Top 10 Malayalam Actresses of 21st Century

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41 Vidya Unni
42 Niveda Thomas

She is beautiful, yong and talented actress and also his determination and acting skills pay theway for success in his carrier

Young, beautiful, tslented and she also be played more glamorous in futute

43 Priyamani

She is very talented and hottest actress, ever seen

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44 Malavika Menon

She's getting there, slowly but surely. Her acting and dancing are improving day by day. She'll surely reach the top one day in the Malayalam film industry. She's amazing! Prem Keshappa from Toronto, Canada.

She got a very beautiful eyes which can't match with the beauty of entire world...she is the angel of my hearts.

45 Archana Kavi
46 Ann Augustine
47 Shafna

Cute and best actress

48 Nikki Galrani

She is very pretty and a good actress too

Nikki Galrani is actually quite pretty I think she should be somewhere at the top.

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49 Swathi Reddy

She is good and talent actress,

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