Top 10 Laptops of 2014

In this article we will give you an overview of the best laptops in the market. Some of them have great performance capabilities, amazing battery life, eye catching graphics and much more. So if you plan to buy a new laptop, here is an overview of the top 10 laptops in the market.
The Top Ten
1 Surface Pro 3

Surface tablet is amazing experience

It may count as a tablet but it has pc windows 8 so you can play wow or Minecraft pc on it,

2 Apple Mac Book Air

It is quite lightweight that is only 3 pounds. The display is 13.3 inches. The graphics are good and so is the battery life. In short it is a good portable laptop that you can carry with yourself all day without even feeling the burden. The laptop costs 1200$ approximately.

3 Lenovo ThinkPad T440s

These laptops are famous for their good performance. This laptop has a 14 inches display. The display is touch screen with great pixel quality that is 1920 x 1080-pixel. The battery is also great that is 14 hours adding to its remarkable qualities. The laptop costs 1100$ approximately.

4 Dell XPS 12

This is a hybrid laptop and is the best one of its kind in the market. By hybrid we mean the laptop is a tablet as well as a laptop. The display is 1080p. the battery life is good enough that is 9 hours. The touch pad is large and comfortable to use. The laptop costs 799$ approximately.

5 Lenovo ThinkPad X240

One of the common issues that we have regarding our laptops is the battery life. We often complain that the battery does not last longer as it should and this disrupts our work especially if we have to work on our laptop 24/7. This laptop will offer you the best battery life. The battery lasts for more than 20 hours. The display is a 1080p touch screen that makes it an awesome experience for the person using this laptop. The laptop costs 860$ approximately.

6 Mac Book Pro

People have craze for the mac book by apple. Whenever a new one comes in the market it is faced with potentially thousands and thousands of buyers all around the world. The mac book pro is a 13 inch having retina display. The picture quality that is display is amazing. It is powered by Intel core i5 processor-talking about its weight; it is 3.46 pounds that makes it quite light. The battery is strong and lasts for 9.5 hours. The laptop costs 1299$ approximately.

7 HP Spectre 13t

Ever since Hp has released its ultrabok people have gone crazy for the amazingly sleek and smart design. The performance is awesome as its powered by the Intel core i5 processor. The battery life is 9 hours which is good enough. The design is slim and aluminum built. The laptop costs 999$ approximately.

8 Alienware 17

If you want a laptop for gaming and you have this extreme craze for gaming then you should go for this one. It has the fastest processor that is Intel core i7 which is amazing in its performance giving you the best experience in gaming of your life. The audio, video and design are also amazing. The laptop costs 1500$ approximately.

9 Acer Aspire E1-572-510P

It is a notebook with a touch screen interface to provide you an amazing experience. The display is 15 inches. It has a quad core processor and the battery life is approximately 5.5 hours. It is a little less as compared to the other laptops that we mentioned before. The laptop costs 450$ approximately.

10 Lenovo IdeaPad U430 Touch

It is a light weight laptop and is quite touch friendly. You will have the most comfortable experience while using it. it is 14 inches in display. The weight of the laptop is merely 4 pounds making it the lightest amongst many others in the market. The battery life is 8 hours which is fairly good. The laptop costs 630$ approximately.

The Contenders
11 Dell XPS 15

The display is HD 3200 x 1800 pixels. The design is impressive. The battery life is 7 hours. The laptop costs 1500$ approximately.

12 HP Pavilion x360 13
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