybody trying to understand the industry or develop your craft of in ring story telling, here is the blueprint

A Surreal and Emotional Rollercoaster of a Match. A MASTERPIECE!

Best match in the history of Wrestlemania and one of the best stories in the history of wrestling. Wrestlemania 13 is easily one of the worst Wrestlemanias ever, but is saved from being the worst by this match alone.

Austin managed to turned face by losing the match! That is an unheard of accomplishment earned IN the ring.

7 Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels (Wrestlemania 26)

The best match ever it was emotional and made a huge impact on the WWE it was the end of Shawn's Career.

This mach is the best mach in WWE history

Yes it was the greatest match of all time Shawn Michaels is the best WWE legendary superstar of all time

This Streak vs. Career match was the best match ever.
I love HBK but he lose his career 'because
Of The Phenom

8 Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels - Ironman Match Wrestlemania 12

How the hell is this rated so low. The best 2 all around wrestlers probably ever (arguably we'll say) in their primes going at it for an hour with very little breaks in the action or resting periods at all. Then they are made to continue after the hour? Absolutely insane amount of wrestling skill in this bout plus it was Michael's "boyhood dream come true." This to me is far and away the greatest thing the WWE has ever had period and the fact that its rated 14th to me is a joke.

Bret "HitMan" Hart and Shawn Michaels. The very best wrestler of all time. Put them together equals the greatest match of all time. Someting is wrong with the ranking. In terms of technical wrestling, you got em all there. In terms of entertainment and quality, it's there too. Fans today don't really get the science of quality matches, most of them focuses on the drama. Sure, the plot of this match was fulfilling the "childhood dream" but digging through the details of the match makes the whole theme a bonus. One hour (even more) match nothing more to ask for especially from the excellence of execution and the greatest in-ring performer of all time.

Over an hour of nothing but pure technical wrestling and not a single spot repeated. It was adrenaline-pumping and my god was it emotional. Especially the ending, with Shawn absolutely ecstatic and on the verge of tears due to not only winning such a highly contested match but achieving his boyhood dream of becoming WWF world champion. The best match of all time period.

That match was exhausting,
The very first ironman match in history - 322264474

9 The Rock vs Steve Austin (Wrestlemania XIX 2003)

The only time the rock beat steve Austin at wrestlemania
One of the best rivalries
It took 3 rock bottoms, 2 spinbusters, and 2 people's elbows to put stone cold away! - 322264474

The Rock so dominance to his long life rivalry Stone Cold Steve Austin... EPIC!

Without interference. A match between two important person but not take much time.

This is the greatest match ever two of the greatest in the history of wwe I will never ever forget the rock and stone cold done it all at wrestlemania

10 Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels (Wrestlemania 21)

The whole match was a highlight, No Boring moments. This is my second favorite match of all time! I don't think it's underrated though, Because people actually gave this match the credit it deserves!

This match is amazing! I've seen this match about 5 times and I still get excited when they kick out. It's just a contest between two of the greatest in ring performers

Definitely one of the most underrated matches of all time

By far one of the Best matches in wrestling

The Contenders

11 Edge vs John Cena - TLC (Unforgiven 2006)

what a match! once again 2 f the greatest in history I believe this was the 1st rivalry cena had as wwe champion (can't remember if it was JBL)

The champ is here

John cena undefeted retain era starts from here 2006-2007 a undefeted rain of name john cena prevailed

Truly the best match in wwe of all time. Truly awesome

12 Edge and Christian vs. The Dudley Boys (c) vs. The Hardy Boys - TLC 3 Way Tag Team Match (Wrestlemania 17)

this was truly one of the best matches in history with 3 of the best tag teams in history in my oppiniom

The legendary match. Most famous for ages.
I giving 5 stars
This is awesome

Utter masterclass mixed with a demolition derby. Must watch

The Chemistry mixed with extreme weapons and some of the greatest stunts as well as The Talent of all 6 wrestlers makes these matches the best I've ever watched

13 Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels - Streak vs Career (WrestleMania XXVI)

Literally the greatest match that I have ever seen to this day

Here is where the legends achieved immortal status.

Best and emotional match ever seen

14 Brock Lesnar vs Undertaker - Hell In a Cell

The youngest WWE champion wins this Match means Brock Lesnar not The Undertaker - subhashsahu

So much blood!
My favourite hell in a cell match ever!
The only time The Undertaker got beat in a cell in a cell match - 322264474

He lost in the very first hell in a cell match ever when Kane debuted

It is the best so far in the wwe because they are the most hardcore wrestler in wwe. Undertaker is the best wrestler in wwe and second is the john cena and the rock they are the true champions in wwe. Thanks

My favourite Wrestler wins this match
Beast incarnate himself
Brock Lesnar - subhashsahu

15 Randy Savage vs Ricky Steamboat (Intercontinental Championship Wrestlemania 3)

This match had the best uses ever of the false finish...shame it's not higher

I go back occasionally and watch this match because it set the bar for what all matches should be. No gimmicks. Perfect pacing. Great sequences. Huge venue. Flawless execution. Plus, it was called by Jesse Ventura, whose play-by-play matched the work of the guys in the ring.

Brock Lesnar will never be part of a match like this.

This should be number one by miles, I can tell its mostly kids that vote on this. Matches before the attitude era and beyond don't count.

I'm a big Attitude Era fan but this match (despite the cheap ending) is what I consider the best and most clean match ever. Anybody that doesn't respect pro wrestling has to watch this match!

16 Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels Hell in a Cell (Bad Blood 1997)

I just can not see how this match, one that many fans and critics alike rate at 5 or near 5 stars is not on this list. This match has arguably the best storytelling in a wrestling match, yet not only is it not in the top 55 purely wwe matches, but one of the worst wrestlemania main events of all time in the Miz vs John Cena makes it. That match was terrible, it had no importance to the wwe, and it was just a lazy effort by both men with a dead crowd

The greatest Hell in a Cell match of all time. There's 4 other cell matches ahead of this one, and I don't understand how. It's brilliant. The ring psychology, the workrate, the innovation, the brutality, Kane's unbelievable debut. It's a masterpiece.

I loved this match and the demon kane debuted to awesome finish

Undertaker and Shawnee Michaels are taking this over

17 John Cena vs CM Punk - Raw 2013

In my opinion this is the best match of all time...

Arguably the best raw match ever.

I was shocked cena won that and he became the no1 contender for the wwe champion

Great RAW match! 2nd best ever to Shawn vs Cena in London

18 Triple H vs Shawn Michaels vs Chris Benoit - World Heavyweight Champion (Wrestlemania 20)

I hate that WWE tries to hide this. By FAR, the greatest wrestling match ever. It’s so damn good

Who's Chris Benoit? I've never heard of him

Best Wrestlemania match ever with the greatest in-ring performer in history winning his first and only world championship after an 18 year odyssey

Still quite vivid in my memory although it was a long time ago and I was a kid, couldn't agree more this match portrayed the best of the three men

19 John Cena vs Aj Styles - WWE Championship (Royal Rumble 2017)

I like the match because they put one good match for the fans can see forever

John Cena vs AJ Styles Greatest match in 2017 in my oppiion Styles is truly the best wrestler of 2017

Aj can put on a good match with anyone and he is just... Phenomenal. John is the best superstar to push the other superstars into having a good match

Amazing! AJ and John are the two best ever. A fast pace? Check. Dramatic? Check. False finishes everywhere?! CHECK! I know every one gonna wanna kill me but this better than HBK against Undertaker.

20 Triple H vs Steve Austin - Three Stages of Hell (No Way Out 2001)

The first and best 3 stages of hell matches - 322264474

Best match ever. And that's the bottom line..

Phenomenal storytelling and finish made both men look strong after a war also made you hate triple h that much more for being so lucky

Best best best math ever

21 Brock Lesnar vs CM Punk - No DQ Summerslam 2013

This was the best match ever. I really loved this match. I loved the part when Punk did an elbow drop using a steel chair. The match ended with a crazy F5 on the steel chair. Best match of 2013 and one of the best matches of all time.

The Best vs The Beast

If there was no Heyman... You know who was the Champion

The best vs the beast was the best match

22 Razor Ramon vs Shawn Michaels (WrestleMania 10)

Greatest match ever

This is pure excitement!

What.. This is in my top 3 favorite wwe matches
1.) Undertaker vs Michaels (WM25)
2.) Razor Ramon vs Michaels (WM10)
3.) Bret Hart vs Steve Austin (WM13)

23 Edge & Christian vs the Hardy Boys vs the Dudleys - TLC (Summerslam 2000)

There was a hype in the air for first tlc & the match lived up its hype because of these teams incredible performance

I remember watching this match live and all the moments! The first ever TLC Match between the high climbing Hardy Boys, the Chairmen of the WWF Edge & Christian, and the Masters of Tables the Dudley Boyz on the WrestleMania XVII stage and they all performed amazingly. How anyone survived without major injuries in real life was impressive.

One of the most entertaining matches of all time. Completely revolutionary for the time, and to this day hasn't been matched.

I think that jeff hardy is a Good wrestler

24 HHH vs Kurt Angle vs Rikishi vs The Rock vs The Undertaker vs Steve Austin - Hell in a Cell (Armageddon 2000)

Outstanding match, 6 superstars all fighting for the title, we could also see how the match took a toll on these wrestlers, as they went from the ring to outside to the top and back in, this match was one to watch

Best hell in a cell match ever! Itfeatures the greatest superstars, including the Hell in a cell match legends Undertaker and Triple H. A it also was one of a kind match, which was never seen before.

There are the real fighters

I think this is the best match I have seen in my entire life what a sit... This match should be ranked much higher than this

25 Sasha Banks vs Bayley - 30 min Iron Man Match - NXT TakeOver

The Best Women's Match that I've ever seen.

Great match! It really deserves to be in the top 10 list - BillGoldberg

Best match ever!

The story told here is what made it better than ibushi/Nakamura in 2015 as the MOTY, truly incredible match with even more feelins than their Brooklyn the way I LOVE BAYLEY!

26 Triple H vs Shawn Michaels - Unsanctioned Match (SummerSlam 2002)

just excellent 2 of the greatest in history and showed an amazing story

This was a match that started one of the best rivalries ever and would later have the best reunion ever.

27 The Rock vs. Stone Cold (Wrestlemania 17 2001)

Obviously classic fight, classic rivalry, classic wrestlers. This one is very good along with its ending and Vince-Stone Cold handshake.

This list is nothing guys. The rock vs Stone cold WRM 17 is two times in list. In top 10 too many matches which shouldn't be. And most of matches from this shouldn't be even in top 20 best matches. So I where is match Ricky Steamboat vs Randy Savage? Where is match Hulk Hogan vs Randy Savage? Where is match Undertaker vs Triple h Wrestlemania 17?

I know its already been mentioned 3 times... But it z best match in my view... Both bigge. St stars... Many finishing moves executed... Loads of blood... At last bad 16 chair shots to chest to defeat the great one the rock... Must watch it... Its epic

Already on the list! - htoutlaws2012

28 Triple H vs Cactus Jack (Royal Rumble 2000)

The build up to this! and the match itself was brutal
Def my favorite by a long Way

The promo on the night of the match showed the brutality of the match

This match simply made made me a wwe fan. Foley is god.


29 Hulk Hogan vs Andre the Giant - Single Match (Wrestlemania 3 1987)

Hulk hogan is best for ever

"The Passing of the Torch"; Andre's serious medical issues prevented him from continuing his career.
He was in severe pain throughout the match, and was only slammed because he wanted to be.
Andre picked Hogan as his successor, and knew that only something definitive like this would be accepted by the fans.
RIP big guy.

The most entertaining match I've ever seen. When andre was knocked off his feet for the first time ever, my heart pounded like never before.

The most defining slam of all time

30 The Rock vs Hulk Hogan (Wrestlemania 18)

Should be in the top 5 matches of all time along with Steamboat vs. Savage & Hogan vs. Andre

This is the best match where there were rivalry, fight and lastly respect for both competitor.. Probably Hogan got his highest respect from the Great one, Icon passed his torch to another Icon who deserved it.. Most of the people got emotional when The Rock came back back to save Hogan and again force him to entertain people with his poses, lastly when Hogan raised his hand again on the entrance gate he again bent his head.. Oh! What a humbleness I will never forget those moment in my life.. What a respect man.. Greatest match

Come on, Icon vs Icon. Hogan should've won, but by all means it was absolutely awesome

Amazing performances from two of the most ICONIC faces in the history of the industry. The Rock sold every punch and clothesline to perfection which made Hogan look strong and superior all though he was pretty sloppy to say the least

31 The Rock vs Mankind - I Quit Match (Royal Rumble 1999)

This match not only had an incredible buildup, it put Rock over as a heel BIG time. From the get go, Rock played dirty verbally insulting Mankind and striking him with chairshot after chairshot. The battle outside the ring was epic as well. This match had so much passion from Mankind cause he never had any quit in him. In fact, this match was so violent, Foleys wife had to leave due to the disturbance it caused her. Holy crap

I QUIT!, I QUIT!, I QUIT! - Mick Foley - htoutlaws2012

32 Kurt Angle vs Shane McMahon - Street Fight (King of the Ring 2001)

This is the match that stands out to me in my years of watching wrestling religiously. I've watched it numerous times and I can't see why it's so low in this list.

For me, the most extreme and best match ever

This is easily a top 20 match. Best street fight if all time, memorable moments throughout, and shanes best match ever. One of the all time great matches that will forever be underrated.

Can't believe that this one isn't in top 20. So many epic moments in this match, plus Kurt broke his coccyx due to that suplex on the ramp but still carried on!

33 Undertaker vs Triple H - Hell in a Cell (WrestleMania 28 - Special Ref: Shawn Michaels)

Undertaker must have a bloody good career

34 Antonio Cesaro vs Sami Zayn (NXT 2013)
35 John Cena vs Batista (Over the Limit 2010)

210#Cena John vsLesnar Brock

36 Undertaker vs CM Punk (Wrestlemania 29)

This match can match up with any other match on this list. CM Punk is one of the best all time in a short span compared to Undertaker and others that wrestled 20 years in WWE. This match had it all you can't argue that. If anything most of this matches are great and are all tied for #1 in my book.

An amazing match that lived up to everybody's expectations! Undertaker and Punk gave their all in that match and still gave us that 'moment' when we thought that the streak could really end. A piece of art done by these amazing performers.

I word awesome I thought punk was gonna win but at the end undertaker beat punk and kept the streak going

This match was absolutely amazing. I lover when punk elbow-dropped undertaker on the table

37 Kurt Angle vs Chris Benoit (Royal Rumble 2003)

Greatest technical wrestling match since Regal-Benoit. True testament to two of the greatest in ring performers in WWE.

God did these two put on a show every time they went inside the ring. Truly the greatest rivalries

One of the most underrated matches ever! - htoutlaws2012

Beautiful match from start to end

38 Johnny Gargano vs Tommaso Ciampa- Unsanctioned Match- NXT TakeOver: New Orleans

Awesome match

Brutal MATCH

39 Randy Orton vs Batista vs Daniel Bryan (WrestleMania XXX)

This match was good but nowhere near the best in history, I like Bryan too guys but he has the worst hardcore fans of any wrestler.

Daniel Bryan era has begun! - htoutlaws2012

This is the best match in WWE history and Daniel career

Randy orton is best

40 Shawn Michaels vs Triple H: Hell In A Cell - Bad Blood
41 The Shield vs Evolution (Extreme Rules 2014)

It is the best match ever

I was there and to see it live it was amazing best match ever

The Shield My Favorite

Arguably the best 6 man match of the year next to the shield vs the Wyatts. - htoutlaws2012

42 The Usos vs The New Day - Hell in a Cell 2017

Was a very unpredictable match and was a great way to open Hell in a Cell. The New Days strategy and The Usos strategy was very well executed. Not saying it was the best match but it diserves a spot between 20 - 15

43 Jeff Hardy vs HHH - Single Match (No Mercy 2008)

My ass hurt after viewing this mqtch

44 John Cena vs Shawn Michaels (Raw 2007)

A fantastic fight between two of the best in the business. Just a shame it was a non-title match because shawn michaels would have become the champion

The match was way better than their wrestle mania match

The new comer John Cena and the experienced shawn Michaels. U betcha.

Just a perfect

45 John Cena vs Brock Lesnar - Summerslam 2014

The beat down is worth it the birth of suplex city. - htoutlaws2012

Suplex City is born

Brock lesnar is a suplex city he 16 suplex John Cena

46 Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels - WrestleMania 25

Best match in wwe history

47 Triple H vs The Undertaker (Wrestlemania 27)

This is The best Match because the undertaker had 3 pedigree from H and nearly 20 chair shots to the undertaker and then tombstone by H but the dead man refuse to lose at wrestlemaina. The undertaker could not move but he won unbleavly then after the match H walked away but the undertaker who won could not stand on his on feet but he won. The undertaker won the battle and H won the war. It is better than any undertaker match because the undertaker reached his limit and the first time ever the undertaker on the stretcher but he won. That's why this is the BEST match than any other match in history. Please move is to number 1 in the list

I think this should be number nine. It was way better
Than Wrestlemania 28. It would of been epic if
They went on top of the cell.

Best match of all time. It shows a message beyond our comprehension of wrestling. The spirit of the undertaker is a spirit that forever lives and this was a match that proved it

I got goose bumps on seeing this match ever

48 Finn Balor vs AJ Styles - TLC 2017

This was a real good match not as good I accepted but it deserved to main event

49 Chris Benoit vs Triple H vs Shawn Michaels - World Heavyweight Championship (WrestleMania XX)
50 Edge vs Mick Foley (Wrestlemania 22)
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