Top Ten Hottest Female Grand Theft Auto Characters

The hottest women from most all the Grand Theft Auto games, usually the most recent ones.

The Top Ten

1 The Blonde Bikini Girl

One of the main reasons I played the game! - IronSabbathPriest

It's on the cover so when you get it you can say "This is going to be a good game." - Brobusky

The girl from the cover art of Grand Theft Auto V. Obviously, she deserves this high spot. (Wish she had a name. ) - TheMainReason

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2 Joni

Has the best body, the best hair, the best everything it looks like compared to everyone else. And I'm talking about the artwork, since in-game she looks like a she-wolf in pink dress. - TheMainReason

3 Catalina

The crazy hispanic lady from Grand Theft Auto San Andreas who was Carl's girlfriend for a while. She looks so ridiculously sexy on her cover art. - TheMainReason

4 Maria Latore


5 Rochell'le

She is the blonde girl from the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas cover art who leans over and licks her teeth while wearing shades. - TheMainReason

6 Candice Shand

The stripper lady from Grand Theft Auto Vice City who was wearing the stars and stripes design bikini. - TheMainReason

7 Lola Del Rio
8 The Girl from Vice City with the Cocktail
9 Carmen Ortiz
10 Candy Suxxx V 1 Comment

The Contenders

11 Misty

There is a Pokémon gym leader with this name also. Misty was used the 3rd time in a cartoon (Mary-Kate & Ashley in Action). - playstationfan66

12 Molly Schultz

She might have been a bitch in the game before she got killed but she was actually one of the hottest female characters in my opinion in Grand Theft Auto V.

13 Lacey Jonas
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