Kinds of List Items That People Keep Adding But No One Wants Them There

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"This TV show is terrible" items

Well if it's a list of worst T.V. shows - Martinglez

Items supporting something everyone finds cringe-worthy
Items supporting a video game console
Brony items
Items over-hyping a religion
Items on a jokes list that aren't funny at all

Like making an entire list based on a joke in title. They're unfunny and only get comments because a popular user created it and they just want to hop on the bandwagon.

Items going against opinion

You mean against the opinion of the list itself according to its very name? A universally hated character on a "best characters" list for example?

What does that mean, exactly?

Items with descriptions that tell how foolish humanity is
Items added by kids

What if they make sense? - 3DG20

Really? It would be ok if it was 7- or and other amount for age under 8 years old - mathguy37

Which would be...everything on TTT.

Teen sitcom items

The Contenders

Items with titles as long paragraphs
Troll items
Justin Bieber items

Ugh. True. - Misfire

The guy named LJJ207 keeps on adding him!

Some guy named LJJ207 adds him a lot

Items with strange images
Liv and Maddie items
Teletubbies items
Frozen items

"Frozen" ends up on overrated lists for years other than 2013 (which is when it came out) and overrated lists for things other than movies (an overrated video games list for example).

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