Top 10 Most Infuriating Fanbases of All Time

The Top Ten Most Infuriating Fanbases of All Time

1 Game Theory Fans

Don't even get me started - Randomator

2 Five Nights at Freddy's Fans

Right of course..this fanbase sucks - Adventurur2

3 Undertale Fans
4 Bayonetta Fans
5 Overwatch Fans

To them it's Pornwatch. Enough said - ParkerFang

6 Marina (Splatoon) Fans
7 Grand Theft Auto Fans
8 Toad Fans

They should be higher because all they do on here is bitch about Toads hatebase especially this numbskull called ToadF1

9 Call of Duty fans
10 ARMS Fans

The Contenders

11 Wendy O. Koopa Fans
12 Waluigi Fans

Definition of cancer - Randomator

13 Splatoon Fans
14 Sans Fangirls
15 Link Fans
16 Twintelle (ARMS) Fans
17 Tails Fans


18 Naruto Fans
19 Palutena Fans
20 Tifa Lockhart Fans
21 Final Fantasy VI Fans
22 Kefka Fans
23 Squidward Fans
24 Daisy Fans
25 Minecraft Fandom
26 Kirby Fans
27 Sonic the Hedgehog Fans
28 Mega Man Fans
29 Berserk Fans
30 Kavos Fans
31 Karel Fans
32 Anime Fans
33 Gravity Falls Fans
34 Shrek Fans

They ship him with mostly underage characters.

35 Beyblade Fans
36 Jurassic Park Fans
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