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101 Zico - Block B

Zii-ah-ko! P
Man I love this mofo! He's adorable, no matter what any of y'all say, specially in "Freeze! " :) It's cute that he has a thing for Hello Kitty. :P

102 Chanyeol - Exo

Chanyeol is known for his ears. There so adorable and you wouldn't think that's he's a rapper. He loves to hang around with the group and is a very happy person. Keep it up Chanyeol!

Chanyeol he is funny he is a great guy I love his raps he is so funny I love him he's my dork

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103 Victoria - f(x)
104 Oh Ha-young - Apink
105 Kim Yugyeom - GOT7

Yugyeom is the Maknae of Got7. He maybe the youngest, but he's the tallest of the group. He loves to play with the other members and enjoys their company. He also gets bullied a lot by Jr, but that's how they show each other love.

What can I say? He may be the tallest, but he's like a teddy bear! He's adorable~!

106 Romeo - Kangmin

He's so cute! And he has the most adorable dimples!

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