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1 "I heat jackie evan cho I didn't even know who she was katy is the best" - about Jackie Evancho and Katy Perry

You heated a person? How could you! Don't tell me you ate her too... - Misfire

Oh my god this comment is a work of art. I want to get it framed on my wall. - Atham

Hating an artist that you don't know of. How logical.

That grammar though. - Userguy44

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2 "why does everyone like metal? It's just some satanic dudes screaming about burning churches. You should listen to some good Christian music like Justin beiber, one direction, and nikki minaj. Not that satanist crap like Metallica, korn, and slayer."

Firstly, Metal is NOT "some satanic dudes screaming about burning churches". Look up any metal song, their lyrics would come up, and there is over a 99.5% chance you will NOT get anything about what you just said. Secondly, how is Nikki Minaj good Christian music? The other two aren't either, as Christian music, I believe, is about being Christian, and it is all gospel. Those three artists are NOTHING like it. Even Christian music is better than those three. I'm starting to think this is a troll. And no, I am not satanic. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

Metallica is NOT Satanic and NOT crap, same goes with Korn, Slayer is NOT crap, justin bieber sucks the crap out of me

Since when is the music of Justin "Beiber", One Direction, and "Nikki" Minaj considered as Christian music? - Misfire

Oh look a troll comment. - MattAffterburner

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3 "the haters of dimash are all racist" - about Dimash Kudaibergen

Disliking a singer does not make you racist - ElSherlock

Wow! That's ridiculous. - RobertWisdom

Woah - DrayTopTens

For the one who wrote this comment, check the Most Hated Countries list. That's the very "best" of REAL racism. - Alkadikce

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4 The gods of extreme metal! - about Black Sabbath

That would be The Beatles - DarkBoi-X

The sad thing is that some Beatles fans might really think that (Helter Skelter). - Alkadikce

HAHAHFIGIWBASJVBIEB EXTREME METAL? Nope! Metal pioneers, sure, but EXTREME METAL? Listen to Infant Annihilator and change your mind. - galaxyfox

Black Sabbath isn't even extreme metal. - DarkBoi-X

Black Sabbath isn't extreme metal so how are they gods of it?

List: Most Important Bands in Metal History - christangrant

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5 "ugly, fat, can't sing" - about Adele

The writer of that comment is ugly and fat - DrayTopTens

What does physical appearance have to do with talent? - Misfire

An ignoramus posted this STUPID COMMENT! Adele is NOT ugly. Yes, she's overweight but she's certainly not obese AND boy oh boy, can she SING! She has an AMAZING voice and has won MANY AWARDS plus she's a FABULOUS songwriter.

While I'm not a fan of her music, she has a great voice, and looks and voice have almost NOTHING to do with each other. Yeah, she's fat, but have you heard her voice? If you don't like it, that's your opinion, and that's fine, but what does that have to do with her being fat? - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

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6 "megadeth invented thrash metal"

Probably the person who commented this wanted to say that Dave Mustaine invented thrash metal, because he had the misconception that Metallica created thrash metal with Kill 'em All, and another misconception that everything on Kill 'em All was written by Mustaine. - Alkadikce

Metallica and Slayer released their debut albums in 1983.

Megadeth released its debut album in 1985.

Venom released Welcome to Hell in 1981. And speaking of which, Metallica, Megadeth and Slayer were all influenced by Venom, and Metallica even toured with them.

So, Welcome to Hell, Kill em' All and Show No Mercy are not Thrash Metal?! For God's sake, Megadeth isn't even close to have invented, or at least set up an example for a future subgenre, unlike Metallica, Slayer and even Anthrax. This comment is as hilarious as it doesn't make any sense! - CrimsonShark

Venom invented thrash metal - ElSherlock

I thought Queen made the first thrash metal song...? - Misfire

Yes, Stone Cold Crazy. But I would call it the first proto-thrash metal song. - Metal_Treasure

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7 "metal sucks it's nothing but screaming about killing people, I'm surprised you people even call it music. You guys need to listen to some drake and educate yourselves."

Some things metal music talks about: politics, fantasy, mythology, stories, life, feelings, philosophy, war, etc.
Also, Drake sucks big time!
Also, metal is so much more than music. It's art. It's philosophy, etc. - PhoenixAura81

I'm not a fan of metal, honestly, but I'd prefer to listen to metal songs over Drake's. - Misfire

This person doesn't respect opinions, obviously. - TuxIsAPerson

Drake isn't good in my opinion. Metal, on the other hand, is one of the greatest things ever. And most metal singers don't scream out lyrics. - PhoenixAura81

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8 "nirvana invented grunge"

I'm pretty sure there's a difference between popularizing something and inventing something. - Misfire

Same guy as the one who said that Megadeth invented metal? - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

Alice in Chains first albums came out a year before Nevermind did. - MattAffterburner

Ever heard of Green River? - Metal_Treasure

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9 "freddie mercury had a vocal range around 8 octaves" - about Freddie Mercury

There is also a comment about Chester Bennington having seven octaves. - Alkadikce

I made several lists about vocal ranges and I have to say that most people know nothing about the ranges. A guy thought that several singers with 2 octaves had 5. - Metal_Treasure

Freddie Mercury is an amazing vocalist, but I'm pretty sure he had a vocal range of around 4 octaves. - Misfire

That would be physically impossible - SherlocksShadow

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10 "no one likes lame metal music. Compared to metal, breadwinners is 100000000X times better." - about Pink Floyd

Breadwinners? You mean that cartoon? How can you compare a genre and a cartoon? - Misfire

I like metal, and I exist. So that means not no one. - MattAffterburner

"No one likes lame metal music." False. I do. And I'm not "no one". - Metal_Treasure

Pink Floyd metal? - Userguy44

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? "These guys are worse than weaboos" (about furries)

TwilightKitsune, you're better than this! - RoseWeasley

? "Hardly any of their songs can even be considered "rock." Why are they even here? They sound like a garage band, mediocre, at best!" - about the Beatles

The Beatles a garage band? How many Beatles songs has this guy heard? - Userguy44

They don't always sound like rock, but A GARAGE BAND? They have some of the most top-notch production ever! Revolver and Sergeant Pepper's have so many layers of intrumentation... Oh well. - JoLeKosovo

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11 "ok name me one good metal song why because there are no good metal songs"

Tastes can vary - yungstirjoey666

I noticed this bad logic in more places that people justify their opinions by repeating the same opinion in a different form. - Alkadikce

Ok give me one good reason why you think there are no bad metal songs why because you don't have one - Misfire

The Trooper, Tornado of Souls, One, Painkiller, Blitzkrieg... honestly I could go on forever. - KeyboardHero

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12 "I have not listened to their songs [death] but I have heard of the band. I am much more of a mainstream pop fangirl." - list description to a list this author made about the band Death

This comment fits the list title the most (absurd and ignorant). - Alkadikce

Why would you make a list about something you don't know about?

(list - Best Death Songs with Which to Shock Mainstream Pop Fans).
Shortly, the autor of this list had not listened to Death songs but made a list about them... No wonder she put Voice of the Soul at #2 - a soft instrumental that wouldn't shock anyone. - Metal_Treasure

13 "rock is a lot faster than metal."

This comment is the pinnacle of intellect and genius (of the wrong kind) if you ask me. - CrimsonShark

The dude who wrote this maybe thinks that the only kind of metal is doom metal - HEAVYMETALTHUNDER12345

Yup, believing that Black Sabbath with Ozzy is the true metal leads to very wrong conclusions about metal. - Metal_Treasure

One word. Megadeth

I actually think Megadeth is one of the slowest thrash metal bands. Faster ones are Kreator or Onslaught - Alkadikce

Yeah The Beatles are Faster than Slayer (Sarcasm) - christangrant

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14 "he was an amazing person" - about Michael Jackson

A person is innocent until he/she is proven guilty. There was no evidence that Michael Jackson molested children. He was indicted for multiple counts, but was pleaded not guilty to all of them. But still, while he was never proven guilty to all of this, that doesn't mean that we can say he can still be considered as a good role model to kids. He had such strange behavior and him dangling a baby off of a balcony cannot be justified. - Misfire

Chill! I'm actually a fan of Michael Jackson. I don't hate him at all. I didn't believe he maliciously did that, but that still isn't the best thing to do... it isn't smart to hold your baby like that at 2-4 stories in the air. - Misfire

The real horrible music comment is calling somebody a horrible person or child molester when they were found not guilty on all charges. - RobertWisdom

I heard he molested a child and dangled a baby off of a balcony. Not really things a great person would do. He was a fantastic singer and performer though. - PhoenixAura81

He has been found not guilty on all child molestation charges. And in terms of "dangling a baby off a balcony," the fans wanted to see his baby and in the moment he showed them. Also, all of his accusers have been proven to be not credible. One accuser was even caught in a recording admitting that he wanted to ruin his career and legacy. However, he has donated half a billion dollars to sick children and poor people and and to impoverished countries in Africa. He also had his own team of personal doctors and nurses taking care of sick children who couldn't afford to go to hospitals. Just saying. - RobertWisdom

He did have good music, but he was a child molester. Just because someone has good music it doesn't mean he has a good personality or morals. - WheresMyGuitarPick

Found not guilty on all charges in a court of law. And he showed his baby to his fans. He did not dangle a baby off a balcony. - RobertWisdom

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15 "mozart performed many musical concerts while he's deaf"

Beethoven was deaf, not Mozart. And being a member of the grammar police, this has to be one of the worst use of grammar ever.
Also, "he's"? Mozart is dead! - galaxyfox

I just found another comment about Mozart being deaf (alread added it to the list): "Come on guys he was deaf for christ aches give him respect". This is when YouTube wannabe-funnies write comments like "He performed the Four Seasons on saxophone in London while being deaf". Wait... I have also seen a comment stating he wrote the Four Seasons. - Alkadikce

Excuse me while I weep for society... - SherlocksShadow

Brilliant addition to this list, galaxyfox! Thanks! - Metal_Treasure

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16 "If this song isn't everyone's favorite song then it's severely underrated." - about Stairway to Heaven

I think people shouldn't even be allowed to make songs anymore because they would overshadow the infinite greatness this single song holds on its own. It should be the only song in the world, and it should be played everywhere, in every street in every small village 24/7, but it would still be the most underrated song of all time! - Alkadikce

Sure, Stairway to Heaven is a great song, but no song deserves to be loved by all. If it was everyone's favorite, then it is really overrated. Actually, even if this wasn't everyone's favorite, this song is still overrated in my opinion. The comment alone proves how overrated it is. - Misfire

Lets face it. It's not a bad song, but it's terribly overrated. Led Zeppelin has much better songs right? - Userguy44

*Facepalm*... Oh god... Led Zeppelin fans are really some of the worst music fans. If not THE worst. - Metal_Treasure

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17 "writing your own songs doesn't define talent"

This comment isn't wrong at all. An artist can be a terrible singer and write terrible songs. - RobertWisdom

I mean, this comment isn't wrong. Writing your songs is an indicator of talent, but it doesn't define it

The context of the comment matters: the author tried to excuse Led Zeppelin plagiarism and stated that they were still talented because "writing your own songs doesn't define talent" - Metal_Treasure

It defines talent to a certain level. Maybe not performance ability, but definitely writing ability.

So Bob Dylan has no talent? So funny. - Userguy44

Not what the comment is saying. People can write their own songs and the songs be terrible and they can't sing either. - RobertWisdom

18 "ac/dc is my favourite band and some of the bands above this can't even be classified as metal. " - about Back in Black on the list "best metal songs"

Really? Big Gun is the only metal song made by them - ToddHoward

Ironic. - Misfire

Since when is AC/DC metal? - Metarock

... but AC/DC are classified as metal? LOL - Metal_Treasure

19 "The album that invented prog." - about Abbey Road by the Beatles

We can't definitively say which album cemented what prog is. The concept developed over time, although I consider the first early stages of prog to have come from Miles Davis. - Archived

King Crimson says hello - cjWriter1997

This album prog? LOLOLOLOL it's not prog at all and it surly didn't invent it another reason why beatles fans are so ignorant.
List best Beatles albums - christangrant

What can I say? LOOOL - Metal_Treasure

20 "metal music is not a sub genre of rock."

Correct. Metal is a sub genre of pop. - Metal_Treasure

You are all wrong because metal is not music at all, so it isn't the subgenre of anything. - Alkadikce

At first it was now it's kind of it's own thing. - XxembermasterxX

It's a subgenre of rock! - Userguy44

Isn't it a genre of rock? - TuxIsAPerson

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21 "metal lyrics are usually cheesy"

In the future this list will be:
1. "metal is just screaming and bashing a guitar"
2. "metal is a bunch of noise that only idiots listen to"
3. "metal lyrics are usually cheesy"
4. "metal is just a mess of loud thundering drums and unremarkable guitar solos"
5. "metal is a bunch of devil worshipping pagans who burn churches and dress like a freak"

There are many ignorant metal hating comments, but they are too represented on this list. There are just as many ignorant comments about any genre. - Alkadikce

It just shows that metal hater comments are the most absurd and ignorant. In case you wonder, most of the metal items on this list were not added by me. Actually you added more metal items than anyone else. Why do you complain then? Some people are strange... - Metal_Treasure

"Cheesy" metal lyrics (as usual):
"Landmine has taken my sight, Taken my speech, Taken my hearing, Taken my arms, Taken my legs, Taken my soul, Left me with life in hell" (One - Metallica)
Not "cheesy" non-metal lyrics:
"Girl, you know I want your love; your love was handmade for some BODY like me! " (Shape Of You - Ed Sheeran) - Metal_Treasure

Yeah, the Metallica lyrics are SO cheesy and Ed's lyrics are SO real and captivating (all complete sarcasm, the Metallica lyrics are some of the greatest I've ever heard and the Ed Sheeran lyrics are some of the cheesiest and sappiest and that came from one of the worst songs I've ever heard). - PhoenixAura81

Every single music genre at least has some music artists that are cheesy. While Heavy Metal is no exception, most can normally be taken seriously. A lot of Power Metal and Symphonic Metal acts unfortunately tend to be quite cheesy at times. Those two genres are still good mind you.

But even then, the term "Cheesy" is incredibly subjective. - CrimsonShark

This item cracks me up every time I read it, although I've read it many times.
list- Top Ten Reasons Why Modern Pop is Better Than Metal - Metal_Treasure

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22 "freddie mercury was good, but definitely not one of the best rock singers of all time"

Why is this item here? It is just an opinion. He/she still likes Queen, just not the most. - DrayTopTens

Again, an opinion. - Misfire

It's their opinion

Some of the comments on this list are preety stupid and some comments are opinions that people can't respect - GalaxyCookies

But some opinions are so ignorant that sound stupid, too. And we shouldn't respect ignorance. - Metal_Treasure

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23 "iron maiden is a disgrace to rock and metal"

That's awful - DrayTopTens

Whoever made this comment is a disgrace to Rock and Metal - christangrant

*gasp* CURSES! Curses to whoever said this! - galaxyfox

He/She who made the comment is a disgrace to Human Kind. - HEAVYMETALTHUNDER12345

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24 "they began the grunge music, they are grunge, they should be number 1, shows how many morons there are that they're not. To even vote for the alice in chains makes you a moron, not as dumb as the 3% that voted for the melvins and their back stabbing..."

About Nirvana? - Userguy44

Because Nirvana is the Second Coming? Kurt Cobain died for our taste in music and to invigorate the Grunge movement? THEY ARE GRUNGE?!

I mean, this post-fame is just ridiculous. I like some of their songs, but this over-glorification is a seminal example to show why Nirvana is overrated. Neither of the Grunge Big Four "invented" Grunge, they just helped in development and popularity for contemporary musicians and fans. I'd even argue that bands inspired by and derived from them, such as Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace are better.

In addition, Melvins and Green River deserve their reputation for laying the groundwork. And Soundgarden is the best example of Grunge's talent and fame. - CrimsonShark

It seems to me that this whole comment was made just to make people angry. No real grunge fan would say stuff like this. - Gg2000

What would be funnier than comments like this one? Keep 'em coming guys, we need fun! - Metal_Treasure

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25 "only idiots like metal"

How is this ignorant? Metal is listened by scene kids who wear black clothes to express their pseudo-suicidal thoughts, which is the very definition of an idiot. - CrashThyDiamond

Whoever added that must like metal because he/she is a big idiot - DrayTopTens

This person most likely listens to lady Gaga. She likes Metallica.

Oh... Really? Some of the "idiots" who like metal include: Stephen King, Sir Christopher Lee, Prince Harry, Lady Gaga, Chris Jericho, Dave Grohl, Kenny G., Beck, Sage Kotsenburg (Olympic gold medalist), to name a few. - Metal_Treasure

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26 "how did such an addled burnout ever put seven words together?" - about Ronnie James Dio

This was written by an ignorant metal hater and troll who confused Dio with Ozzy.
How do I know an anonymous comment was written by a certain "visitor"? It's factually inaccurate but attacks the metal community - fans and great musicians. Basically, a definition of troll comment - it's goal is simply to get an angry response and start pointless internet fights.
Well, I already added "an addled burnout" but then I decided that the entire sentence should be here. - Metal_Treasure

27 "I am absolutely disgusted and offended by the devil worshipers who make this bad music! This is why I stick to pop music. Not only is it far more creative, but it's much more appropriate!" - top ten biggest reasons metal is awful

That mediocre list was made by DCfnaf,and the comment too.

That came from a troll list, geniuses.

Haha! ALL metal music is made by devil worshipers and pop music is SO APPROPRIATE! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪 - PhoenixAura81

28 "more like they die from a gunshot, amirite?" - about XXXTentacion - Everybody Dies in their Nightmares

You shouldn't joke about this... - Misfire

I don't even get this. - RobertWisdom

I'm not offended because I'm not a fan, but not all death jokes are funny. - Userguy44

I'm not his fan but nobody's death is good. I also hate when people say Justin Bieber should die, although I'm not his fan either. - Metal_Treasure

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29 "what idiot put this on list. This [master of puppets by Metallica] is not about drugs"

It's an anti-drug song. Unfortunately a lot of people don't realise that. - Userguy44

The song is most certainly about drugs. It's an anti-drug song showing how drugs (Masters) are controlling the addicts (Puppets) and eventually kill the addicts. Turns out, the author of this comment is an idiot. By the way, if I correctly remember, I was the "idiot" who correctly added Master of Puppets to that list.
list - Top Ten Rock and Metal Songs About Drugs - Metal_Treasure

Thanks for adding this one. I was really irritated when I saw it. I even replied with a quote from James Hetfield himself saying that it was about drugs. I guess it's clear now. - Gg2000

30 "I Already Know How to Play Guitar Solos. All You Do is Play Random Notes as Fast as You Can."

I know how to play the violin. Just put it to your neck, and pull the fiddle back and forward.

I know how to play electronic music. Just press some buttons.

I know how to play a trombone. Just blow in it and pull that stick on the bottom.

I know how to play TheTopTens. Just choose a topic and throw in a title and ten things from it. - Alkadikce

Well, atonal music is pretty cool. - JoLeKosovo

Um... I don't play guitars but even I know that isn't true. - Misfire

Ever heard of feeling in playing solos? Listen to Pink Floyd. - Userguy44

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31 "Grunge is a subgenre of metal."

Since metal is not a subgenre of rock, we shouldn't be surprised. - Alkadikce


Grunge does have some Heavy Metal influence, but that doesn't cut it. Then again... - CrimsonShark

It's a mix of Alternative Rock and Hardcore Punk - DarkBoi-X

List - Top 10 Bands that Aren't Metal According to Encyclopaedia Metallum - Metal_Treasure

32 "The damage his music has done to my ears is at least ten times worse than the Holocaust." - about Justin Bieber

Is this how far people can go over Bieber hate? - Userguy44

The Bieber hate is getting out of hand. I hate him too but still. - RoseWeasley

No, the holocaust is worse! - TopTenTed

I have never heard anybody say this nor have I seen it on social media. - RobertWisdom

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33 "kurt cobain is definitely, without doubt, the best singer of any genre, grunge or not!"

Opinion. - Misfire

This guy has never heard of Layne Staley probably. He beats Cobain by miles. - Userguy44

Yup, most Grunge "fans" literally worship Kurt Cobain, even though his lyrics look like they were written by a rebellious 13 year old girl.

A lot of these grunge fans listen to nirvana, Alice in chains, Soundgarden, and Pearl Jam. They've probably never heard of The Melvins, Mother Love Bone, or Green River (The creators of Grunge.) - ryanrimmel

OK, Kurt is cool but he isn't even the best grunge singer. At least Chris Cornell and Layne Staley are better, that's for sure. And there are also better singers outside grunge. - Metal_Treasure

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34 "garage-band material" - about Blind Guardian

Well you can go sit in a puddle.

Sure, I guess every garage-band employs symphonic orchestras, complex progressive compositions and complex overlapping vocal harmonies (sarcasm).
If Blind Guardian played "garage-band material", their garage must have been the size of an opera house. - Metal_Treasure

Blind Guardian is EPIC and is currently my second favorite band. - PhoenixAura81

And the one who wrote this even added Blind Guardian to my list "Top Ten Garage Rock Bands" how can be someone such biased?

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35 "an addled burnout" - about Ronnie James Dio


36 "rock singers like like robert plant, steven tyler, phil collins, jim morrison, axl rose, vince neil, and freddie mercury have weird singing voices. At least singers/rappers like Justin Bieber, nicki minaj, Lil Wayne, and drake actually sound good."

This has "troll comment" written all over it. - Gg2000

Nobody has ever said this. - RobertWisdom

Judging by the amount of the hate pop and the praise rock music gets on this site, we can expect more comments like this in the future as revenge. - Alkadikce

Wow! Dumb people exist! - Userguy44

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37 "guns n' roses is a metal band not hard rock"

Very common misconception. I wouldn't say its dumb, its just wrong. Its like saying that tomatoes are vegetables - ryanrimmel

They're hard rock. - PhoenixAura81

Not this argument again

You can find some Heavy Metal elements in their more heavier songs and they're sometimes even considered Glam Metal. I find them to be the best example of Hard Rock during the 80s, but some Heavy Metal traits can be found in some songs. - CrimsonShark

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38 "marilyn manson is better than what you think he is." - about Alice Cooper
39 "post-hardcore is considered metal"

LOL. Hardcore has always been a punk subgenre. Post-hardcore, too. Wiki article about Post-hardcore begins with "Post-hardcore is a punk rock music genre".
The comment "Post-hardcore is considered metal" is a reply to my comment on the list Top Ten Best Canadian Metal Bands - Metal_Treasure

Post hardcore is punk.It combines Hardcore and Post Punk. - DarkBoi-X

40 "no skills at all!" - about Adam Lambert

If you don't like his singing then that's fine. But to say that he doesn't have skills at all? That's too far. - Misfire

Sure, that's why Queen hired him to sing Freddie's songs live! Because they needed somebody with "no skills at all"... (sarcasm) - Metal_Treasure

Right on. Queen really has no good reason to hire a talented singer - ryanrimmel

If somebody doesn't like Adam Lambert, that's OK, it's their opinion. But to say that Adam doesn't have skills at all just because that person doesn't like him, is wrong. Because he DOES have incredible skills, whether you like him or not. By the way, I'm not a fan of his music but I admire his vocal skills. - Metal_Treasure

He's a good singer, but he doesn't fit in Queen. - Userguy44

Yes, Marc Martel fits much better. Check out the list Best Songs on Marc Martel's Impersonator - Metal_Treasure

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41 "Only white supremacists would think the Beatles are better; these are the same people who voted for Trump" - about Michael Jackson

I like both, but I think The Beatles are much better than Michael Jackson. - Stalin

I guess I'm a white supremacist who voted for Trump, then. - Misfire

I am not offended. I am angry at the other bigotedness of this quote. If this guy wants to do this on the internet he should face us like a man. - MattAffterburner

And they are the same people who cause war and famine all over the world, they are the same people who will end up in hell. - Alkadikce

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42 "I think she deserves to be in top 20 at least. I mean she's good." - about Nicki Minaj

To be honest it's their opinion, so I don't get how it's absurd. - Luckys

I mean, it's their opinion... - Misfire

I replied to this comment saying "Really? Explain "Stupid Hoe", "Anaconda", "Only", and "I Endorse These Strippers"." - allamassal

Really? She’s even worse than Justin Bieber! - Userguy44

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43 "why is this only #7? Metal hurts my ears! Sure, pop is annoying, rap is unexplainable, country is boring, dubstep is just question marks whenever I hear it, emo is just a mess, and pornogrind is just crappy rock, but metal is the absolute worst!"

I like how you gave reasons on why you disliked the other genres - yungstirjoey666

Oh...So right now I am hurting my ears with Wheel Of Time by Blind Guardian?! (sarcasm) - Metal_Treasure

So what does he like then lol?

44 They [ne Obliviscaris] Aren't "Extreme" Prog from Any Angle.

List - Greatest Tech/Extreme Prog Metal Bands; Item - Ne Obliviscaris.
To say this is like to say that Slayer aren’t thrash metal from any angle. I’m sure Ne Obliviscaris are definitely extreme progressive metal and they aren't "extreme" prog only from the angle of complete metal music illiteracy. More opinions: Encyclopaedia Metallum - Extreme Progressive Metal; Wiki - Extreme Metal, Progressive Metal; Metal Storm - Extreme Progressive Metal. Two Ne Obliviscaris’ albums even won the Metal Storm Award for Best Extreme Progressive Metal Album of the Year: Citadel (2014) and Urn (2017). The entire comment I’m talking about is one of the most ignorant and absurd metal comments ever. And based on this “profound” knowledge, the user put 2 great and eligible bands on dishonorable mentions, including Ne Obliviscaris, while in the top 10 - bands that aren’t eligible. - Metal_Treasure

45 "unimaginative lyrics and licks, monotonous vocals... And it's hard rock" - about Hallowed be Thy Name by Iron Maiden

The statement that Hallowed Be Thy Name by Iron Maiden is hard rock and not metal is as true as all the rest in this sentence. - Metal_Treasure

I've seen a lot of people stating that Iron Maiden is not metal because they're "not heavy enough" while we both know heaviness isn't always defining the genre - Alkadikce

Who said that? I’ll hunt you down... - KingSlayer93316

46 "how is this on heer? This allbom cover is so rasist!"- on the album cover for the White Album by the Beatles

Probably a troll thinking he's funny by parodying Beatles haters. - JoLeKosovo

Metallica is racist because they call their fifth album "The Black Album".

Even though the album has NOTHING to do with ethnicity.

Then again, I suppose someone's really delusional if they're really gonna judge an album if it goes by a colour code. - CrimsonShark

There isn't even anything ON the cover!

Chess is racist because white begins the game
TheTopTens is racist for having a white background. - Alkadikce

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47 "I hate stevieie ray and all the trash music he created during his brief 35 year life." - about Stevie Ray Vaughan

Wow. Another hate comment against Stevie Ray. I'm losing faith in the site from reading this. - Gg2000

I added this, because like the "Jackie Evan cho" comment, this person probably doesn'y know much about "Stevieie ray." - galaxyfox

48 "rap rock should be ahead of classical. We got, linking park, Hollywood undead, skillet, breaking benjamin. With out rap rock we wouldn't be able to express ourselves and the bands struggled like us and help us move on."

First of all, @galaxyfox is right: what the heck is Linking Park? Second, why did he have to highlight classical? Rap-rock is minor genre compared to classical music. It should be above classical for these bands? Let me not tell which classical composers are better than the mentioned rap rock artists.

I could express myself without rap rock. And how would every band struggle without this genre? - Alkadikce

Linking Park? - galaxyfox

Breaking benjamin? rap rock? really? - TuxIsAPerson

What about RATM? - Userguy44

49 "If Metallica is heavy, listen to holy wars, headcrusher, noting else matters and fade to black and than say again Metallica is more heavy than megadeth"

A definition of biased comment - so biased that sounds absurd: the author compares the heaviest Megadeth songs with the softest Metallica songs, conveniently ignoring the fact that Megadeth also have soft songs and Metallica have heavier songs. Besides, when I first read this comment, I thought the author meant that holy wars and headcrusher are Metallica songs. - Metal_Treasure

Of course he had to mention Metallica's ballads and Megadeth's heavier songs to give reasons for his statement. Then I could say:

If Megadeth is heavy, listen to Dyers Eve, Fight Fire with Fire, A Tout le Monde and Promises and then say again Megadeth is more heavy than metallica - Alkadikce

"noting else matters" haha - galaxyfox

This comment confuses me, that’s how ignorant it is! - Userguy44

50 "oh, I'm a massive motorhead fan. What song do I know of theirs? Err...ace of spade....?"

Ace of Spades is the only Motorhead song I know. - PhoenixAura81

At least Ace of Spades is a Motörhead song. Imagine the only song he knew by Motörhead was Smells Like Teen Spirit. - Alkadikce

I think this goes better with Nirvana, Metallica, and The Beatles. But still very accurate haha - ryanrimmel

LOL. - Metarock

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