Top 10 Maknaes of Kpop Groups

Maknae is the youngest member in the one Kpop group, whether boy band or girl band. When the oldest member in group band will be the leader, the youngest member band will be loved by the other members.
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1 KYUHYUN - Super Junior Cho Kyu-hyun (born February 3, 1988) is a South Korean singer and actor. He is a member of the South Korean boy band Super Junior, its sub-groups, Super Junior-M and Super Junior-K.R.Y., and a former member of the South Korean ballad group S.M. The Ballad. He is one of the first four Korean artists to appear on Chinese postage stamps.

The best voice in K-Pop that I have ever heard, though his young, he shows so much passion, and every time he sings I don't care what the others say, it's just that damn soothing, he's best with ballad and yet he can do upbeat which is really cool. One more thing is that, he is bass but he has a really high voice at this point in time, he'll do even greater. Nonetheless, he's handsome.. I love both siwon and him, I'm a KyuWon/WonKyu fan.. It's okay if they'll end up together even if their both, males...

Kyuhyun isn't just loved by the girls; he also has a lot of male fans (you can see it in music shows and concerts)! He has a GREAT voice; a cool, funny and adorable personality; a prince-ly aura; a handsome face and a sharp tongue (which makes him evil - in a funny way).

Oh, Kyuhyun is just so awesome, no matter who is in the number one spot, I know Kyu is truly #1. His voice, his personality, his nerdy obsession with starcraft, everything about him makes him stand out. Also, he's very good with people and is respected by everyone in Super Junior. Kyuhyun fighting! (not that we need to fight for him)

2 Jungkook - BTS Jeon Jung kook was born in Busan, September 1 1997. His nationality is South Korean. HIs favorite number is 1. He is known as a South Korean idol singer, singer-songwriter, dancer, composer and producer. JK Favorite color is Red, Black, and White. He think express color of Hip Hop is Black and Red... read more

Jungkook is younger than most of the maknaes here, yet he manages to be the true Golden Maknae as he is lovable in many aspects.

Firstly, his personality is simply breathtaking. He is a passionate, hardworking, and dedicated young man. He's charming with his innocent naivety and initial shyness, but becomes the type of friend you dream of when you get close to him, like an already gorgeous flower gradually blooming into its full beauty. Our sweet Jungkook enjoys teasing his hyungs but deep inside he truly loves and cares for them, making him more fun to get to know and be with. He is a walking paradox of a cutie and a manly man who overflows with independence and individualism, but that doesn't stop him from wanting to help others.

Secondly, his talents are enough to make anyone jealous. Not only is he godly at singing, but he is stunning as a dancer as well! Not to mention his talents in rapping, playing the drums, shooting darts, memorization, drawing, and much, much more.

Of course, even though this isn't as important as the above mentioned, how could we forget his Adonis looks? Just look at his perfect face and try not to swoon! Even when he tries to make ugly faces he still manages to be our adorable, lovable, and beautiful Golden Maknae.

3 TAEMIN - Shinee

I love EXO but I can't deny Taemin his rightful place. I may be new to K-Pop but I know quality music when I hear it and excellent dancing skills when I see them."Why SO Serious" introduced me officially to SHINee I thought Taemin's solo parts were captivating, I was quite surprised that in a recent interview he said he had been once tone deaf. I would've never knew. I loved their dancing in that video but, I of course sought after SHINee music and scared but I watched Lucifer. The video was like WOW! That's great dancing! I keep searching on YouTube for more of them and well I'm a fan of SHINee now true, but his skill's are elite and I'd pick Taemin over Kai and that's kind of a bitter confession

Debuting before he was even 16, fans have really seen Lee Taemin from SHINee grow up, mature and improve in all aspects of being a performer.
He debuted as SHINee's main dancer and vocally wasn't at all strong - usually only getting a couple of lines per song. However he improved at such a quick pace that he got more and more lines until he's now seen as one of SHINee's main vocalists and has even released successful solo material!
Of course Taemin improved much more than just his vocals! When he first debuted, understandably he was a little shy in front of the cameras and not the best at articulating what he wanted to say but overtime he really grew out of his shell! Whilst sometimes still being the cute, awkward maknae, Taemin began to take a more active role in variety and really took to the role of being an idol and what that job entails.
He has become such a fully-fledged performer that it's hard not to be proud of him. He works super hard, is always courteous towards fans, has never had any major scandals and sincerely seems to love what he does. Fans have seen him grow from a boy into a hardworking, dependable young man.

4 Sehun - EXO-K Oh Se-hun, better known mononymously as Sehun, is a South Korean dancer, rapper, singer, model and actor. He is a member of the South Korean-Chinese boy group Exo and its sub-group Exo-K.

The fist time I saw him, I was starstruck, lovestruck, dumbfounded, I did not know that the universe is still moving. I was just watching twinkle when after the chorus, there were two tall boys walking from behind until they danced to the beat and smiled and saw this angel. I was "WHOA! Who is that guy with the white coat, is he an angel that descended from heaven? Who is he? " I really research about him because I did not know his name but I did not found the answer. In 2013, My classmate introduced EXO to me and I was "They're really talented buy I can't memorize their faces" so I research their profiles and there I found the love of my life, Sehun. I didn't even know that he was the handsome guy from twinkle until now. He really deserves to be part of top 10. His talent and cuteness doesn't even began to cover his epicness.

I really love the handsome Hun, Oh Sehun. I can't get him off my mind. Though my bias in EXO is and forever will be Luhan but ever heard of bias-wrecker, well Sehun definitely plays off well as my bias wrecked. He has wrecked me totally, outing all the other men out there to shame by his handsomeness. Sehun is legit talented, fight me if you disagree. He proved his worth in the ElyXiOn this year and his sinful body, hail Lord Sehun. You top, you sassy beast. I honestly am not able to digest the fact that this well build up sassy cutie is actually the maknae. I mean who would, where his puberty hit him so hard that the boy still grows handsome every year. I love you oh Sehun.


She is my ultimate kpop bias! Other people may think that this girl is plain and boring but to me she is not. Her innocence is what makes her stand out. She is very hardworking and disciplined. She plan her time well though I personally think that sometimes it is ok not be in plan, just be yourself and enjoy. She is beautiful inside out, she cares for others genuinely and is very mature. She is also smart and calm. Her dance is also improving nowadays. It seems like Seobaby had grown up to be Seolady, because she know how to charm guys now but she change for the good although I still miss the old introverted Seobaby. Whoever marries her is very lucky! Seohyun unnie, Hwaiting!

She is my favorite maknae of all time! She is the while package! She is smart, sweet, nice, well mannered, respectful, has a great voice, an awesome dancer, beautiful, great musician, and very loving and caring. She has a perfect body and a baby face which a lot of people are super jealous of. She is my favorite out of SNSD. She is my role model. She is not just my favorite maknae, she is my absolute favorite idol in the world. No One can ever replace her! She is the best!

6 SUZY - Miss A

Suzy is all the craze these days. She can act, is so cute and pretty, very popular amongst the guys, is very kind, polite, can dance and sing, and has a great voice. She was also chosen as the Nation's Younger Sister (replacing IU). She also went onto Healing Camp. She was one of the very first idols to go on there.

Suzy is the most talented maknae. People who says that she is only famous because of her looks are pure stupid. She is the MAIN VOCALIST and dance better than most of the other girl group members. Her personality is fun, kind, humble, tomboyish, hardworking. She is Sexy also very pretty. She is the best maknae!

I love her so much not because of her beauty but because of her natural way, she's natural even though her laugh is weird but its her real laugh and makes me smile! And I will be a Sueweetie for the rest of my life and continue loving and supporting her!

7 Ren - Nu'est

I believe that all maknae shave their own different charm. Kyuhyun has the evil but adorable dorky charm, taemin has the innocent honey-pie charm that makes him more like a teddy bear than a human, seohyun is the discipline maknae etc... But the reason why I chose Ren is because, he's just unique! When I first got introduced to nuest, my attention was all on Ren. He's so mysterious and smiles so little. He has that pouty lips that is just so captivating. He looks so cute even when he's face is so serious, but he smiles (rare), it's just so enchanting!

NU'EST hasn't been getting as much love as a lot of other rookie groups, but I think they have done very well, first with their strong and powerful images in Face and Action, and later showcasing their cute and fun side in Not Over You and Sandy. Successful. Ren in particular has a unique and feminine image but maintains the signature NU'EST intensity in both his dancing and his vocals.

8 Henry Lau - Super Junior M

Henry from Super Junior is uber talented. He even got his own solo song "Trap" which he rightfully deserves. He's a great singer, a great dancer, an awesome instrumentalist and composer, he plays numerous instruments, specifically piano and violin, with which he is awesome. Not to mention that he speaks English, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, and Cantonese fluently, along with Japanese and some Thai. He is also kind, humble, and hot! Henry hwaiting!

Henry Lau from Super junior is so talented. he Almost can do everything. Hen can sing, dance, play several intruments mostly on violin and piano. he can speak many different languages. He's so Smart. and he really had a kind and soft heart. he really deserves to have his own album like his Trap mini album. and deserves all his success. no worries that he is one of the most talented k-pop superstar in hallyu waves. :)) we the STRINGS and ELF's really Love HENRY LAU ♥ SARANGHAEYO OPPA!

9 SEUNGRI - Big Bang

Seungri is so charismatic and engaging. His efforts to learn the language of wherever it is that Big Bang may be performing to be able to connect to his fans better is very noteworthy. His hard work and youthful charm makes him very endearing. Seeing all the hard work he puts into everything he is envolved with is absolutely inspiring and impressive. He doesn't take himself too seriously and yet takes his work very seriously. When the camera is rolling he speaks to his fans through the camera lens as if he is speaking to the face to face. He does not waste a second in assuring time spent tuning in is of the utmost entertainment value and leaves one craving more of whatever he is envolved with. He has such an infectious personality one cannot help but be drawn in. The sky is the limit for this maknae that even with a full schedule continues his educational endeavors at university and independently seeking knowledge especially that of languages.

10 Luhan - EXO M Lu Han is a Chinese singer and actor. He was a member, known as Luhan, of the South Korean-Chinese boy group EXO and its sub-group EXO-M, before leaving the group in October 2014.

Xi luhan is so cute to me and also the most cute at exo. His baby face is erh I fell don't know how to explain.. It feel so relaks to see it... He is like and angel at exo I like him the most fighting xi luhan

Boi, he not even a maknae, he not even in the band anynmore. Like sure he can be his own maknae in his solo and oldest member, but that just doesn't make sense. All of you need to check your facts.

Luhan is very funny, mischievious and very handsome. He can sing and dance and look cool and handsome at the same time!

The Contenders

Shim Changmin is unbelievably talented, vastly intelligent, uniquely attractive, & stupid tall. He has always been himself. Whether that's shy, embarrassed, pensive, sarcastic, stubborn or downright cold. He never tries to mask how he really feels in a situation. And yet he can remain respectful & professional.
All these other "Evil Maknaes, " a flavor that fans seem to enjoy the most, are just copies. Max was THE original Rebellious Youngster for his generation and beyond. He gave maknaes a voice to complain about their annoying group members in the safety of a crowded variety show. He gave them the right to stand a head taller than their hyungs & unnies. The right to say "NO" to aegyo & hyper active personalities. He gave a face to all the introverts, nerds, & cynics. Proving that folks like this aren't just bizarre side characters in a drama, but real people capable of achievement & admiration.

12 Minho - SHINee

Minho such a good. He is tall and good looking.. Ithink everyone will fal in love after see minho... I hope minho can be more talented at the next time

13 Amber - f(x)

Dude I love Amber. She makes me question my sexuality sometimes... Seriously though Amber is the bomb. Her interactions with Ailee and Eric Nam give me life. Her hair gives me life. Basically Amber gives me life.

She's really great!
She can dance.
She can sing
She can rap.
She can dance.
She's perfect.
And her boyish look also adds to her charms.

I just love Amber, definitely because of her style and amazing personality.

14 Kim Hyung Jun - SS501

He may not the most popular maknae these days.. But he's one of the personality which fits the term maknae/baby definition so perfectly through his natural acts and physical appearance on/off screen. Even his actual real friends and people around him tends to called him baby Jun. A true maknae in real life indeed but an awesome one too.. Amazing live singing voice, flawless skin, notable acting skill, natural talent of a radio DJ/T.V. host, good sportmanship, treat fans nicely and sweet, a good business man... Simply loved by everyone around him...

Best vocals, best dancing, best in everything our Kim hyung jun oppa. Multi ytalented and has all the qualities that a Maknae should have.I first started loving SS501 after knowing Khj from playful kiss. I searched about him and it said 'Leader of SS501' I saw all of them. After watching concerts and video songs Jun is the best
For me 2 super maknaes are Jun and kyuhyun ( super junior )
I also watched his solo concerts. He does so dedicated and with hardworking. Both can be seen on his face. He is not so popular though :( he deserves to be in top 5

15 Dongwoon - B2ST

Dongwoon is super talented, funny, entertaining, sweet and has a great personality. His voice is so distinct and full and not everyone realized what an amazing singer he is because he is in the same group as Yoseob. But I can tell he really looks up to his hyungs. His piano playing skills are amazing and he may not be the best dancer of the group, but who needs to dance when you can belt like him! Dongwoon is also one of the most handsome people I have ever laid eyes on. He is sweet to fans, always accepting their gifts and letters at the airport, and he is caring and... I just love him. Dongwoon is amazing.

He is cute and adorable in his own little ways, but as we all know he is also very mature and looks like it.
He also looks western and I think that's what makes him look mature.
He has a amazing voice and is just the b2st!
Sorry I can't explain him words.

Dongwoon is really doing his part as a maknae for his hyungs, even though he is in pain, he still show his cheerful side for his hyungs. And also he can make us all laugh for his funny acts or sometimes at his corny jokes. He is also taking care of his fans. That's what I love from Dongwoon.

16 MINZY - 2NE1

She's one of the most talented Maknae's in k-pop today. From the start, she was confident, graceful, talented, mature, and brave, showing every one that just because she's young doesn't mean she has to stand in the background of the group. She's one of those starlets that has yet to show her full potential. We all need to watch out for the young one, cause she's shooting straight to the top!

Minzy should be at least in top 10 because... Man this girl is awesome. She is the main dancer in 2NE1 and of course she can dance in the same level as maybe GG Hyoyeon... Then she can rap and sings. She can sing very well for a dancer because her voice is stable. She has so many talents from painting, play piano and she is more than triple thread...

Minzy is very respectful to her seniors. She's also very talented and for someone who started at a very young age in Show Business, she had already accomplished a lot.

17 Krystal - f(x)

She is so talented, very pretty and she is so charismatic. She has a sexy charm plus mature and make many heary melted. Kim hyun joong, junho (2pm), cnu (b1a4), kwanghee (zea), lee jong suk (high kick partner), you kiss leader (I don't eemember his name, sorry) they all like krystal and I'm just shock knowing that kim hyun joong, one of the most powerful singer in korea even fall for her charm. She is unique because she don't have to be pampered by her conpany like suzy (miss a) to have

The REAL maknae of f (x) and the whole SM entertainment combined.

She might not be the typical maknae that everyone is looking for because the image of this girl is not "cutesy" like Sulli.

But I think she is the best... She have it all... Powerful vocal, great dance move, flawless visual and insane sportmanship.

You name it... Krystal Jung has it.

She's really good at all! I like it when she sing it feels like I'm in heaven. For me Krystal of f(x) is the best. And her fashion sense she had a taste in fashion all she wear is suit to her! And of course gorgeous...


Chansung is such a sweetheart. He is kind, follows his hyungs well and has a really good sense of humor. Plus his talents are under appreciated! Not everyone knows what a great dancer he is because he is outshone by Wooyoung and Junho and he can sing and rap, too. He is derpy and fail a lot of times but Chansung has such a great and caring personality. Really, really a sweetheart.

"The old maknae" Yet he is muscular as hell and looks the oldest- like looks mature and looks so hot. What? Lol Wooyoung is the visual maknae... But he has his reverse charms that make you fall for the bumbling dork that is hilarious and cute! And his voice does stand out, and him being so affectionate to his members soothes me... And his rapping is really needed- otherwise we would only have Taec! We can't overload him with work, he needs to rest and have fun onstage

He is a really strong and athletic man who is not only funny but also really cute and approachable. You should watch some 2pm variety shows such as wild bunny and 2PM SHOW to see how awesome he is!

19 Zelo - B.A.P Choi Jun-hong better known by his stage name Zelo, is a South Korean rapper, dancer, singer and beatboxer.

Does anyone ever wonder exactly HOW this shy, let-the-hyungs-do-the-talking maknae could turn into a such a fiery, badass rapper on stage? This is what's so unique about him! His talent is simply undeniable, and the most important thing is, he's got style. I have been a fan of B.A.P for more than a year, and this is because I fell in love with the fact that they amaze me not because of their looks, but of their talent and music! I am proud of Zelo and B.A.P, and it seems only yesterday that they were still promoting Warrior and now they've all grown up and becoming worldwide. Baby, forever.

He's just amazing! He's only one year older than me and yet has managed to get to this point. Every time I see him on stage I understand that this is his place, the place where he belongs, he worked really hard to get there. Maybe he's not the best maknae but you can't deny how talented he is and how much he still has to give. You're growing so quickly but you are still the same sweet and adorable maknae... Thank you Zelo

20 Jiyeon - T-ara

Jiyeon is the most beautiful girl in the world.
Without it, she is really good in dance, sing, acting!
Also, although she looks cool with face, she is really cute and real!
You can see a programme call heros, she is cute in it
I hated Korea in the past. Jiyeon is my first lover!

Although jiyeon are no longer the youngest of the t-ara, but jiyeon are very talented and beautiful... If the t-ara not add new members, you are forever the youngest of the beautiful talent worth love the t-ara
.. Those who love her, please vote.. Here is your gift for her youngest darling of t-a

She is very talented and beautiful. She improved in signing very much, even k-netizens say that, her dancing is perfect and her visual isn't joke. Jiyeon is my first bias (UB) and T-ara is my first k-pop group. I know T-ara through Jiyeon. If not she, I won't be in K-POP.

21 Dongho - U-Kiss

Dongho is a person that can do anything to acheive his dreams 'in a good way of course'!
He's caracterised by his hard work, being so cool and amazing to his fans that he treats like friends, Being multitalented ( baseball, golf, photography, aegyo prince, drums, smartness) and he's only started with ukiss when he was 14 years old and he's know also by being TOTALLY cute yet his hotness cannot be hidden! He's got it all!

Dongho is the most hard working in the group. He has appeared on a lot of T.V. shows since the group has start in 2008 and has not stop working hard. Dongho has also develop as a singer and rapper of u-kiss since his debut. To achieve what he has has shown what this young man has become.

Dongho, all my money to this cute magknae, why he must win? Because his strong opinion, hardworking spirit, and mature personality, even though he is the youngest in UKISS, he acts like the oldest from time to time and that is so funny to watch

22 G-Dragon - Big Bang

He is a very, very intelligent young man. he has a great business and artistic sense. He is handsome and real, he doesn't pretend to be anyone but himself. He is BigBang!

His style voice fashion He's him self. He is everything a girl would look for

He is creative and good


He's probably the hardest worker in MBLAQ because he feels a need to prove himself to both his fans and his hyungs. He kind, give Joon a run for his money with his looks, and is always setting the atmosphere at talk shows. In many ways, he's like the heart of the group. MBLAQ couldn't have had a better maknae.

What to say? He' s really the maknae that I love the most- but, why mir? Why are you so very far older than me. I want to be your noona so badly - laugh out loud this cute maknae raps well with his husky voice *faint* and seems like the other member of mblaq truly treating him like the baby of the group - how sweet *-*

He's a maknae who loves his hyungs so much. You can see it by how he's so spoiled yet always bullied all the time, especially by Seungho. He's a maknae in his group and in his family and he's basically the definition of maknae. And one of the best if not the best rapper

24 Tao - EXO-M

Tao is hands down my ultimate bias. He's so kind (as showcased in Exo's Showtime), he's not afraid to let out his feelings and cry (can I just add that I think it is so attractive when guys aren't afraid to cry), he's so different offstage (he's scared of ghosts lol), he's dedicated and hardworking, he's hilarious, he makes dark circles work, he's a sexy panda, he's amazing at rapping, his laugh ( I can't even describe it), he can pull off any hairstyle, he's got a great sense of style, he's gorgeous, he does WUSHU and can flip, the list goes on... But Tao is so underrated. He's always the last favorite member on other peoples' lists but he'll always be no. 1 in my heart!

To be honest, I miss this child a lot. He was funny, quiet, and entertaining. He could rap, dance, sing, and does wushu. He's so beautiful and his style is great. He and suhos mother and son realtionship was so cute. He was really underrated but I loved him. And I miss the Child and I wish him the best. Love you panda.

25 Jung Yong-Hwa - CNblue

Best of the Best!

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