Top 10 Features and Things from Other Legend of Zelda Games that Should Have Been Included in Breath of the Wild

In other words, what could have been if this game had been powered by something on the PlayStation 4's level.
The Top Ten
1 The proper full-sized dungeons from all of the other 3D Zeldas

No, this doesn't just mean straight HD remakes of all of the Adult dungeons from Ocarina either

(well, except for the two mentioned below)

2 The present-to-past time travel from Oracle of Ages

So that you could see what Hyrule looked like back when the apocalypse was merely beginning rather than ongoing

3 A soundtrack at least half as good as the ones in Ocarina of Time and Link to The Past

Probably the third most common complaint about this game, and I'm more than inclined to agree

4 The season system from Oracle of Seasons

Though I'm not sure how it would work out for the snow and desert areas, it would still be awesome regardless

5 The battle music and attack sound effects from Wind Waker

Would be especially fitting for when Link battles the Yiga Clan ninjas

6 The Edgar-Allan-Poe-esque atmosphere of Majora's Mask

Again, would be perfectly fitting for the post-apocalyptic survival game that this one technically is

7 The Forest and Spirit Temples from Ocarina of Time

Only severely dilapidated and heavily rearranged to make them even creepier (also with their old music still intact)

8 The shrinking mechanic from Minish Cap

This would have been so cool! It should've totally become a Zelda thing in general! I read an article talking about how it was almost added, and literally cried over it. Why not bring it back? I've always thought it's a cool power, so at least give it to another character or something. (If Mipha had survived I'd say give it to her to prevent tall Mipha)

Now (hopefully) with the classic "sneaking inside brain via ear canal" cliche that Minish Cap proper sorely lacked due to a combination of cartridge limitations and Nintendo itself clearly not sharing this extremely bizarre fetish of mine
Seriously, just imagine being able to do this to unsuspecting Moblins and Bokoblins and then use it to seize control over them during combat (with the main balancing factor between the two enemy types being that the generally more powerful Moblins are also way slower as well as much more difficult to sneak inside the ears of due to having way smaller hearing funnels combined with far stronger hearing senses, much worse aural hygiene and considerably taller body heights)

9 Straight remastering of the art style from Twilight Princess

When will Nintendo learn that it really doesn't NEED to change between art styles as frequently as it does?
If this game is supposed to be a (relatively) realistic depiction of Zelda, then it definitely should have boasted the visuals to match (not that the actual graphics of the game are bad or anything, just hugely disappointing)

10 The Ocarina Trilogy incarnations of Iron Knuckles and Darknuts

Hopefully with less stupid AI, higher durability and faster movement speeds if nothing else

The Contenders
11 The Gale Boomerang

We got the Sea-Breeze Boomerang from Wind Waker but not the Gale Boomerang? Someone explain that to me.

12 Deku Scrubs

About a year ago, I loved these critters! I wish they were in BOTW.
- TheDuttyGyal

13 The ocean exploration from Wind Waker
14 Dark Link from Adventure of Link and Ocarina of Time
15 Tingle from Majora's Mask
16 Deku Princess as Deku Queen
17 The Original Theme Song from NES Zelda and Link’s Awakening
18 The Octoroks from NES Zelda and Ocarina of Time
19 The Stalfos, Redeads and Poes from Ocarina of Time
20 The lock-on sound effect from Ocarina of Time
21 Skeleton Link from Twilight Princess
22 Weapon Mastery
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