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1 "Rock is a lot faster than metal."

This would be my number one. I was absolutely stunned at the stupidity in this comment - ryanrimmel

Yeah The Beatles are Faster than Slayer (Sarcasm) - christangrant

Compare Stairway To Heaven to Master Of Puppets, which is faster? - Neonco31

It depends on the song - AnnieCallie

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2 "Why does everyone like metal? It's just some satanic dudes screaming about burning churches. You should listen to some good Christian music like Justin Beiber, One Direction, and Nikki Minaj. Not that satanist crap like Metallica, Korn, and Slayer."

This is so funny! Lol! I can't stop laughing! How are Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, and One Direction "good Christian artists"?! Lol! They aren't even gospel, and Nicki and Justin are way too bad role models to make Christian music. Christian music has morals. - AnimeDrawer

This comment is just plain cringy. Because every metal musician is a Satanist who "screams about burning churches", right? And anyway, I'd like to know how Justin Bieber, One Direction, and Nicki Minaj are "good Christian music"... - Element119

Apparently, Nicki wants God's anaconda. - Zach808

Yeah, Stupid Hoe and Anaconda are definitely very religious songs and are good for your conscience. - AnimeDrawer

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3 "Garage-band material" - about Blind Guardian

Sure, I guess every garage-band employs full symphonic orchestras, complex progressive compositions and complex overlapping vocal harmonies (sarcasm). - Metal_Treasure

And the one who wrote this even added Blind Guardian to my list "Top Ten Garage Rock Bands" how can be someone such biased? - somekindofaguy

What? - AnnieCallie

@say10 RE "What! who said that? "
A visitor - the most obnoxious, most aggressive and, unfortunately, the most frequent visitor of this site. We call him "the troll" because he is one. He wrote probably over 1,000 dumb yet offensive comments only on my lists (because he hates metal but I make metal lists). Most of them got deleted by Admin because they were troll comments of the type that aimed at starting internet fights for no reason. And contained verbal bullying.
The best part: "the troll" is like 70 yo. Trolling the internet at this age... - Metal_Treasure

4 "Metal music is not a sub genre of rock."

God I cringe at looking at that comment because it's a old Jeffery0206 comment I had no idea why I was in this damn mindset...

I love how the author defends this claim to death, but never gave one reason to support it. No reasons, no sources, no credibility - ryanrimmel

I didn't think it was, is it not? I see how it is but never though about it. 10/2/17 - EliHbk

It, technically is. It's hard rock, but heavier. - naFrovivuS

5 "Writing your own songs doesn't define talent"

Wow. What's next? Singing on key doesn't define singing talent? I mean, how far somebody's biases can go...
The "insightful" comment I added to this list was written by a visitor trying to excuse Led Zeppelin plagiarism who didn't write all of their songs "alone".
And yes, it was written again by that 70 yo visitor we all know as "the troll". He isn't only a troll and cyberbully - he also wrote some of the dumbest comments on this site.
Item - Led Zeppelin (list - Most Overrated Hard Rock Artists) - Metal_Treasure

6 "No skills at all!" - about Adam Lambert

Sure, that's why Queen hired him to sing Freddie's songs live! Because they needed somebody with "no skills at all"... (sarcasm) - Metal_Treasure

Right on. Queen really has no good reason to hire a talented singer - ryanrimmel

That person did not like the artist. It's their opinion. Move on. - styLIShT

7 "Freddie Mercury was good, but definitely not one of the best rock singers of all time"

I think this is sort of subjective. Just saying.

It's their opinion - AnnieCallie

Freddie mercury a great singer. even if he isn't on top of my favorite singer. but he's a very talented singer - zxm

@visitor RE "I think this is sort of subjective. Just saying."
Not really. It's subjective only at the level of "like-dislike" - whether somebody likes or dislikes a singer's voice and genre s/he sings. I mean, people who don't like metal wouldn't appreciate even the greatest metal singers.
But it's actually sort of objective at the level of "good-bad" singer - to say if a singer is good or bad you have to make a breakdown and you see who's the better singer. Breakdowns clearly show the vocal abilities and Freddie beats all rock singers in a breakdown, i.e. he's the best. Example - Freddie VS Robert Plant:
1 Power - Freddie (i.e. Freddie voice is more powerful)
2 Range - Freddie (i.e. Freddie's range is bigger)
3 Volume Control - Freddie (i.e. Freddie's volume control is better)
4 Sustain - Freddie
5 Pitch - tie
6 Endurance - Freddie
7 Projection - Freddie
(you do this for about 20 criteria and see who does these things better, in this case Freddie takes ...more - Metal_Treasure

If you must insist on a computer-like analysis of this sort, then surely an opera singer like Luciano Pavarotti would beat Freddie Mercury. - Crwth

8 "Ok name me one good metal song why because there are no good metal songs"

Octavarium - Dream Theater
I've said enough. - naFrovivuS

9 "Guns N' Roses is a metal band not hard rock"

Very common misconception. I wouldn't say its dumb, its just wrong. Its like saying that tomatoes are vegetables - ryanrimmel

Even I know the difference! - Britgirl

The truth is: they are hard rock and not metal.
On top of that, this insightful comment on Guns N' Roses is placed in the Led Zeppelin comment section! - Metal_Treasure

Not this argument again - AnnieCallie

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10 "Megadeth invented thrash metal"

Wow that's totally incorrect Venom invented Thrash Metal heck even Metallica and Slayer invented more than Megadeth did - christangrant

445956 - Queen made what I'd call a "Proto-Thrash" song with "Stone Cold Crazy". I don't think its Thrash Metal, but I do think the track plays a large foreshadowing due to how unconventional it was for its time. - CrimsonShark

And every other metal subgenre. - somekindofaguy

LOL, yes. Very similar to Black Sabbath fans - Black Sabbath invented all metal subgenres, including death metal, black metal, power metal, prog metal... LOL - Metal_Treasure

Megadeath is a poser band - AnnieCallie

Megadeth are not posers, they are thrash metal, they just didn't invent it. - christangrant

Megadeth fans often act like the Black Sabbath fans - both fanbases tend to say some really cringeworthy things. I've read many times that Black Sabbath invented all metal subgenres - from death metal to black metal, prog metal, power metal,... - Metal_Treasure

The Newcomers

? "The haters of Dimash are all racist" - about Dimash Kudaibergen

What about the Kazakhs that hate Dimash? Considering he's Kazakh. - isaaonrtdmtr

How is disliking a singer from a foreign country “racist”? You are not hating their skin color, just their music. - AnimeDrawer

? “I swear this is the band to blame for all emo screamo crunckcore like blood on the dance floor and most other pop punk rubbish.” -about Blink-182 on Top Ten Worst Music Artists Ever

I died of laughter when I saw this! Lol! Blink did influence many pop punk bands, but Blood On The Dancefloor!? HAHAA! How can Blink influence rubbish like BOTDF?! So Blink, an awesome, badass, and funny band that writes cool songs INFLUENCE pedophile behavior, ugly clown looks, and toilet sound music?! Lol! - AnimeDrawer

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11 "I heat Jackie Evan Cho I didn't even know who she was katy is the best" - about Jackie Evancho and Katy Perry

"I Heat Jackie Evan Cho" just cracks me up whenever I see it. The commentator has no basic knowledge about Jackie Evancho, which already defeats the intention of this comment. Also, "was"? Did Jackie Evancho pass away at one point? Its fine if you like Katy Perry, but before you make a comment expressing any area of distaste towards certain music artists, have something constructive to at the very least make your comment presentable, let alone have a good point. - CrimsonShark

The "best" comment ever - you know nothing about a singer but already hate (heat? ) her. And you can even say who's better!
I'm not their fan but I listen to everything just to be informed. - Metal_Treasure

Jackie Evan Cho is likely a better singer than Jackie Evancho. - naFrovivuS

Hate is spelled wrong. - lovefrombadlands

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12 "he is not qualified to carry Jim Morrison, Mick Jagger, or Elvis Presley's luggage" - about Freddie Mercury

Comparing music artists is a waste of time. Freddie Mercury was his own uniqueness, plain and simple. Jim Morrison, Mick Jagger and Elvis Presley are all unique and influential in their own way. Let's be glad we have all four of them as inspirations and star icons for the music industry. - CrimsonShark

I totally agree with this statement. Sorry, but I find Freddie's voice to be nondescript. Jim, Mick, and Elvis are unmistakable. - Crwth

Of course he's not. He'd more or less be qualified to PACK their luggage. - isaaonrtdmtr

This statement is totally wrong - Freddie Mercury is able to sing all songs by these 3 singers but not vice versa.
Also, unfortunately Mick Jagger and Jim Morrison even sing out of tune... very often.
The comment was written by "the troll" (a certain visitor we all know) on the list Top 10 Most Overrated Singers In Rock. - Metal_Treasure

13 "an addled burnout" - about Ronnie James Dio

Laughable. The guy who wrote it is a metal hater and anonymous troll. I guess he confused Ozzy with Dio because this insightful statement was part of a comment on Heaven and Hell by Black Sabbath. He didn't even know this was a Dio song but bothered to comment. - Metal_Treasure

It annoys me how you assume every comment you disagree with is written by a troll. Yes they may be stupid but it's not necessarily a troll

@_Jack_ RE "It annoys me how you assume every..."
It isn't what you think. I'm not assuming, I know exactly who wrote certain anonymous comments. He is a real troll and several people on this site know who he is and we can recognize his comments among millions of other comments.
I bet you would be annoyed even more if this particular troll and cyberbully was visiting each and every of your lists to write factually inaccurate yet insulting comments just because he hates what you like.
Oh, and excuse me, are you telling me that I have to agree that Dio is "an addled burnout"?
In fact, it was you who was assuming and this is annoying because you probably don't know anything about this "visitor" who is actually a cyberbully. But people who often make metal lists know his style very well. - Metal_Treasure

14 "Ugly, fat, can't sing" - about Adele

That's really mean - AnnieCallie

You know how they say "Don't judge a book by its cover"? - CloudInvasion

She's a big lady but has a pretty face. And who cares if she can sing like that? Adele definitely CAN sing. Again, I'm not her fan but I'm not deaf.
And I'm not biased (unlike some metal haters who refuse to admit that there are great singers in metal). - Metal_Treasure

15 "What? Please! Dave Ellefson is a damn keyboardist, simpletons!"

Hey this comment is joking obviously. - SoldierOfFortune

This comment goes hand in hand with another one:
"You're all wrong. He's the vocalist for Black Flag."
When I read these comments I wrote:
"@visitors, the correct answer is - he's a bassist (Megadeth)."
And I even added an image.
By the way, this happened on the list "Best Metal Guitarists"! LOL. There aren't guitarists among them. - Metal_Treasure

16 "she's got an ugly voice" - about Adele

I'm not surprised - the author of this comment thinks that Kanye West, Chris Brown and Jason Derulo are the singers with the best talent/voice of All Time! - Metal_Treasure

That's not true. You may not like her voice, but you can't deny that Adele has talent. - lovefrombadlands

Adele is extremely talented, her music just bores me - ryanrimmel

17 "I think she deserves to be in top 20 at least. I mean she's good." - about Nicki Minaj

It's their opinion if they like it, I mean I personally think she's getting better with her latest single - Neonco31

List - "Best Female Singers of the 21st Century" - Metal_Treasure

I replied to this comment saying "Really? Explain "Stupid Hoe", "Anaconda", "Only", and "I Endorse These Strippers"." - allamassal

Nicki Minaj is the worst singer ever.She deserves the hate that she gets.If you like her you're most likely a pervert.-DarkBoi-X

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18 "Metallica are just overrated! They are not even near AC/DC and I'm a Metallica fan but still AC/DC were the ONES that gave metal a whole new dimension!"

I can't blame the author, it's a common misconception. And I agree that Metallica is overrated. A huge part of their fan base can only name about 4 songs. Plus they haven't really put out any good material since 91 - ryanrimmel

AC/DC isn't even metal how can one confuse AC/DC with metal?

Metallica being overrated is true - EliHbk

I'm so confused - AnnieCallie

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19 "Katy's much better than Jackie Evancho." - about Katy Perry

@Billyv - I'm quite tolerant to different opinions and tastes, and I have to say that in this case it's not just my opinion or preference because I'm not a fan and I am completely unbiased. Just ask a vocal coach who is better. Without a doubt, the answer would be - Jackie. - Metal_Treasure

I'm not their fan but I'm not deaf: in what world is Katy better than Jackie Evancho? - Metal_Treasure

Shouldn't we just let people have their own opinion?

O my god who keeps adding this stuff?! - AnnieCallie

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20 "kurt cobain is definitely, without doubt, the best singer of any GENRE, grunge or not!"

Yup, most Grunge "fans" literally worship Kurt Cobain, even though his lyrics look like they were written by a rebellious 13 year old girl.

A lot of these grunge fans listen to nirvana, Alice in chains, Soundgarden, and Pearl Jam. They've probably never heard of The Melvins, Mother Love Bone, or Green River (The creators of Grunge.) - ryanrimmel

As much as I respect Nirvana, the other Grunge titans have superior vocalists. Hell, Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace have a better vocalist than Kurt Cobain, which is surprising considering both bands cite Nirvana as a major influence. - CrimsonShark

OK, Kurt is cool but he isn't even the best grunge singer. At least Chris Cornell and Layne Staley are better, that's for sure. And there are also better singers outside grunge. - Metal_Treasure

Oh please, he probably isn't the best in GRUNGE. I myself prefer Chris Cornell and Eddie Vedder. - naFrovivuS

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21 "How did such an addled burnout ever put seven words together?" - about Ronnie James Dio

How do I know an anonymous comment was written by a certain "visitor"? It's factually inaccurate but attacks the metal community - fans and great musicians. Basically, a definition of troll comment - it's goal is simply to get an angry response and start pointless internet fights. - Metal_Treasure

Well, I already added "an addled burnout" but then I decided that the entire sentence should be here. Yeah, this was written by an ignorant metal hater who confused Dio with Ozzy. - Metal_Treasure

22 "Well, she's a lot easier to look at than metal is to listen to. I'll go with the girlie, while you go deaf." - about Meghan Trainor

Why do people say that metal is so loud just turn down the volume - SoldierOfFortune

23 "Metal sucks it's nothing but screaming about killing people, I'm surprised you people even call it music. You guys need to listen to some Drake and educate yourselves."

I am pretty sure that the metal song Wheel Of Time by Blind Guardian contains more music than any Drake song. So I don't think I need to "educate myself". Most probably the author of this comment needs to "educate" himself and should start with the fact that most of the metal songs aren't "screaming about killing people". - Metal_Treasure

Yeah well, Drake ain't that great either. His vocal and lyrical delivery is rather limited and much of his discography is mediocre at best. A much more better representative is Kendrick Lamar. And why are people's thoughts on Metal so backwards? - CrimsonShark

Metal is nothing but screaming? You've clearly never heard Judas Priest! - naFrovivuS

I don’t mind either genres, but hell no I’m not listening to Drake! - 3DG20

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24 "Stairway to heaven is THE original rock song"

Historically speaking, the original rock song that started the wave and brought in a new style was probably Rock Around the Clock by Bill Haley, as it had a beat that hadn't been quite popularized yet, and was mostly found in jazz songs. - naFrovivuS

Ice Ice Baby is THE original hip hop song - somekindofaguy

It's not even all that "original." - CloudInvasion

Its one of them - SoldierOfFortune

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25 "He should be the 1st!" - about Ozzy Osbourne on the list "Greatest Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Vocalists "

I get what you mean but this doesn't annoy me too much. I think the person was just going by personal preference. Let's be real, 99% of the votes cast on this site are for personal preference. I don't think any harm was intended with this comment, at least when compared to some of the other examples. - IronSabbathPriest

Ozzy is at #6, which is already too disturbing. Moreover, he is higher than Axl Rose - #7, Freddie Mercury - #8, and so on. - Metal_Treasure

Why not? Ozzy 1, he's better than all modern metal/ metalcore singers, death metal, and black metal singers. Plus, he has a good voice. But Robby me boy is better - SoldierOfFortune

Loads of these are subjective, not stupid

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26 "They are popular because the singer is a girl" - about Paramore

You can't be serious?

And I guess Evanescence is popular for that reason too. - naFrovivuS

That's not a nice thing to say. - lovefrombadlands

That's so sexist - AnnieCallie

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27 "Nirvana Invented Grunge"

Yes, they would prove influential to Grunge's development and be a key factor in its popularity, but they seem to take more credit then they deserve, which leaves others like Alice in Chains, Soundgarden and Pearl Jam somewhat neglected, which is definitely not a good thing. Also noting that neither of the four invented Grunge at all, but they do deserve their recognition and influence for years to come. - CrimsonShark

"Poser" Nirvana fans are so ignorant that they think Nirvana invented grunge which isn't true Green River invented grunge and if you want to go further technically the Nile Song by Pink Floyd is a grunge song.

A "poser" Nirvana fan is a person who says they love Nirvana even though they have only heard the popular songs from Nevermind and think SLTS is the best song ever made and Nevermind is the best album ever made, typically they wear Nirvana shirts with their logo on them.

List: Best Grunge / Alternative Rock Bands - christangrant

28 "They began the grunge music, they are grunge, they should be number 1, shows how many morons there are that they're not. To even vote for the Alice in Chains makes you a moron, not as dumb as the 3% that voted for the Melvins and their back stabbing..."

Because Nirvana is the Second Coming? Kurt Cobain died for our taste in music and to invigorate the Grunge movement? THEY ARE GRUNGE?!

I mean, this post-fame is just ridiculous. I like some of their songs, but this over-glorification is a seminal example to show why Nirvana is overrated. Neither of the Grunge Big Four "invented" Grunge, they just helped in development and popularity for contemporary musicians and fans. I'd even argue that bands inspired by and derived from them, such as Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace are better.

In addition, Melvins and Green River deserve their reputation for laying the groundwork. And Soundgarden is the best example of Grunge's talent and fame. - CrimsonShark

What would be funnier than comments like this one? Keep 'em coming guys, we need fun! - Metal_Treasure

People like this usually don't even know what words like I.Q. means. - somekindofaguy

I couldn't post the whole comment so heres the rest of it the part that made me put this on the list
"But still to vote for anyone before voting for Nirvana shows you lack of an I.Q".
So apparently everyone who votes for anything but Nirvana on that list is a moron, once again a reason why Nirvana is so overrated and they didn't begin grunge music Green River Did so if anything the person who made this comment is a moron who lacks musical knowledge
List Best Grunge Bands item: Nirvana - christangrant

29 "he was an AMAZING person" - about Michael Jackson

What's (not) funny about this is that people hated Michael for his child molesting, and then when he died all of a sudden some of those people think he was amazing without looking back at what they said about him before. - NuMetalManiak

I need some serious facts in support of this. I couldn't say he was a good role model. - Metal_Treasure

If child molestation made you a bad person, then I guess wed have no good people - ryanrimmel

He was an amazing performer, not an amazing person... - 3DG20

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30 "They have the amazing songs and has better talent than that overrated blonde!" - about Meghan Trainor and Iggy Azalea being better than Jackie Evancho

Well I do agree, they're all overrated blondes. - naFrovivuS

31 This is possibly the worst death metal song I've ever heard. It sounds awful and there's no feeling to it at all. It's disgraceful to be called music - About Raining Blood by Slayer

I think "Raining Blood" is overrated (I prefer "Angel of Death" and "Hell Awaits"). But this comment is barely presentable, let alone having a built point. First off, "Raining Blood" is Thrash Metal (Though it is a big influence and a reminisce on Death Metal) and is normally seen as a Metal Anthem (I sometimes jam about on it). - CrimsonShark

1st of all it isn't Death Metal 2nd, No Feeling at all uh wrong it gives you a feeling of something called ADRENALINE and 3rd, It's not disgraceful to music because it was considered by many to be one of the best Thrash songs of all time

List Worst Guitar Hero Songs (a very bad list I might add) - christangrant

32 The first metal song ever. And still the best! - About Helter Skelter by The Beatles

LOL, without a doubt, Helter Skelter is still the best metal song ever! LOL LOL LOL - Metal_Treasure

List Best Metal songs, it shouldn't even be on the list and at where it was at (28) is sickening.

1. The song isn't metal at all, It's hard rock
2. It didn't invent metal because its not metal.
3. This proves how ignorant the Beatles fanbase are they think they invented metal music and rock music as well when they did neither.

it's a shame because I like this song my favorite from the Beatles. - christangrant

33 "Oh, I'm a MASSIVE Motorhead fan. what song do I know of theirs? Err...Ace of Spade....?"

I think this goes better with Nirvana, Metallica, and The Beatles. But still very accurate haha - ryanrimmel

@Britgirl - thanks for adding this. Excellent! Even the song title is wrong (Spade? S? ) - Metal_Treasure

What? This made me laugh very much :D - somekindofaguy

You could replace Motörhead and Ace of Spade[s] with pretty much any song and artist and it'd still sound stupid. - naFrovivuS

34 "Three Days Grace is the most unique Rock band"

They do (or did) have a really good vocalist in Adam Gontier, who did make the band unique compared to other Hard Alternative acts. There are differences between each Hard Alternative bands, though they can be difficult to notice. - CrimsonShark

God I hate a lot of my old comments on my old account I said a lot of stupid rubbish.

Even though they sound just like any other alternative/post grunge band - ryanrimmel

Without a doubt, THE most unique. - somekindofaguy

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35 "AC/DC is my favourite band and some of the bands above this can't even be classified as metal. " - about Back In Black on the list "Best Metal Songs"

... but AC/DC are classified as metal? LOL - Metal_Treasure

36 "Iron Maiden is a disgrace to rock and metal"

Whoever made this comment is a disgrace to Rock and Metal - christangrant

37 "Why is this only #7? Metal hurts my ears! Sure, pop is annoying, rap is unexplainable, country is boring, dubstep is just question marks whenever I hear it, emo is just a mess, and pornogrind is just crappy rock, but metal is the ABSOLUTE WORST!" - Comme

So... Pornogrind is better than Metal? Ugh... - CrimsonShark

Apparently the whole item isn't showing up, so this is a comment on metal on the worst music genres list. - Element119

So the guy technically hates music... - somekindofaguy

38 "Dave Mustaine is God and creator of Speed/Thrash Metal"

Dave Mustaine is one of the greatest metal musicians ever but he didn't create Speed/Thrash Metal. By the way, these are 2 different metal subgenres but again, he didn't create them. - Metal_Treasure

And he wrote every riff for Slayer, Exodus and Anthrax, and every lyrics for Nirvana, The Beastie Boys and he went back in time and wrote most of the Beatles songs, it's a fact. Deal with It haters. - somekindofaguy

You can call him a god of thrash metal, cause he certainly is one of the greatest guitarists I've ever seen in metal - ryanrimmel

Quite the contrary actually. Megadeth is actually the least influential out of the Thrash Big Four as outside of setting up a huge standard for Thrash Metal and developing a respectable community and recognition for its music and lyrics, there's not much to pick out in terms of setting up something in the future. Metallica branched out Metal's popularity and would be a major factor in keeping mainstream Metal relevant during the 1990s, Slayer would be seen as a big influence for Extreme Metal and Anthrax would influence Rap Metal and Nu Metal during the mid-late 1990s.

In addition, neither of the four "Invented" Thrash Metal. That owing goes to Venom. Although Mustaine can be considered one of Metal's greatest guitarists, I can't take that back. - CrimsonShark

39 "...Mr. McCartney can't sing very well. Sorry"

His Beatles song "Yesterday" has been covered by over 2,200 different artists. He has collectively sold 700+ records (with The Beatles and solo). To say he isn't talented is beyond stupid, nobody will ever be as successful as him in the music world - ryanrimmel

Thanks Billyv - this comment deserves to be on this list. He probably isn't the best singer ever but to say that he "can't sing very well" is ridiculous. - Metal_Treasure

40 "It sucks monkeys butts and this is madness" - about Fifth Harmony

Of course Fifth Harmony suck, but the comment here makes no sense. - Swellow

I'm not gonna side with the commenter because it's about an artist I hate, I'm going against it because I'm a proud grammar police officer and state that this sentence misuses subjects and predicates. - naFrovivuS

Ok, this doesn't make sense. But Fifth Harmony is bad since Camila quit. - lovefrombadlands

41 "This album is basically the birth of metal" - about Paranoid by Black Sabbath

I guess it's under one of my lists - somekindofaguy

It's wrong from many viewpoints. - Metal_Treasure

42 "The host says it's thrash." - about Hail to the King By Avenged Sevenfold

What host? - AnnieCallie

List: Best Thrash Metal Albums

This album Thrash Metal? LOL if it is Thrash then its just ripoffs of Metallica and Megadeth songs plus is this album even metal? Its more Hard Rock if you ask me also who is the Host? This Host guy obviously knows nothing about metal - christangrant

43 "Freddie Mercury had a vocal range around 8 octaves" - about Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury has to be a mutant if he had about 8 octaves. Well, the most octaves recorded on a single person is a Brazilian man who has 10 octaves, but even then, singers barely hit 6 octaves either way. Mercury had about 4, which is still a rare feat. - CrimsonShark

His octave range is still pretty outstanding, but almost no one can sing 8 octaves. - 3DG20

He's one of my favorite singers too. But really? 8 octaves! - zxm

44 The album that invented prog. - about Abbey Road by The Beatles

This album prog? LOLOLOLOL it's not prog at all and it surly didn't invent it another reason why beatles fans are so ignorant.
List best Beatles albums - christangrant

What can I say? LOOOL - Metal_Treasure

45 "You're all wrong. He's the vocalist for Black Flag." - about David Ellefson of Megadeth

Black Flag has never had a member with this name. And they are not a metal band. The list is "Best Metal Guitarists" (Dave is currently at #58). - Metal_Treasure

Forgot to mention David Ellefson of Megadeth is a bassist, not even a guitarist. - Metal_Treasure

46 "gawd-awful monotony" - about Sacred Worlds by Blind Guardian

But Boogie Chillen' by JLH is the best composed and most progressive song ever... agree - somekindofaguy

47 "Unimaginative lyrics and licks, monotonous vocals... and it's hard rock" - about Hallowed Be Thy Name by Iron Maiden

The statement that Hallowed Be Thy Name by Iron Maiden is hard rock and not metal is as true as all the rest in this sentence. - Metal_Treasure

48 Queen's greatest single lyric line: "We will rock you!" - fun, but pretty meaningless.

Is this really the best Queen line? I mean, it's a song title and not even a line, LOL. - Metal_Treasure

49 "Actually, according to Encyclopaedia Metallum, those bands aren't metal. You are not a metalhead if that is all you listen to." - about Korn, Slipknot, and Linkin Park

Honestly nu metal is like its own genre so I guess they could be called nu metal heads

This item wasn't added by me - the comment isn't absurd or ignorant. This comment wasn't written by me but I myself often write the first sentence which is accurate - yes, according to Encyclopaedia Metallum these bands aren't metal and I personally agree with that.
I wouldn't write the 2nd sentence although I think it's true, too, because it’s logical. - Metal_Treasure

50 "I have not listened to their songs [Death] but I have heard of the band. I am much more of a mainstream pop fangirl." - list description to a list this author made about the band Death

Why would you make a list about something you don't know about? - lovefrombadlands

(list - Best Death Songs with Which to Shock Mainstream Pop Fans).
Shortly, the autor of this list had not listened to Death songs but made a list about them... No wonder she put Voice of the Soul at #2 - a soft instrumental that wouldn't shock anyone. - Metal_Treasure

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1. "Writing your own songs doesn't define talent"
2. "Rock is a lot faster than metal."
3. "Ok name me one good metal song why because there are no good metal songs"
1. "Metal music is not a sub genre of rock."
2. "No skills at all!" - about Adam Lambert
3. "she's got an ugly voice" - about Adele
1. "Rock is a lot faster than metal."
2. "Garage-band material" - about Blind Guardian
3. "Metal music is not a sub genre of rock."


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