Top Ten Mario & Luigi Series Boss Themes

The Top Ten

1 The Final Antasma Battle (Dream Team)

Very good - darthvadern

LOVE THIS THEME - SonicandMario

2 Adventure's End (Dream Team)

Best in my opinion - darthvadern

3 Final Boss - Phase 2 (Paper Jam)

Epic but somewhat disappointing - darthvadern

Best Mario and

4 In the Final (Bowser's Inside Story)

Top two worthy. Only Adventure's End is better - darthvadern

This theme was so intense - Randomator

5 Bowser Battle (Partners In Time)

Good one - darthvadern

To me this theme is bad. If you like it then you can like it. However I won't like it. - SonicandMario

6 Popple Battle (Superstar Saga)

Iconic definitely - darthvadern

This should have been in Dream Team when you faced Popple. Awesome theme though - SonicandMario

7 Big Bang! (Paper Jam)

Every time I start a battle in Paper Jam and here this theme, it gets me pumped up - Inteleon777

Pretty Good but doesn't beat never let up for me though - SonicandMario

Third favourite from here. It's just so memorable - darthvadern

8 Princess Shroob Battle (Partners In Time)
9 Never Let Up! (Dream Team)

So inspiring - darthvadern

In my opinion this should be #1. It's fun, catchy and all around energetic - SonicandMario

10 Final Cackletta Battle (Superstar Saga)

Epic - darthvadern

The Contenders

11 Elder Princess Shroob Final Boss (Partners in Time)

Which one? - darthvadern

How the heck is this not number one? This music literally SCREAMS awesome and tense. Dafawfulizer used it in his "top 9 worst game theory videos" for the number one entry. That's how good it is! - DCfnaf

12 Boss Theme (Superstar Saga)

Iconic song as well - darthvadern

13 Tough Guy Alert! (Bowser's Inside Story)

I really like it - darthvadern

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