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41 Kim Ryeowook - Super Junior Kim Ryeowook - Super Junior Kim R yeowook (29), better known by the mononym Ryeowook . He is a South Korean Singer, Actor and Musical Actor . more.

He's the best among every maknaes.. very good looking and not just in physical aspect. Aside from he's great voice and awesome talent. He also have a very good and sweet humble heart. Your number one from us here in ph ryeowook. #1 in my heart. Whatever happens I stick to you ♥♥♥

42 Minhwan - FT Island

His aegyo is killing me! Very very very cute maknae. Can't tell much about him, you must see him by yourself! His drum talent is awesome! I love him and I love to drum

He's so adorable like his other hyungs :)) His aegyo is definitely cute.

He is talented. VERY TALENTED :))
And he gets along with others :))

I love him he so cute and I just want to be her girlfriend (just kidding primm) but I still love him so cute

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43 Park Dara - 2NE1

She is awesome and a girl who has natural beauty and humble

Dara is very very naughty girl beautiful for me she is the most beautiful female k-pop even 30 much she still admire her as I

Minzy is the maknae of 2NE1... Not Dara haha. Dara is still lovely and amazing though~ DARA UNNIE HWAITING!

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44 Kim Dong-jun - ZE:A

People probably forgot but he's main vocal, dancer, and extremely athletic as shown in the idol olympics

He is so talented gymnastics, sports, singing, dancing, acting, broadway, etc. His smile gets me every time so bright looks warm and lovely. Nice body likes to keep in shape and the strongest out of his members, he treats his fans well always reaching out to them and trying to stay as long as he could. He is truly the best! ^^

ZE:A is so underrated and so is Dongjun! He's epically gorgeous and talented and sweet

He is the most handsome maknae ever. He is so cute and always take care of his hyungs.

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45 Hyeri - Girl's Day

She is so talented and beautiful

She is the cutest person and have the prettiest personality I have ever seen... I hope I can meet her one day although my country is far from her

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46 HYERIM - Wonder Girls
47 Soyou - Sistar

Please keep on voting Soyou unnie! She's a good dancer and singer :)
As well she's too pretty

She's not as great as Hyolin in singing,
She can't dance as great as Bora,
But she's equally pretty and talented in many ways.
People respect her for not trying to copy Bora or Hyolin, which is good.
She has a great smile too and can dance occassionally in choreography~

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48 Chunji - Teen Top Chunji - Teen Top V 1 Comment
49 Changjo - Teen Top

Changjo is the one who changed the most among the members of Teen Top and it's not for the worst, mind you. His dancing ability, already being one of the best, is rapidly growing and improving. He has been getting more parts in Teen Top songs which shows his ability for singing getting better and better. He has grown very cute and hot, too. It's like every time you see him, he gets more handsome. He has a great personality and is very fun especially when he is with his hyungs. Love yah Changjo!

He's the dancing boy... In his young age you can definitely say that his awesome... Just watch the performance version of to you... He dance one part and definitely we got "WOW" and "AWESOME" reaction...

Changjo is so adorably boyish, he's like a dancing teddy bear you will never own. He's so perfect in every possible way that it hurts. Like honestly? No one should be that beautiful and talented

Omo changjo you so cute and handsome... You are the best ever.. Your sweet voice.. Arhhh I feel like like a
I'm a ice cubes that melting and did not became the ice cbes again forever always melting

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50 CL - 2NE1 CL - 2NE1 V 4 Comments
51 Myongji - Tiny-G
52 Bambam - GOT7

BamBam's chill left this world. He dabs and whips all over the place, but we still love him. He's adorable and I love him to death. He grew up so fast. We love him a lot.

Bambam is amazing I love him so much he is 18 young funny alwas cute and nice. he smiles a lot! I love him so much!

Bambam is not the maknae of Got7. Yugyeom is the Maknae but I love bambam. At first, I also thought that Bambam is the maknae but he's not.

Bambam was just so CUTE!

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53 P.O. - Block B

He looks and sounds like a sexy man, but acts like a baby

He is acting very cute
But when he sings ohh... He have this sexy deep husky voice

P.O. is such a hyung maknae on stage and offstage he's a little boy. I love it. His voice.

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54 Daehyun - B.A.P

Cute, with a honey voice. Although some people says that he is too straight forward, I think that is just his personality

I love him. he is my idoll. he so handsome and voice is wonder. when I heard his voice I am have a fresh feeling. from : Even Chen Hour

Super handsome. Noticed him from the very first MV of B.A.P I watched. Has a wide vocal range but he sometimes strains his voice. All in all, you are still my Busan Wonbin.

I love him From: Cherry ann

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55 Lee Taemin - SHINee V 1 Comment
56 Lime - Hello Venus

One of the best female rapper in Korea
She is talented
She is the main rapper in her band
She is the main rapper in her band
Cool and awesome
She is cute, but sometimes she doesn't fit in her cutie band, cause she is really cool when she rapping

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57 Shin Won Ho - Cross Gene
58 Kang Jiyoung - Kara

The cute giant baby..
No word can describe how cute and adorable are you!

The cutest maknae in the world. I hope will I can meet her someday :D

Cute whatever she does! Kang Jiyoung has aegyo, and really young, cute, funny, yet pretty and sexy! ~~~

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59 Tzuyu - Twice

She's gone through too much especially when she's just debuted for 3 months
Stay strong Tzuyu

Lovely and talented, Tzuyu has shown much improvment so far.

Long leg the best


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60 Dino - Seventeen

He was so mature and really talented this boy can do anything dance, rap, doing variety. I'm really glad this kid is getting more recognition go go Lee Chan

Dino is cute and sooo adorable. His Michael Jackson girl group dance is just perfect and cute

Dino is in the same line as me, and I think he's very charismatic on stage, his aura doesn't lose to Hoshi's!

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