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161 Yu Kanda - D.Gray-man Yu Kanda - D.Gray-man

He's just a super overrated character, very overrated. There is no progression in terms in his personality and he did not do anything for Allen. No progression of this character at all

A heartless fellow, does not even have the character development..hate him that much

Come on Kanda's awesome guys!

He's a dick

162 Sailor Mercury - Sailor Moon Sailor Mercury - Sailor Moon
163 Konata (Lucky Star)

Why would anyone hate Konata? She's literally just an otaku geek who's clever, athletic, a prankster, and cares about her friends. What's to hate?

164 Aokishi Ozaki - Jewelpet KiraDeco!
165 Mikasa Ackerman - Attack on Titan Mikasa Ackerman - Attack on Titan Mikasa Ackerman is a fictional character in the manga and anime series Attack on Titan, also known as Shingeki no Kyojin in Japanese, created by Hajime Isayama.

Mikasa is a strong, independent character. What is there to hate about her? She's seen hell when she was still at a young age, she saw her parents murdered right in front of her, nearly got kidnapped & sold away to some creep, became the last survivor of the Asian race and culture and had to murder someone, then saw her adoptive mother get killed. She has a reason for being overprotective of Eren. Really guys, why put her on the list? Why vote for her?

Mikasa is awesome she doesn't deserve to be on this list and the same goes for Light, Yukiteru and Near.

Dude who put Mikasa and the ####ing list? She is one of the most badass characters. seriously she is one of the most over-powered characters in the rankings!

Who couldn't love her? - 906389

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166 Mr. Akashi - YuYu Hakusho

There's just everything wrong with this sorry excuse for this teacher: His scratchy voice, his oversized teeth, his rat-like face, his friendship with Mr. Iwamoto, adding double the trouble, and how he pretended that Kuwabara failed the test anyway by ERASING one of the problems on the test!

167 Sherry Belmont's Mother - Zatch Bell

Not really evil, though. She's just spoiled-rotten, selfish, ungrateful, and unkind. What she did to her daughter is very depressing, which causes her daughter in her current age to behave like her mom did.

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168 Naomi - Zatch Bell

This little girl is just weird!

169 Fai D. Flourite - Tsubasa Chronicles
170 Sakura - Tsubasa Chronicles
171 Tomoyo - Tsubasa Chronicles

SHE WAS SO ANNOYING IN PIFFLE WORLD ARC. would love to get rid of her from this and cardcaptor sakura.

172 Dawn - Pokemon Dawn - Pokemon Dawn is a character from Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise. In the games diamond, pearl, and platinum version she was one of the playable characters you can choose from. She will be an assistant for professor Rowan if you choose her male counterpart, Lucas. more.

Strong and beautiful.

Hate her >. < She ruined Pokémon me. ~ Well... and some other characters

173 Yuki Cross/Kuran - Vampire Knight

Yuki Cross tried to fight for her family and friends, but failed. She only made Zero's problem grow, while also making Kaname more mad. She play with both their emotions. She never considered Zero's feels for her, and let Kaname be possessive after she turned back into a pure-blood.

She's the protagonist so she will change into a better person. People just hate her because they're jealous that Zero and Kaname like her instead of THEM. Believe me, she's better than Bella Swan from Twilight because she's more emotional and has a personality.

She;s always whining

174 Zatch Bell - Zatch Bell

Jeez! You just love to put characters who don't deserve to be on this list to get your attention! What are you? Trolling?

What dumb ass put him on this damn list?

Zatch is a dumbass and he's so annoying.

175 Kitsunezuka Ko'on-no-Kami - (KNT) SPC

He is the worst villain

176 Karasu Gennarisai - (KNT) SPC
177 Yami no Yon Nin Shu (Rude Noise) - KNT (SPC)
178 Ranma Saotome - Ranma 1/2 Ranma Saotome - Ranma 1/2

How is cutie, non perverted ranma hated

Take it up with Ranma Saotome

179 Happosai - Ranma 1/2 Happosai - Ranma 1/2

He's the most annoying, perverted character on the show! It's bad enough that he's a perverted old man, but also kind of a pedophile who sexual harasses and steal young teen girls' underwear.

180 Old Kai - Dragon Ball Z and GT

He's a loser.

He should have explain everyone about the dragon balls instead of saying repercussions.

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