Top Ten Mario Kart Nitro Tracks

My favourite tracks from the Mario Kart franchise. Sorry that most of them are from the you version, but they just looks stunning and are much better. Enjoy!

The Top Ten

1 U Electrodrome

This stage with it's dazzling lights and music blasting to the beat of the speakers on the walls, just makes Electrodrome the perfect Mario Kart stage. Why not clap along to the beat of the Shy Guys and Koopa Troopas?... If you can drive a kart by doing so.

2 Wii Rainbow Road

Being my first Rainbow Road, it really shown me how challenging such stage can actually be. It looks gorgeous and really takes advantage of the newly introduced trick action you can perform at a jump.

So challenging in Mario kart wii

3 3DS Melody Motorway/Music Park (U version)

This isn't fair, as remakes aren't nitro. - Qryzx

When Melody Motorway was remade in Mario Kart 8, it's golden glow and awesome beat was a great improvement from Mario Kart 7.

No change has been made in the Mario kart 8 version

4 N64 Rainbow Road (U version)

This stage, hung above a bright city gives the perfect golden glow and awesome music. One of the best retros in Mario Kart 8. The stage being 3 sections was a disappointment but let's be honest. It'll take AGES to do ONE lap!

The original N64 Rainbow Road is much better for every reason.

If "for every reason" you mean because it was a boring track with literally nothing special, no challenge because there were railings everywhere, and it went on for 5 minutes... Then yeah. - SwiftLover13

5 Wii Moonview Highway

Moonview Highway looks like it's set in Mushroom City's outskirts. Mostly because the first part is similar to Shroom Ridge. Those 2 stages put together makes the perfect City stage alongside Toad's Turnpike's speeding cars.

I really agree with you, I mean most people hate Moonview Highway, but I love it! - purpleracer

6 N64 Royal Raceway (N64 version)

Although the Mario Kart 8 version looks beautiful, the N64 version has the castle you can explore. Plus there were some amazing shortcuts you could take that could break the game.

YES! An N64 track! Please make this top 1.

7 GCN Wario Colosseum

One of the most awesome stages in the game and it looks cool as hell, all the fire balls floating about really put a great atmosphere.

8 DS Tick Tock Clock (Both versions)

Both Tick Tock Clocks were awesome, dodging the hands and pendulums on the track in the DS version and making the place look like a factory in Mario Kart 8! Such a wonderful stage, couldn't put it better.

9 U Cloudtop Cruise

Cloudtop Cruise is one of the stages that brought back Gusty Garden again... SEVEN YEARS LATER and they're still using Gusty Garden, however it definitely fits this stage, also the thundercloud is my favourite part and looks awesome.

10 8 Mount Wario

You start out by jumping out of a helicopter, than on to an icy road that will lead you into a great designed cave, drive on the side of a dam, go through a snowy forest. The grand finale, you go race on a snowboard/ski cross like the ones in the Olympics!

Everyone that does not like this track are weirdos

The Contenders

11 Big Blue
12 3DS Rainbow Road

I feel bad putting this stage on number 10, but probably the best part of the stage is it being sectioned. Just imagine going around this track 3 times... yeah... Also, the Saturn and Moon parts were my favourite parts and were awesome.

13 GCN Baby Park
14 Sunset Wilds
15 Broken Pier
16 Rock Rock Mountain

This should be higher it's awesome

17 Maple Treeway
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