Best Naruto Couples

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1 ObiRin

Even though Obito turned bad, his love for Rin never changed, Obito really loved Rin because she cared for him, but Rin has a crush on Kakashi, but Kakashi doesn't like her back, another Team 7 love triangle.

So cool! Just glad they're reunited in the afterlife.

Best ship ever!

I don't think Rin like Kakashi that much. Her actions are confusing and sometimes teasing whenever she and Obito were together. I find KakaRin boring as they don't have chemistry at all. It looks like she was just his older sister and there's a big difference between their ages. But of course her crush on him is just pretty normal for a girl. It was never certain it will developed into something else knowing that Kakashi duscouraged her and let's just be totally honest she was REJECTED and therefore the officially FRIENDZONED one of the Team Minato. I never even read which manga chapter did she ever friendzoned Obito when it's clear as day that she got turned down there in Kannabi Bridge mission. So, no I prefer the ObiRin pairing. They were even reunited in afterlife. I take it that she must have felt something for him after watching him for like 17 years. ObiRin is canon.

2 ItaIzu

Izumi appeared as a little girl with little Itachi in a series of episodes about Itachi's past, Izumi obviously has a crush on Itachi, and you can see that Itachi cares for Izumi too. It's really sad that both Itachi and Izumi died and never had a chance to become canon.

3 YahiKonan

They obviously cared for each other, when Nagato had to choose who to save, they both told Nagato to abandon themselves and save the other, there was also a scene where it showed them leaning closer to each other, but its not known for us if they did kiss or not, it's sad that they both died.

4 SasuNaru

They had two kisses and are, you can't exactly say they are cute, but they are kind of cute.

5 NejiTen

Although this is not canon, because Neji sadly died, it is really popular among the fans, because many people thought that if Neji died, TenTen would marry Lee, but she didn't, maybe it's because she enjoys being single, but most likely it's because of her love for Neji.

6 Sasusaku

They are not exactly very cute because of Sakura's annoying fangirl behavior when they were young. But as they grew older, they didn't have much hints due to Sasuke going away, but in Boruto, they did have some moments.

7 UtaHota

This couple is really cute, it's a shame that Utakata died, but we never knew where Hotaru went. This ship is a filler ship, but you can see how much they cared for each other.

8 ShikaTema

The couple started out as rivals, so who would've thought they would turn out as lovers?

9 JiraTsuna

This ship is not canon, and it probably never will because of Tsunade's love for Dan, it's really sad, because you can see Jiraya's love for Tsunade is far more than a little crush, but as you can see, Tsunade never realized that.

10 BoruSara

They had many little moments, and you can see that they both like each other even though there are only about 100 episodes in the anime.