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41 Haku Haku

Yep! The Feminine one, but still, his affectionate makes everyong level up his affection points...

I thought him and Deidara were girls for the longest time.

Well, I didn't. Haku I wasn't certain about, and the first time that I saw Deidara, in a still picture, he was very obviously a young man. You shouldn't brag about your ignorance. - Crwth

He is very very very HANDSOME or BEAUTIFUL, whatever you say!

Haku is very very very HANDSOME or BEAUTIFUL whatever you say... Specially his heart warming brown eyes...:D!

42 Might Gai

He should be higher, other than being a nut job, he has great qualities, and a very high ranking ninja. He's got looks too!

43 Kabuto

I hate him, but I think he's cute and charming.

44 Mangetsu Hozūki

Suigetsu's brother and one of the seven swordmen. Cool, mysterious, down to earth. Can't help that he's hot too.

45 Asama
46 Zetsu Zetsu V 1 Comment
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