Best Mario Kart 8 DLC Tracks

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1 Mute City

We got two F-Zero tracks, a Captain Falcon mii costume, and the blue falcon as a kart...
Yet no new F-Zero game.

A Mute City track?!? SOUNDS LIKE A PARTY TO ME!

2 Wii Wario's Gold Mine

It's sad that this is #1. What they did to this retro course was just so sad. This is because the original on the Wii is actually my favourite mario kart course of all time. So much nostalgia and the difficulty was awesome. And then it came back on this console. I had high expectations but it looks like Nintendo wanted to make it even easier than Mario Circuit for frick sake! Now you get speedboosts by hitting the minecarts and there are guardrails almost everywhere! Not to mention how you can't no longer explore this course by driving up that rail that leads to out-of-bounds that existed in the original. Seriously that was my favourite part. Even the music has been downgraded and while the visuals are impressive, I still prefer the original. Not a terrible course because I still enjoy it but man it was so downgraded! - darthvadern

Just so fun, I'm not going to go into too much detail because I did that on my remix of Top 8 Mario Kart 8 DLC tracks, where this track ranked #1 - purpleracer

I have Mario Kart Wii

3 Hyrule Circuit

This is the best DLC Pack 1 course. It's based on The Legend of Zelda and it's just such a well-executed course with stunning graphics and so much to drive around. It's based on The Legend of Zelda and it has a forest, a castle, and even deku-babas, keese and rupees instead of coins. The music is a remix on the classic zelda theme from The Legend of Zelda. Such a fun course to play and easily one of my favorites - darthvadern

4 GCN Yoshi Circuit

This is a pretty good remake. In Double Dash, it was too hard to control with the twisty turns, the DS remake was so bland and uninteresting, but this remake look stunning and and it's easy to control despite it being twisty. The updated music is also excellent. - darthvadern

5 Dragon Driftway

This is the only course I don't like. I really wanted to like this course but it was just so uninteresting and uncolourful that it's my least favourite DLC course and the only one I honestly don't like. This course is part of why I consider the Egg Cup to be one of the worst Mario Kart cups ever. I mean it's an incredibly original idea as you drive through a statue of Gobblegut and it has tons of chinese stuff. But man where are the colours? Grey, beige, grey-green, and that's it. Terrible colours combined into the most visually un-appealing thing ever. Not to mention how twisty this course is. If you're palying it on 200cc, good luck. Good idea, terrible execution. Should be lower in my opinion - darthvadern

6 Big Blue

One of the best even though it's seriously overhyped. Man this course is some real epicness and epic visuals. It's super fun and it's another section course, in which the course is divided in three sections which makes it give a lot of awesome views and graphics. It's even crazier than Mute City which is saying something for sure.

UH, NO THIS IS NOT NUMBER 9! This should be number one!

This should be number one

7 Excitebike Arena

This is just Baby Park 2.0 except worse. It's a very forgettable course. It's cool for making tricks and stuff and it's a nice throwback to the Excitebike game on the NES but the music is uninteresting and the layout is pretty boring. It gets old pretty fast. It's nothing interesting really - darthvadern


8 GBA Ribbon Road

This course was revamped to the extreme! Instead of driving on just ribbons with a background showing presents, now we're in a kid's bedroom and the course is actually a set built by this kid and there are so many easter eggs and the visuals are so impressive! You'd think I'd place this above Cheese Land as it clearly was revamped further but the music..., man. You thought I was going to say it was improved? Lol no. It sounds nothing like the original. It's just random electric guitar sounds and it doesn't match the original at all sadly. Almost flawless course. - darthvadern

9 SNES Rainbow Road

This version of SNES Rainbow Road is the best. It looks pretty good with the visuals and the music has been updated slightly. Not much to say about it. It's still the same track as other remakes but with other visuals. But I enjoy it. - darthvadern

10 Wild Woods

This is probably one of the most underrated courses in Mario Kart 8 like Super Bell Subway in my opinion. I mean this course is just AWESOME. It's set in the woods and it has so many trees, treehouses, a dam, a bridge, you even go down a cave waterfall and it's all in anti-gravity. The visuals are stunning! Such an impressive course that needs more appreciation. Super good course! - darthvadern

Love this one! Kinda reminds me of Koopa Cape from the Wii version. - LowMiner50

The Contenders

11 Ice Ice Outpost

I find this course to be severely underrated and actually quite original. It's not often you get to visit the arctic for frick sake and drive on two parallel colourful roads. Although I do agree yellow and green don't go well and that the shortcuts are crap. The music isn't any interesting either. Overall my opinion on this is pretty decent - darthvadern

12 Super Bell Subway

This should be #1. One of my favourite courses ever. Not just in terms of DLC but in general. I love subway systems, underground, trains, subway stations. Therefore it was only natural for me to love this course. There are so many hidden easter eggs and it's so interesting to explore this course. Also the trains. They look badass! It's probably because I'm autistic that I love these things and think that the trains look badass but seriously this course rocks and should be way higher in my opinion. - darthvadern

Why is number 14? It has to be higher!

13 Animal Crossing

Not one of my favourites as the course is a bit basic, but the great thing about it is the fact that you can actually switch the season between spring, summer, autumn and winter in the course so you can play this course in different seasons. That is such an original and clever idea and it ultimately makes this course better than it otherwise would've been. It's in the great-tier for me. - darthvadern

14 GBA Cheese Land

Only #14? This track was so revamped to the point is honestly should be way higher. This was so revamped! The music is better, it feels more real, the cheese mountains and the pizza background. They did everything right in this remake and it's so fun to play! - darthvadern

15 GCN Baby Park

I'm not a fan of Baby Park but this remake was actually quite decent, even being above-average. It has more visuals and interesting things going on and you can tell they were trying to make a good remake here. So it's overall, good I'd say probably. It should be a little higher honestly - darthvadern

16 3DS Neo Bowser City

Only at #15? This course is seriously underappreciated. I mean it did not change from the original at all except for an anti-gravity section, but don't fix what's not broken. This course is still as awesome as the original if not better due to the fact that the visuals are even better and the music has been improved. The music alone is one of my all-time favourites in Mario because it's so motivating and epic. It's just so awesome. - darthvadern

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