Top Ten Help Desk Software Providers

Help Desk software are software used by online market/ business Websites to offer support to their customers. Help desk software usage and functionality has changed a lot in last few years. Helpdesk software used today need to be social media integrated, Phone support integrated, live help, app support from mobile infact now a days help desk software should be such that you customer can connect to their provider any sort of online / phone media they got. With so many help desk software in the market recently I am just trying to list the best top 10 helpdesk software I have tried on Last 5 years.

The Top Ten

1 Vision Helpdesk

Vision Helpdesk offers multi- channel or what you say multi company satellite helpdesk software. It has been one the best helpdesk software we have used previously as it offers Download as well as SAAS/ cloud based helpdesk software solution, Social media integration with Twitter, Facebook etc. One of the most loved feature of this software is the "Blabby" or you can say internal staff social networking section used for knowledge sharing or information sharing. - dealdomains

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2 Zendesk

Its one of the most sold Cloud Helpdesk software launched 2007, it offers wide range of product integration with all almost all types of software and social media websites. The lonely reason I have ranked them second is they do not offer download version and hence customization is not easy for this product. - dealdomains

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3 Freshdesk

Another well known help desk software growing rapidly in Cloud based helpdesk software section, its said to be one of the prime rival of Zendesk software. Drawbacks are the same, they also don't offer download version. - dealdomains

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4 Kayako

One of the oldest help desk software in help desk market mostly widely made famous by most web hosting companies. It lacks development in recent years. - dealdomains

5 Happyfox

Another Cloud Based helpdesk software, trying to make good names in customer support helpdesk software section. - dealdomains

6 Osticket

Its one of the most used Free helpdesk software. Its pretty simple, easy to use software... Good for starter companies with low budget. Software got limitation in functionality. - dealdomains

7 Spiceworks

Another Free Help desk software with one of the biggest help desk software community forum, one good place to share knowledge about help desk software in market. As its free help desk software got its own limitations. - dealdomains

8 Desk

Implementing a help desk software solution can make your job easier. - dealdomains

9 Helpscout

Collaborative, simple support ticket system that enables team to share an email inbox to deliver great customer support. - dealdomains

10 Deskpro

Another cloud based and download optional help desk software. - dealdomains

The Contenders

11 Motadata

One of the best help desk software for better customer support. - mariyaadems

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