Hardest New Super Mario Bros. Wii Levels

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1 World 8-Bowser's Castle

And then Princess Peach gets pissed & fussy when Mario has a hard time succeeding levels.

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2 World 7-6

The hardest non world 9 level in the game

World 7-6 is so hard. I have failed this level millions of times now.

Here,your on flying red Beatles that you need to get on to get to the end,but when your on the Beatles,they start flying down,so you need to get on one to the other,not to fast,and not to slow

3 World 8-5

Here your on a platform that you can control,but their are lots of bombs to avoid,more cone as you get to the checkpoint,then when you pass the checkpoint,you need to avoid rising lava and crows,their are a ton more crows at this level then 7-ghost house,that's what makes it hard

4 World 8-7

I think 8-7 is the easiest level of new super Mario bros wii because you don't have to watch out for lots of things. I got to the flagpole in one try.

For this course your on a skeleton rollercoaster,but you need to watch out for lava,lots of it,you need quick jumping for this course,and when you get to the surface,their is less lava,but two coasters,you need to figure out which one you need to get on,

5 World 9-7

Munchers in Ice Blocks, that get Unfrozen by Fire Bros, Piranha Plants, 80% of the Level is on Ice Blocks, The Star Coins are Impossible to get, All Cramped in one Tedious level - ChiefMudkip

How is this not number 1 it took me so long to beat this and get all 3 star coins if you want the real new super mario bros wii experience give this level a shot. - Lazo419

A level with annoying fire bros that melt the ice blocks you need to use to get to the end

This needs to be number 1

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6 World 6-Castle
7 World 5-Castle


It's not the lava you need to watch out for,you need to get on rotating chains and make your way to the boss,what makes it hard is the green fireballs you need to avoid for the whole level

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8 World 6-6 V 1 Comment
9 World 6-2

Here,you need to watch out for falling spiny shells,and you need to do it quickly,but it's harder then you think,because the obstacles

10 World 3-Ghost House

I thing 3 Ghost House is the easiest ghost house because the boos don't annoy you or chase you through the level.

The first part is fine,the rooms with the ropes are a little hard,but the elevator is hard,you need to change the direction going very frequently to avoid getting hit by a boo

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11 World 2-Castle

I think the boss of this castle is really hard. Roy goes into one of the warp pipes and shoots pink fireballs at you

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12 World 1-1

Lol world 1-1 what a joke

13 World 5-5 V 1 Comment
14 World 8-4
15 World 7-Ghost House

It's just confusing on which room is the real one,and it's just hard to avoid boos, and the crows at the end

16 World 3-4

I spent so long on this one and I quit the game for a bit

Not with the red blocks,but the course with out them is hard because of the giant moving ice you need to stay on,and if you fall,you might either escape death and get back on,get crushed to death,or fall to death

17 World 4-4 New Super Mario Bros Wii

I think world 4-4 of New Super Mario Bros Wii is hard because the purple cheep cheeps are very annoying. Also, Bloopers chase you throughout the whole level.

18 World 7-7
19 World 9-4
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