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1 "Rock is a lot faster than metal."

This would be my number one. I was absolutely stunned at the stupidity in this comment - ryanrimmel

Yeah The Beatles are Faster than Slayer (Sarcasm) - christangrant

My Jeffery0206 account wasn't musically accurcate thankfully I have more knowledge than when I was started. - BoredJeff02

Also: hip hop is a lot more aggressive than southern hip hop, and EDM is way more dancable than eurodance. - Martin_Canine

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2 "No skills at all!" - about Adam Lambert

Sure, that's why Queen hired him to sing Freddie's songs live! Because they needed somebody with "no skills at all"... (sarcasm) - Metal_Treasure

Right on. Queen really has no good reason to hire a talented singer - ryanrimmel

3 "Metal music is not a sub genre of rock."

God I cringe at looking at that comment because it's a old Jeffery0206 comment I had no idea why I was in this damn mindset... - BoredJeff02

I love how the author defends this claim to death, but never gave one reason to support it. No reasons, no sources, no credibility - ryanrimmel

I didn't think it was, is it not? I see how it is but never though about it. 10/2/17 - EliHbk

It, technically is. It's hard rock, but heavier. - naFrovivuS

4 "he is not qualified to carry Jim Morrison, Mick Jagger, or Elvis Presley's luggage" - about Freddie Mercury

This statement is totally wrong - Freddie Mercury is able to sing all songs by these 3 singers but not vice versa. - Metal_Treasure

I forgot to mention that unfortunately Mick Jagger and Jim Morrison even sing out of tune... very often.
The comment that Freddie "is not qualified to carry Jim Morrison, Mick Jagger... ", was written by a certain visitor on the list Top 10 Most Overrated Singers In Rock. - Metal_Treasure

5 "Guns N' Roses is a metal band not hard rock"

Very common misconception. I wouldn't say its dumb, its just wrong. Its like saying that tomatoes are vegetables - ryanrimmel

Even I know the difference! - Britgirl

The truth is: they are hard rock and not metal.
On top of that, this insightful comment on Guns N' Roses is placed in the Led Zeppelin comment section! - Metal_Treasure

6 "Garage-band material" - about Blind Guardian

Sure, I guess every garage-band employs full symphonic orchestras, complex progressive compositions and complex overlapping vocal harmonies. - Metal_Treasure

What! who said that? - say10

@say10 RE "What! who said that? "
A visitor - the most obnoxious, most aggressive and, unfortunately, the most frequent visitor of this site. We call him "the troll" because he is one. He wrote probably over 1,000 dumb yet offensive comments only on my lists (because he hates metal but I make metal lists). Most of them got deleted by Admin because they were troll comments of the type that aimed at starting internet fights for no reason. And contained verbal bullying.
The best part: "the troll" is like 70 yo. Trolling the internet at this age... - Metal_Treasure

7 "Freddie Mercury was good, but definitely not one of the best rock singers of all time"

I think this is sort of subjective. Just saying.

Freddie mercury was the best singer. even if he isn't on top of my favorite singer. but he's a very talented singer - zxm

@visitor RE "I think this is sort of subjective. Just saying."
Not really. It's subjective only at the level of "like-dislike" - whether somebody likes or dislikes a singer's voice and genre s/he sings. I mean, people who don't like metal wouldn't appreciate even the greatest metal singers.
But it's actually sort of objective at the level of "good-bad" singer - to say if a singer is good or bad you have to make a breakdown and you see who's the better singer. Breakdowns clearly show the vocal abilities and Freddie beats all rock singers in a breakdown, i.e. he's the best. Example - Freddie VS Robert Plant:
1 Power - Freddie (i.e. Freddie voice is more powerful)
2 Range - Freddie (i.e. Freddie's range is bigger)
3 Volume Control - Freddie (i.e. Freddie's volume control is better)
4 Sustain - Freddie
5 Pitch - tie
6 Endurance - Freddie
7 Projection - Freddie
(you do this for about 20 criteria and see who does these things better, in this case Freddie takes ...more - Metal_Treasure

8 "I heat Jackie Evan Cho I didn't even know who she was katy is the best" - about Jackie Evancho and Katy Perry

The "best" comment ever - you know nothing about a singer but already hate (heat? ) her. And you can even say who's better!
I'm not their fan but I listen to everything just to be informed. - Metal_Treasure

Jackie Evan Cho is likely a better singer than Jackie Evancho. - naFrovivuS

You can't compare them. One is a classical crossover singer, the other is pop. Some might disagree, but I think both are among the best their respective genre has to offer at the moment. Evancho is a naturally gifted singer, and that is something truly beautiful. And Perry is maximum entertainment that brings individuality and goofiness to the pop scene.

Apart from that... I myself make enough spelling mistakes. It can happen when you don't read your comment a second time before posting it. And yeah, English ain't my mother tongue so I bet I make more grammar mistakes that I notice. But with all these aspects combined - content, grammar and spelling - something tells me the author was simply ignorant. - Martin_Canine

9 "kurt cobain is definitely, without doubt, the best singer of any GENRE, grunge or not!"

Yup, most Grunge "fans" literally worship Kurt Cobain, even though his lyrics look like they were written by a rebellious 13 year old girl.

A lot of these grunge fans listen to nirvana, Alice in chains, Soundgarden, and Pearl Jam. They've probably never heard of The Melvins, Mother Love Bone, or Green River (The creators of Grunge.) - ryanrimmel

OK, Kurt is cool but he isn't even the best grunge singer. At least Chris Cornell and Layne Staley are better, that's for sure. And there are also better singers outside grunge. - Metal_Treasure

@ryanrimmel - I'm afraid that most of the Nirvana fans never listened to Alice in Chains and Soundgarden, let alone the lesser known bands you mention. - Metal_Treasure

R.I.P. Curt and his song "Rape Me" - EliHbk

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10 "Dave Mustaine is God and creator of Speed/Thrash Metal"

Dave Mustaine is one of the greatest metal musicians ever but he didn't create Speed/Thrash Metal. By the way, these are 2 different metal subgenres but again, he didn't create them. - Metal_Treasure

You can call him a god of thrash metal, cause he certainly is one of the greatest guitarists I've ever seen in metal - ryanrimmel

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? "No one likes lame metal music. Compared to metal, Breadwinners is 100000000x times better."-about Pink Floyd
? "Marilyn Manson is better than what you think he is." - about Alice Cooper

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11 "Megadeth invented thrash metal"

Wow that's totally incorrect Venom invented Thrash Metal heck even Metallica and Slayer invented more than Megadeth did - christangrant

12 "she's got an ugly voice" - about Adele

I'm not surprised - the author of this comment thinks that Kanye West, Chris Brown and Jason Derulo are the singers with the best talent/voice of All Time! - Metal_Treasure

Adele is extremely talented, her music just bores me - ryanrimmel

13 "I think she deserves to be in top 20 at least. I mean she's good." - about Nicki Minaj

It's their opinion if they like it, I mean I personally think she's getting better with her latest single - Neonco31

List - "Best Female Singers of the 21st Century" - Metal_Treasure

14 "Metallica are just overrated! They are not even near AC/DC and I'm a Metallica fan but still AC/DC were the ONES that gave metal a whole new dimension!"

I can't blame the author, it's a common misconception. And I agree that Metallica is overrated. A huge part of their fan base can only name about 4 songs. Plus they haven't really put out any good material since 91 - ryanrimmel

AC/DC isn't even metal how can one confuse AC/DC with metal? - BoredJeff02

Metallica being overrated is true - EliHbk

To me Metallica is overrated. but AC/DC isn't even a metal band. - zxm

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15 "How did such an addled burnout ever put seven words together?" - about Ronnie James Dio

How do I know an anonymous comment was written by a certain "visitor"? It's factually inaccurate but attacks the metal community - fans and great musicians. Basically, a definition of troll comment - it's goal is simply to get an angry response and start pointless internet fights. - Metal_Treasure

Well, I already added "an addled burnout" but then I decided that the entire sentence should be here. Yeah, this was written by an ignorant metal hater who confused Dio with Ozzy. - Metal_Treasure

16 "Well, she's a lot easier to look at than metal is to listen to. I'll go with the girlie, while you go deaf." - about Meghan Trainor

Why do people say that metal is so loud just turn down the volume - SoldierOfFortune

17 "Why does everyone like metal? It's just some satanic dudes screaming about burning churches. You should listen to some good Christian music like Justin Beiber, One Direction, and Nikki Minaj. Not that satanist crap like Metallica, Korn, and Slayer."

This is so funny! Lol! I can't stop laughing! How are Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, and One Direction "good Christian artists"?! Lol! They aren't even gospel, and Nicki and Justin are way too bad role models to make Christian music. Christian music has morals. - AnimeDrawer

This comment is just plain cringy. Because every metal musician is a Satanist who "screams about burning churches", right? And anyway, I'd like to know how Justin Bieber, One Direction, and Nicki Minaj are "good Christian music"... - Element119

This comment just shows what kind of people hate metal, LOL. Completely ignorant. - Metal_Treasure

Apparently, Nicki wants God's anaconda. - Zach808

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18 "Katy's much better than Jackie Evancho." - about Katy Perry

@Billyv - I'm quite tolerant to different opinions and tastes, and I have to say that in this case it's not just my opinion or preference because I'm not a fan and I am completely unbiased. Just ask a vocal coach who is better. Without a doubt, the answer would be - Jackie. - Metal_Treasure

I'm not their fan but I'm not deaf: in what world is Katy better than Jackie Evancho? - Metal_Treasure

19 "What? Please! Dave Ellefson is a damn keyboardist, simpletons!"

This comment goes hand in hand with another one:
"You're all wrong. He's the vocalist for Black Flag."
When I read these comments I wrote:
"@visitors, the correct answer is - he's a bassist (Megadeth)."
And I even added an image.
By the way, this happened on the list "Best Metal Guitarists"! LOL - Metal_Treasure

20 "Stairway to heaven is THE original rock song"

Original? LOL, the irony... How a rip off is original? And how a cover band can be original?
Check out these lists and be convinced:
Top 10 Songs That Led Zeppelin Ripped Off
Top 10 Led Zeppelin Songs That Were Ripped Off From Another Artist - Metal_Treasure

No, Bill Haley's Rock Around the Clock is! - naFrovivuS

Its one of them - SoldierOfFortune

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