Top Ten Interesting Facts About TheTopTens Statistics As of June 1st, 2015

The Top Ten
Ajkloth STILL not on Top 100 Most Followers

The faith in humanity is pouring out of my brain. - Puga

Someone's followers will have to go to him, then - EpicJake

Well I'm following him... - Pony

Ozzydog12 has got 40,340 votes on his lists in one week
Only 79 users have 100 lists

Considering Lists are what this site is for... That's depressing.

7 users have 200 followers

Britgirl, PositronWildhawk, admin, PatrickStar, JaysTop10List, Turkeyasylum and Kiteretsunu - Puga

52 users have 100 followers

I have 100 followers - EpicJake

EvilAngel, Me, SmoothCriminal, Alexandr, MatrixGuy, Keyson, Puga, SuperHyperdude, CartoonsGirl, Garythesnail, UltimateHybridX and that's all I can think of. - EpicJake

The list of "Weirdest Facts" has more items than the list of "Best Movies"

Now that can go on "Weirdest Facts! " - PositronWildhawk

I honestly still can't believe it. Thanks to all who contributed to that list! - Kiteretsunu

PositronWildhawk has over 4,000 more comments than Britgirl

As well as the #1 most follows position. Something I honestly never thought would change. Tina's disappearance has been a gradual one, but her imprint here is timeless. - keycha1n

And Britgirl has the second most comments. Scary. - Puga

I got only 542 comments - 2storm

Will someone make PW shut up. Haha. Just kidding. He sure is a hard worker - EpicJake

Nintendofan126 has 176 followers

Yay, I've come a long way... - nintendofan126

He deserves every follower he earns:-) - EpicJake

He has 200 followers now:-D - EpicJake

The List of "Worst Cartoon Characters" has more items than the list of "Best Cartoon Characters"

Are cartoons hated or something? - EpicJake

Andre56 has more followers than BKAllmighty

In My opinion, 56 doesn't deserve that much - EpicJake

WHAT! BKAllmighty should be WAY more popular! - PizzaGuy


The Contenders
Cosmo has more followers than Keycha1n,Garythesnail,and SuperHyperDude

I'm still pretty happy with my follower count. However, with no offense to Cosmo I believe Keycha1n and SHD deserve more followers. - Garythesnail

The List of Music Artists you'd like to see at the London 2012 Ceremony is the most popular and favourited list

Why does this list still get votes? - nintendofan126

Why can't this list get out of our lives? - Minecraftcrazy530

This STILL gets votes? - EpicJake

Bobbythebrony reached 700 lists

He has a lot of ideas. - nintendofan126

3 users have 300 followers

Out of all the users on this site, only 3 have 300. - nintendofan126

PositronWildhawk, Britgirl and admin - EpicJake

JaysTop10List has 5th Most followers

He only has the 6th most followers nowadays. - EpicJake

Turkeyasylum's member score is only a few points shy of Britgirl's

Wow. Turkey wasn't even on for a year.

Britgirl is the only female with 200 followers

Not for long, Cosmo almost has 200 fallowers. - nintendofan126

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