Best Instant Recovery Programs

In my testing these are the programs I feel work best in terms of performance, pricing, and overall ease of use.

The Top Ten

1 Rollback Rx

Very great tools...unlike deep freeze, I love the features where we can schedule restore...

Very fast and easy to use. Paid and free version. - Hang

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2 Comodo Time Machine

Was a great product even used Rollback Rx code but has been discontinued - Hang

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3 Clonezilla

Free and open source but not very fast - Hang

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4 Paragon Recovery and Backup

Also free but not as good as Clonezilla or even Rollback. - Hang

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5 Shadow Defender

Creates virtual environment so not the same as say Rollback Rx or Clonezilla which use your actual system data. - Hang

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6 Lethe

Very much like Rollback but works only on Linux which Rollback doesn't support. - Hang

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7 Drive Vaccine

Made by company behind Rollback it restores the computer and isn't meant as a recovery tool but does offer some light recovery options. - Hang

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8 BackBlaze

A unique backup solution that backs up online to the cloud, it is a very good program but it's slow and more expensive if you stick with it for a while. - Hang

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9 Back In Time

Works like Rollback but supports Linux. - Hang

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10 Deep Freeze

A Software As A Service (SAAS) product which in my testing was not capable of recovering my PC; even when it would get stuck in an update loop from Windows Updates! - Hang

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The Contenders

11 Aomei Onekey Recovery
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