Best Mario Party (4-7) Battle Minigames

This list is my favorite Mario Party battles I mario party 4, 5, 6, and 7. I hope you enjoy.

The Top Ten

1 Mario Party 6 - Insectiride

#1, A game that uses your best skills to win. There are four bugs that each have different moves. Each move depends on what you are good at. You have to race to the finish against 3 other opponents. The only problem is that you don't always pick your car first. - Ragingcow11

I like using the grasshopper for this one

2 Mario Party 4 - Paths of Peril

#2, Another game where you have to be as accurate as you can. You have to work your way accross a mountain with crazy, narrow paths. The only problem is that some paths take longer than others. - Ragingcow11

3 Mario Party 4 - Trace Race

#3, A game where you have to be percise as you can. You have to trace over lines the most accurately to win. It is harder than it looks with loops and other crazy turns. - Ragingcow11

4 Mario Party 7 - The Final Countdown

#4, A very challenging minigame where you and three other people have to get the opposing opponents off the platform. While you are worrying about the opponents, you also have to worry about the platform that is counting down. - Ragingcow11

5 Mario Party 4 - Butterfly Blitz

#5, A fair skill-based game where there are many butterflies in a small area and you have to use your butterfly net to catch butterflies. Some butterflies are harder to catch, but worth more. You have to use tactics to score as high as you can. - Ragingcow11

6 Mario Party 5 - Astro Logical

#6, This is another fast-pace minigame where a symbol pops up in the middle of the screen, and you have to be the first to find the card with the matching outcome. - Ragingcow11

7 Mario Party 7 - Deck Hands

#7, A luck-based game where you draw three cards from a deck and you have to get the highest amount to win. - Ragingcow11

8 Mario Party 4 - Rumble Fishing

#8, A fast-pace minigame where you have to be the first to push the A button when your controller rumbles. - Ragingcow11

9 Mario Party 7 - Monty's Revenge

#9, Another challenging minigame where you and three other players have to stay out of your whole for as long as you can without the moles, which are the opponents, attack you. - Ragingcow11

10 Mario Party 5 - Fish Sticks

Not a battle minigame - Saurilio

The Contenders

11 Mario Party 4 - Chain Chomp Fever

#10, A very challenging minigame where you and three other people have to run away from a chain chomp. The platform you are standing on gets smaller and smaller as the time passes. The chain chomp also gets faster as the time passes. - Ragingcow11

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