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1 PositronWildhawk

Yes. PositronWildhawk deserves to be #1. He's a list-making genius!

Your awesome and make some awesome lists Positron.

Nobody better when it comes to Males!

Thanks a bunch for this, fellas.

2 htoutlaws2012

He should be first. The most consistent and quality content user. He also gives advice to other users and he is very nice. How is it even possible to hate him?

Positron is an awesome user, but htoutlaws should be #1.

I strongly agree

3 Alexandr
4 keyson
5 Therandom
6 Metal_Treasure

He should be in the top 3.

Come on he's amazing

7 Garythesnail

He's underrated. But deserves to be this high.

He's a really nice guy and is easy to talk to.

8 nintendofan126
9 Puga
10 Evil Angel
The Contenders
11 Turkeyasylum

He makes good lists and posts.

Pretty cool dude

12 TopTenJackson
13 EpicJake

I'm in the top ten? I can't speak now. All I can say is, thanks for voting for me.

14 PatrickStar
15 NuMetalManiak
16 Userguy44

Wow, I'm way higher than I expected, even higher than on the best users list. And I have been a member just for two years so far.

I see this dude everywhere. He's really nice and should be at least top 5.

17 Ajkloth
18 Kiteretsunu
19 Jake09
20 Curti2594
21 DCfnaf
22 CrimsonShark
23 Randomator
24 BKAllmighty
25 admin

Very good point Billyv, but she does say she's is married to her husband in her profile (well, of course she's married to her husband. But the point is, he's a husband)

We're not even sure admin is a male... ! Well, one of the admins must be, heather is married to him!

We don't even know if admin is a male... !

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