Top Ten Knitting Projects to Knit As Gifts

While not everyone appreciates the art of knitting, homemade gifts can often be the most meaningful and cherished. When you make a gift for someone, a piece of yourself is given along with the gift through sharing a talent, skill, or passion. Knitted gifts are not simply homemade; scarves, hats, gloves, and the like are generally useful as well.

Knit away, enjoying a leisurely pastime while thinking about the loved one who will soon be cozy-ing into your gift. Below is a list of the top ten projects to knit as gifts for your friends and loved ones.

The Top Ten

1 Beanie

Unless you live in a tropical climate, who doesn't love a beanie? Even then, slouchy beanies are all the rage even when the temperatures are high. With endless patterns to choose from, you never have to get bored making the same beanie over and over. - aFinch

2 Blanket

Small throws, larger blankets, baby blankets: all wonderful gifts. Choose a soft, cozy yarn and imagine the recipient all curled up. Find a quick-knit blanket, or take your time on a more involved pattern. There are even instructions out there for arm knitting! - aFinch

3 Cowl

Cowls are one of my favorite projects to knit. I like joining in the round and simply going round and round, watching the pattern emerge. A cowl is a nice alternative to a scarf, and the recipient might love the opportunity to try something new. - aFinch

4 Arm Warmers
5 Mug Cozy

Adorable and handy, a simple gift to keep hands from getting burnt while sipping a hot drink. - aFinch

6 Head Warmer

This is even a quicker knit up than a beanie, but still something to keep the head warm. This is likely a gift better appreciated by a female. - aFinch

7 Slippers
8 Scarf
9 Gloves

A pretty or handsome pair of gloves to keep my hands toasty? Why, thank you. Gloves knit up pretty quickly and are certainly a useful gift. - aFinch

10 Sweater

The Contenders

11 Socks

You can never have enough socks!

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