Top Ten Interesting Facts About TheTopTens Statistics As of June 1st, 2015

The Top Ten Interesting Facts About TheTopTens Statistics As of June 1st, 2015

1 Ajkloth STILL not on Top 100 Most Followers

The faith in humanity is pouring out of my brain. - Puga

Someone's followers will have to go to him, then - EpicJake

Well I'm following him... - Pony

2 Ozzydog12 has got 40,340 votes on his lists in one week
3 Only 79 users have 100 lists

Considering Lists are what this site is for... That's depressing. - Puga

I think I have 100. - Therandom

4 7 users have 200 followers

Britgirl, PositronWildhawk, admin, PatrickStar, JaysTop10List, Turkeyasylum and Kiteretsunu - Puga

5 52 users have 100 followers

I have 100 followers - EpicJake

EvilAngel, Me, SmoothCriminal, Alexandr, MatrixGuy, Keyson, Puga, SuperHyperdude, CartoonsGirl, Garythesnail, UltimateHybridX and that's all I can think of. - EpicJake

6 The list of "Weirdest Facts" has more items than the list of "Best Movies"

Now that can go on "Weirdest Facts! " - PositronWildhawk

I honestly still can't believe it. Thanks to all who contributed to that list! - Kiteretsunu

7 PositronWildhawk has over 4,000 more comments than Britgirl

As well as the #1 most follows position. Something I honestly never thought would change. Tina's disappearance has been a gradual one, but her imprint here is timeless. - keycha1n

And Britgirl has the second most comments. Scary. - Puga

I got only 542 comments - 2storm

Will someone make PW shut up. Haha. Just kidding. He sure is a hard worker - EpicJake

8 Nintendofan126 has 176 followers

Yay, I've come a long way... - nintendofan126

He deserves every follower he earns:-) - EpicJake

He has 200 followers now:-D - EpicJake

9 The List of "Worst Cartoon Characters" has more items than the list of "Best Cartoon Characters"

Are cartoons hated or something? - EpicJake

10 Andre56 has more followers than BKAllmighty

In My opinion, 56 doesn't deserve that much - EpicJake

WHAT! BKAllmighty should be WAY more popular! - PizzaGuy


The Contenders

11 Cosmo has more followers than Keycha1n,Garythesnail,and SuperHyperDude

I'm still pretty happy with my follower count. However, with no offense to Cosmo I believe Keycha1n and SHD deserve more followers. - Garythesnail

12 The List of Music Artists you'd like to see at the London 2012 Ceremony is the most popular and favourited list

Why does this list still get votes? - nintendofan126

Why can't this list get out of our lives? - Minecraftcrazy530

This STILL gets votes? - EpicJake

13 Bobbythebrony reached 700 lists

He has a lot of ideas. - nintendofan126

14 3 users have 300 followers

Out of all the users on this site, only 3 have 300. - nintendofan126

PositronWildhawk, Britgirl and admin - EpicJake

15 JaysTop10List has 5th Most followers

He only has the 6th most followers nowadays. - EpicJake

16 Turkeyasylum's member score is only a few points shy of Britgirl's

Wow. Turkey wasn't even on for a year. - EpicJake

17 Britgirl is the only female with 200 followers

Not for long, Cosmo almost has 200 fallowers. - nintendofan126

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