Top 10 Most Sus Colours In Among US

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The Top Ten
1 Red

*No evidence on who is imposter*
Someone: Vote Red
Red: Why me?
Someone: I don't know just do it

Red is really sus. It looks sus.

“Red sus”
“Red sus” “Red sus”
“Red sus” “Red sus” “Red sus”

2 Cyan

This color always being an impostor so very very sus then

Looks so sus. Plus, I hate the colour, its too bright for me

3 Black

I'm always black, with a knight helm

shut up black is never sus

4 White

For some reason It's always! White!

lol I'm white and impostor right now... the other one is red...

5 Purple

The astronaut behind the slaughter

6 Orange
7 Lime
8 Blue
9 Yellow
10 Pink

I like pink pink is never sus