Top Ten Mario Kart Wii Vehicles

What do you think is the best vehicle in Mario Kart Wii?

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Mach Bike

This should be in second, but a great vehicle nonetheless. With great speed, drift and mini-turbo, this makes a case for being the best vehicle in the game. However, the Mach Bike's weight stat puts it at a disadvantage. All in all, a great vehicle choice.

I ride in this when I choose a bike. I often ride this set on manual with Yoshi. It has good speed, drift and okay drifting. I go fast with this one!

It's like the Flame Runner, just with better stats (except for speed and weight. ) WARNING: The Mach Bike will make all other vehicles seem inferior.

Every time I play a medium character, this is the bike I choose. I just adore this bike! The Mach bike is the way to go!

Flame Runner

Statistically the best vehicle in the game. Great for players who have learned inside drift and can begin to start playing more competitively. I believe 25 world records are currently held with this vehicle. It is absolutely broken, with great speed, weight, drift, and mini-turbo, which make the vehicle the top pick for most players.

Although the Mach Bike has better acceleration and seems faster at first, the Flame Runner actually surpasses all vehicles in speed because it continuously accelerates through time. You can only find this out by actually playing the game against all other combinations for years. I've seen it happen hundreds of times that I won 1st. Also, they are almost matched in speed, though Mach Bike is for medium characters and Flame Runner is for heavy, and if you know how to move your heavy character, you can easily knock other opponents off the course if you have enough speed, which the Flame Runner has the most of! Though Flame Runner is not as easy to use as Mach Bike, if you are a professional racer that can go through a whole course while barely getting hit, that acceleration will grow faster and speed you to 1st, I guarantee. It happens every time. So, by weight, speed, overall acceleration, and I think off-road, it is better than Mach Bike always!

The Bowser Bike definitely is quite a cool one. I love how it looks like Bowser and it's very fast too

This ia the best vehicle in the game. It is high in the best categories speed, weight, drift, and mini turbo.

Bullet Bike

This vehicle is great for users of inside drift who want something that drifts tighter. With the highest stats in the drift and mini-turbo categories, this bike is the third best vehicle in the game. However, it is slightly slower than vehicles like the Flame Runner and Mach Bike. Additionally, this vehicle is extremely light and will get way too much air time, as well as be bumped off on tracks like Rainbow Road. You generally see a few people using this online. It's a great vehicle pick and I recommend using it.

If you want great speed but you don't want to suffer the low acceleration unlike the mach bike or the flame runner, choose the bullet bike. If you want sharper turns and get a great turbo boost, choose the bullet bike. Put it with one of the toads, dry bones or one of the babies and you got yourself THE ULTIMATE DRIVING MACHINE.

I use to always use Dolphin Dasher with the Mii, but ended up switching for the Mach Bike with Daisy instead. But now I've been using the Bullet Bike with Baby Daisy, didn't know how useful mini turbo really is, with the slightly added acceleration this bike destroys!

This is the best bike! It is so easy to control & has great acceleration. Use it with Toad, a baby, or Dry Bones and you'll get great acceleration, great drift, great boost, great ease, and great wins!

Wild Wing

It has bad acceleration without boosting so it really sucks if you get hit by shells, crash, etc, and the handling may not be good if you're just going to turn like a dummy but if you drift it's really good with manual drifting because the "mini turbo" stat is very high so the boost you get after a drift is really good. And if you drift right and follow a good line you can go really fast. It's all about maintaining momentum though really.

The best default vehicle of any Mariokart game. Really fast and not hard to control.

This is just my original Mario Kart kart!

I never like using bikes, so this is my go to car for mediums. Mach bike if it was a bike. I tend to use either my mii or daisy with it. For small, the Concerto is the best kart and for large it is the Dragontetti/Honeycoupe. Anyway the wild wing has excellent speed, drift and mini turbo, which are the most important to me.

Dolphin Dasher

I really like using the dolphin dasher, it's a well rounded bike, and a little better on the things that matter.

I use this bike a lot and I win pretty much every race I mainly use yoshi with is bike

It's like the Mach Bike. Another great bike for mediums. This bike is awesome.

Great off road and good speed, with okay acceleration. I also use this one with my mii as well. It's my fave. M top five are dolphin dasher, jet bubble, spear, piranha prowler, and mini beast


One of the best. All stats are decently balanced and with Waluigi it's very excellent

Very good stats in nearly everything. Fast and great handling and boost.

I love to pick the honey coupe because it is stylish and fast. Waluigi does amazing in it

Should be higher. Rosalina and Waluigi do great in it by the way


The Quacker has beast Acceleration, Handling, Drift and Mini-Turbo. The problem is that it gets bumped off tracks and it does not have speed. A great vehicle overall.

Has the highest acceleration, making it really easy to move around after getting hit instead of doing a still drift and waiting for a mini-boost

It has excellent acceleration. The only problem is no one is going to take you seriously in this vehicle.

This is my main bike, its fantastic in acceleration and drifting, plus it looks so cute too. Toad is my favourite character


A very interesting vehicle, the Magikruiser has the highest offroad stat in the game, so you can take a lot of offroad shortcuts shroomless. Cut through the shallow water on Shy Guy Beach and you'll be on your way to a nice finishing time. This vehicle is used for 2 world records and it dominates on offroad-oriented tracks. A fun vehicle to use overall.

Sexy and cool bikes win races, and with its offroad skills, I win all my wifi races ( unless I'm playing as baby mario)

Best off road in the game, good speed and excellent handling. My favorite vehicle (and Mach bike)

The Magikruiser is the best bike in the game. Has the best speed and some of the best off-road ever! It's a very cool bike and looks best with baby luigi. The only thing I don't like about it is that it looks like the weird wizard-turtle Magikoopa.

Flame Flyer

Fast but I don't like using it because acceleration is one of the most terrible

This is officially called the Bowser Bike!

Awesome with bowser!




Calm down, It isn't as good as the Blue Falcon and the Bowser Bike (Flame Runner)

Fastest bike in the game. I always unlock expert staff ghosts with this guy!

I love using this with Funky Kong! It's really fast!

You guys know it is good not good Grand Prix amazing time trials

The Contenders

Blue Falcon

This is how to get the Blue Falcon for those people who are willing to get it:

The Blue Falcon can be unlocked in Mario Kart Wii by winning the Lightning Cup in Mirror Mode, or by playing 4,200 races. It does not have a bike counterpart for the small size class, being more similar to the medium bike Sneakster and the large bike Spear.

The Blue Falcon is the best because when I unlocked it and tried it out, I came first place within 10 secs!

I agree withe the blue falcon even though I have only seen it in videos. I really wanna get this car but I don't know how!?!?!

I hate this vehicle when I first got this vehicle, I decided to use baby Mario but when I started driving the handling was so low and I got 9th place

Super Blooper

I use this car because to me its like the Warp and Compact stars in Kirby Air Ride.

I used this kart with Yoshi and I had a lot of fun with it.

Always go for baby bowser in this, haul ass!

Hardly changes between characters


It requires a lot of practice due to its low agility, but it is really fast

Great drift and speed my favorite combo

Damn awesome but hard to unlock thi

This one I like


Pretty easy to use once you get the hang of it. Very good for SNES Ghost Valley 2. I have also gotten 1st place online 2-3 times on Luigi Circuit with it and Rosalina. I recommend practicing in time trials on hard tracks at first. It makes the simpler tracks much easier.

Rosalina and the jetsetter is the best combo. The jetsetter has horrible drift and off road, but once you get used to it it's a really good vehicle. It's really fast and is good for time trials, or just practicing because turning at fast speeds are good practice. I really like the looks and designs of the jetsetter because it looks like a real race car.

Funky kong and the jetsetter is the fastest combo in the game so spoiler alert use him in luigi circuit to beat expert staff mode ghost lol

No its Funky Kong and the Bowser Bike (Flame Runner)

Are you serious? - Qualificational

The fastest vehicle in the game and one of my favorites. This should be higher.

Piranha Prowler

The closest we have to Petey Piranha

Slightly better than Flame Flyer

Cheep Charger

It is the most useful kart ever on rainbow road!

This isn't that good honestly

Really unique

For some reason it just feels good to drive this car in shy guy beach...hmmm I wonder why though...

Wario Bike

Only complaint is the drifting, but you have good acceleration, so you'll still be fine even if you hit a wall!

It's the opposite of fast, but has good acceleration and weight. I use this with funky kong because of funky's speed and the wario bike for its weight and accel.

Awesome wheelies and highly underestimated by most users

Its My favourite bike Its fast and I like how iT drifts

Jet Bubble

Fun to look at and fun to use.

Love it. All I can say

It's so awesome!

Average stats

Bowser Bike

This bike and Rosalina are the two reasons why the person in second place looks like he or she is losing. I nearly did a full lap around Baby Peach on this bike. Nearly. Oh, happy moment. I just killed my time on every single track!

The Bowser bike is the flame runner and the flame runner already is at 2nd

Bowser bike and dry Bowser are a BEAST on every track!

Bowser bike is the flame runner

Shooting Star

The bike looks so cool!

It's alright, but I wish it had more speed

Hello I like Mario kart

Very nice bike

Mini Beast

This is the best lightweight kart in the game in terms of both drift and mini-turbo stats. It's speed is decent as well. I always use the Mini Beast with Toad to get the best drift stat.

One of the best for small characters

I like this one

Booster Seat

Slowest vehicle. Looks funny but that's it

Worst one in the game.Don't use!

For babies

Standard Kart

It's the most balanced kart in the game

All-round best, literally

Zip Zip

The Zip Zip is my personal favorite Vehicle in any Mario kart game. It has Good stats, and is easy to handle. Also it has a very nice look to it, it has a 1940's sort of look to it, not some hipster crotch-rocket.

I prefer the name Rapide but yeah it's good


This bike looks cool with rosalina

This is my bike. This bike has the best Off road in the game and wow that stats.

This one is a beast

Waluigi' bike!

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