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21 Park Bom

Have you ever heard her auditions? Those are pretty amazing.
She has that unique kind of voice you don't really know why she got so many times rejected before.

Where are you going to find a voice like hers? She has such a unique voice and she has an amazing range!

I like her voice! It sounds amazing.

Park bom is the best

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22 Onew (SHINee) Onew (SHINee)

His soft, gentle, chocolate-melted voice is one of the best and most unique voice!

His voice is the best out there. Unique, accurate and brilliant. He even held one note for 40+ seconds. That makes him one of the best.I've never heard a more angelic and beautiful voice ever. Ever!

Onew's voice is the sweetest in the world. His voice has the ability to touch one's heart and soothe it! It feels like honey flowing through your throat. He can sing with so much feel that can make u cry literally! I honestly expected him to be within top 5. He has such a unique voice and there are even so many famous Kpop idols who have fallen for his heavenly angelic voice! Mr.Perfect Onew is such a cutiepie and the Shinee leader deserves to be in top 5. For me he is always number 1

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23 Tiffany Tiffany

Her voice is so sweet and kind

She's good. BUT SNSD NEEDS ALL members to be complete.

Her voice is really likeable a strong and a voice everybody likes she can make anyone like her voice is sweet but still strong enough sai a NATURALLY GOOD VOIC

24 Key (Shinee)

His voice is unique and special just like him. He does rap and sing so that should mean something. Means that he can both use his high and low tones pretty well this guy is amazing!

25 Shim Changmin

His voice is just so mesmerizing you would for him... And his screams are just one of a kind.. Furthermore, he's damn so good-looking! Lost for words to describe how awesome this charming man is...

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26 Luhan Luhan

Because luhan has a great voice

He caught my eyes the first time I saw him and I could recognise his voice in songs as it is so sweet...

Luhan is very talented and he has an impressive voice. LUHAN FIGHTING! SARANGHAE


27 Daehyun

A handsome guy with an angelic voice that can make a girl fall for him

His voice is so beautiful how can anyone not like it

Voice that makes you melt~

9 octave :)) he can hit hight note even thought he is a boy! With a great voice and angelic face who would hate him? Daehuynie is THE BEST. That's why he is a part of B.A. P! BEST. Apsolute. PERFECT!

28 IU

Ohmygosh she had a verry angelic with unique voice in singing

I fell inlove to all of Lee Ji Eun's (IU) voice. It is angelic and so charming. You can really feel the song. Plus, she writes her own songs. IU is just so adorable and talented and cute and pretty and charming. :) Saranghaeyo Ji-eun unnie! ♥ Hwaiting!

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29 Heo Young Saeng

OH my God! He's totally one of the best kpop vocalist who ever existed, honestly, each time listening to his voice,I find out more about his soft,though magnificent,powerful voice,I CAN'T stop myself from crying, his vocals make me emotionally burst! Though I love many other kpop vocals,but I absolutely think he's the one who plays with the hearts the most, listen to the song "connect the broken night",one of his amazing works,to approve what I said.

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30 Sooyoung Sooyoung

Sooyoung. The word is amazing. However, I STILL stick to Seohyun as first, but don't get me wrong! Beauty and talent is in the eye of the beholder, and SNSD needs all members to be complete. I'm sure they wish Sica queen would return.

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31 Choi Minho Choi Minho

Even though people say he can't sing well but during the battle between fx and shinee vs BAP and secret his high voice was strong!

32 Soyou V 1 Comment
33 Yeoseob

His voice is the best, no doubt about it

"His high note voice are superb"

He has a soft voice

Yoseob is the best

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34 Sunggyu

His solo album is great! Please check it out! Another me!

His voice is the best especially his high notes. Sung Gyu HWAITING!

35 Seohyun

She is the 2nd best singer in snsd...seo should be the 1st!

I just love her voice and I love her too

Seohyun is NOT the second best singer in SNSD. She is THE BEST singer. Seohyun is pretty too... And she totally rocked Party! Just because she is the maknae, doesn't mean she's worthless, haters. I love Seohyun!

I love her voice

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36 Kevin Woo

One of the best voices in U-Kiss. His soft angelic voice touched my heart at the incstinct I heard him sing. - shekibanaseri

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37 Taemin Taemin

Okay when it comes to singing, most people would not think of him because taemin leans more towards dancing. But you can't deny the fact that he greatly improves a lot! From having no lines in Replay to hitting a large high note in Everybody. His voice may not be as powerful as other talented vocalists and he doesn't have a large range compare to others but he has this raw glass voice that I can listen to all day, or maybe it's because I'm biased.

He's really improved a lot since SHINee's debut. If you've seen his performances on Immortal Song 2, you'd know what I mean. Not only is his voice very nice to listen to, he can sing well even when dancing.
Recently in 2013, he has many parts in Dream Girl, and especially in Why So Serious. He also had to cover some of Jonghyun's parts and it's especially difficult with the song's energetic and wild dance. He does it so well!
Taemin fighting!

You can't deny that Taemin really has improved so much since debut. I'm really looking forward towards him, I bet I won't be disappointed.

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38 Bae Suzy

Suzy's voice is angelic. And plus, she knows how to blend when singing with other stars unlike others who wanted to own the stage.

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39 Luna (f(x))

She should way above Park Bom she can't even produce any sort of even tone

How. The. Heck. Is. She. So. Low. On. This. List.

40 CL CL

How could I forget THE Baddest Female? Her voice is no joke! She's the queen! Not only does her rapping make me live again, but her voice is just pure talent. She can reach high notes, and- well she's just the queen.

CL is the one and only BADDEST FEMALE. PERIOD.

She was born to be on stage. She is a person who can blow you away with her rapping skills, and her voice is not a joke.
Unnie, fighting!

Seriously, people?
How could you ever forget about the QUEEN?
The one and only BADDEST FEMALE, CL!
How could she not be included in the top 10? -_____-
She has a unique voice, you know that!
She can do high notes and her voice can be melodious!
And get ready when she raps, cause ALL HELLS GONNA BREAK LOOSE! >____<

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