Top Branches of Physics

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The Top Ten
1 Quantum

Quantum Physics or Quantum Engineering is the brightest future for Physics the way things seem to here. The particles, everything inside or outside with the smartest tools and equations to help practically pin point most things of want or value. It should be fair and cool.

2 Nuclear

The ever discussion nuclear what to do with that much power of destruction and other loops.

3 Relativity

Einstein is all of relativity as things approach each other and yeah E=mc squared.

4 Statics

This Statics branch studies objects at rest, what to do with them and how to comprehend something that never develops in visual perhaps even why it does not.

5 Astronomy

The findings in the deep reaches of space has been with Physics since ancient times trying to grasp that beyond and place it as a finer view for future results of those.

6 Dynamics

Study branch of Physics about things in motion such as bicycles, cars, pedestrians or even craft that might seem out of science fiction program.

7 Electromagnetic

The electric physics has uses however it can be drastic or dangerous without the proper equipment.

8 Waves

All sorts of waves for physics to describe such as sawtooth, square and other forms these might be.

9 Nature

Physics can be use to help comprehend life with no technology present.

10 Optical

The lenses and reflections to see something is not altogether for monetary gain.