Best Mario Kart 7 Cups

Mario Kart 7 is my favourite Mario Kart game of all time, the soundtrack was great, only two tracks were bad, and the battle mode was great, the cups were really good too, and here's the best Mario Kart 7 cups

The Top Ten

1 Lightning Cup

By far the best cup in the game! SNES Rainbow Road was the worst track in the cup but was still great! WII Koopa Cape was somewhat ruined frmo the original it was still a masterpiece! And GCN Dino Dino Jungle and DS Airship Fortress are self-explonarity, two of the best mario kart tracks of all time! - darthvadern

2 Flower Cup

This is easly the best nitro cup, and the only actually amazing flower cup along wit the DS flower cup, most flower cups are usually boring and not so good, but this is amazing! Why? It holds my two favourite tracks in the game (Alpine Pass and Melody Motorway), and Wuhu Island Loop was the introduction of section tracks and it was awesomne! And the Mario Circuit is actually pretty great in this game! - darthvadern

3 Banana Cup

Although I've always found DS Waluigi Pinball to be very overrated, it's a great course. N64 Koopa Troopa Beach is a good place to start as it's calm and peaceful, and then we get to the rather bland SNES Mario Circuit 2 which is still ok. WII Cocunut Mall is amazing though. - darthvadern

4 Shell Cup

For some reason I like most Shell Cups in Mario Kart (except the DS one that was horrible). WII Mushroom Gorge and DS Luigi's Mansion are like some of my favourite courses of all time! Then of course there the bad N64 Luigi Circuit and mediocre GBA Bowser's Castle 1 but still, oh and GBA Bowser Castle 1 looks gorgeous! - darthvadern

5 Star Cup

While this cup is low, it's still pretty great, Pirahna Plant Pipeway is my third favourite course in the game! It reminds me of Level 1-2 from Super Mario Bros. Wuhu Mountain Loop is also one of the greatest tracks, however, the rason this is so low is due to the rather boring tracks Wario's Galleon and Koopa City, their good, but somewhat boring, well, at hleast Koopa City has that awesomne soundtrack. - darthvadern

6 Special Cup

As I usually like Shell Cups for some reason, I usually don't like Special Cups that much for some reason even though this was pretty great. If it didn't have the worst course in the game; Rosalina's Ice World, this would've been higher, but the rest of the cup is pretty excellent, DK Jungle is a great place to start, and Bowser's Castle is so great and unique because it focused on muliplie paths to choose, that was great, and 3DS Rainbow Road is self-explonarity - darthvadern

7 Mushroom Cup

If you checked out my remix of top ten mario kart 7 tracks, then you know I put Cheep Cheep Cape / Lagoon op the number #4 spot, and that course is so much nostalgia! It reminds me of the third Freddi Fish video game and that was one of my childhood games, nostalgia overload! Ok, anyway, and Shy Guy Bazaar is such an amazing course too, then the first two courses, Toad Circuit and Daisy Hills are not too bad either, they're decent tracks - darthvadern

8 Leaf Cup

This a good cup in my opinion has kalimari dessert my favorite track, and gcn daisy cruiser, ds dk pass, witch is cool - trains45

Somewhat boring in my opinion. Sure, WII Maple Treeway is great and so is GCN Diasy Cruiser, but N64 Kalimari Desert is bland and boring. DS DK Pass is good though. - darthvadern