Top Ten Best Grocery Stores of 2014


The Top Ten

1 Shop Rite

Who's mom doesn't stop there - ketchup

My mom shops here.

2 Wallgreens
3 Publix

Always so nice and awesome deals!

Greatest grocery of all

4 Trader Joe's

I love trader joes! Their dates are amazing. Most of their food is so fresh it taste like it was just baked, harvested, or cooked.

Best, freshest food I've found in any store. Also their unique frozen entrees are superb!

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5 A&P

I have ever thing from there! The best

Bad News It's Gone!

6 ShopByChoice
7 Rite-Aid

I hate this place! It might be nice at other places, but the one in my town is unorganized and dirty!

8 Market Basket

A really nice place and the one in Hawthorne is so well perfect.

9 Acme
10 Walmart

Walmart is the best! The people who are saying it is bad have no idea what they're doing. They probably live in or near a ghetto neighborhood, which is why it is so "bad". - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Everything is giant at Walmart. - linksysf

Walmart is cheap, I bought a swimsuit there (shame on me) and it ripped in 3

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The Contenders


Basically the same as WalMart - FrankP

12 BJ'S
13 Pathmarks
14 Costco

Shop here a lot. I prefer Shop Rite and Trader Joes. - Curtis_Huber

15 Cub Foods

Best grocery store in the Twin Cities by far!

16 Shaw's
17 Albertson's
18 Target

An archers dream store

19 Hypermart
20 Whole Foods
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