Top Ten Lists on TheTopTens of 2018

Let's hope this community improves this year, and more importantly, a year of this site's reputation is more determined by the lists made this year. Let us see what has been made this year of 2018

The Top Ten

1 Top Ten People Who Should Not Run in the 2020 United States Presidential Race
2 Top 10 People and Things Kanye West Has Compared Himself To
3 Top 10 Most Anticipated Disney Movies of 2018

I love seeing when a quality list gets this successful, and I do hope 2018 - SpectralOwl

4 Worst Twitch Streamers

Twitch is a considerable alternative to YT. There are some enjoyable streams, but there are some people who make downright bad content - SpectralOwl

5 Top Ten Most Needed Wilderness Survival Skills
6 Top Ten Fictional Christmas Haters

Even though this was made late after Xmas, It still made a list that got some attention - SpectralOwl

7 Worst Tom Hanks Movies

Suasagelover managed to put the word worst, and Tom hanks in the same sentence. That is impressive in a way - SpectralOwl

SpectralOwl if you read the listings it's easy to say that Sausageloser69 is one of the worst TTT users. - SoldierOfFortune

8 Most Unfair Weapons in Splatoon 2
9 Top Ten Funny Insulting Names for Songs

I love humorous lists like these. This list should get more attention. - SpectralOwl

10 Top Ten Books on Hunting

The Contenders

11 Top 10 People Who Should Get Executed
12 Top 10 Child Prodigies of All Time
13 Best Nintendo Consoles of the 21st Century
14 Best Animated Movies of 2018
15 Top 10 Video Game Songs to Play at Certain Sections and Areas of Undertale
16 Top 10 Immediate Signs You Might Be a Douche
17 Top 10 Worst Commercials of All Time
18 Top 10 Dark Songs that Best Describe God

The best list I've ever made!

19 Top 10 Quotes from Parappa The Rapper/Um Jammer Lammy Songs
20 Top 10 Worst Childhood Ages to Use the Internet
21 Top 10 Reasons to Give Up Faith in God in 2018
22 Funniest Slogan Fails
23 Top 10 Reasons to Appreciate Marilyn Manson
24 Top 10 Worst Double Standards
25 Top 10 Most Evil Demons
26 Top 10 Reasons to Hate Kinder Surprise
27 Top 10 Possible Reasons Why Jesus Christ Hasn't Returned Yet
28 Top 10 Reasons to Hate the Book of Job
29 Top 10 Similarities Between Jesus and Horus
30 Top 10 Ways We Can Improve Ourselves as Individuals
31 Top 10 Positive Autism Stereotypes
32 Worst Arguments Made by Gen-18 Users
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