My Top Ten Wishlist for Nintendo Switch Games

This is a mixture of game series that exist and potential games that don't exist (as of yet) but I wish they did. This is my opinion but you can also include whatever you want.
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The Top Ten
1 A game with the Mario girls as the protagonists.

I would LOVE to see a feminine equivalent of the either the NSMB, Mario & Luigi, Super Princess Peach 2, or even a New Super Mario World equivalent but with the girls being the stars this time. The guys can join too as unlock-ables but I'd love a story about Peach, Pauline, Rosalina, Daisy, and even Toadette and Birdo as the central figures. - SweetBasil

What about Tiara?

This is a very good idea.

Super Princess Peach BOMBED. - MarioBros11

2 The return of the Wario Land series

With the Metroid series returning to the Switch (or the 3ds if you consider the remake) it could be a good sign for older series to return. Wario hasn't had a Wario Land game in nearly ten years. I think a Wario Land game would be appreciated by his fans as well. - SweetBasil

3 A 3D Donkey Kong or a 3rd DKC game.

Donkey Kong's last game was Tropical Freeze and it had an ending that definitely fits in for a potential sequel. I think having a third DKC would be good, but another 3D DK would be incredible if done right. DK64 has been his only true 3d platformer and while it's controversial I think there's still potential. - SweetBasil

4 Bayonetta 3

I loved the Bayonetta games, and I feel like there's a lot of potential for a third game. Since Bayonetta always gets different looks because of her sassy personality I wonder what new fabulous look she would get. - SweetBasil

5 A racing game besides Mario Kart

I wouldn't mind Mario Kart 9 in fact I would love one, it's on my wishlist too. However I do miss there being other racing games along with Mario Kart. In the Wii U there was Sonic All-Stars racing but I'd love a first party racing game maybe it could be Nintendo All-Stars racing and thus differentiating between the Mario Kart series. Or even F-Zero could return too, a lot of fans seem to suggest this. - SweetBasil

6 A Kid Icarus sequel

Kid Icarus Uprising had a lot of charm, I would love a fourth Kid Icarus game I don't care if it's like the older games or like Uprising I just want more Kid Icarus presence. - SweetBasil

Yes there is literally three games - MarioBros11

7 Luigi's Mansion 3

Ok this is the last Mario-related game I'll put on my list but I think it would be incredible to give him a sequel. Even Daisy or Waluigi could potentially appear in this game which would make it even more interesting. - SweetBasil

8 A cool Animal Crossing Spin off

I'm confident Animal Crossing is coming, but I'd love to see a decent spin off for the series. Maybe it's own (cutesy) rpg or it's own racing game. It could even be DLC for the main game to give it more depth too. - SweetBasil

9 A futuristic game

It could be any series, even Starfox lol. I guess Xenoblade sort of counts but I'd like something that distances itself from Swords and magic, while remaining vibrant and colorful. - SweetBasil

10 A game that gives an outlier character the protagonist role.

Back during Smash Brawl Pit made his return to gaming, several years after he got his own game. I think it would be cool if someone like the Ice Climbers, Game & Watch, or RoB got their own game too it could even be a small budget one. - SweetBasil