Top 10 Common Specific Phobias

The Top Ten
1 Acrophobia - Fear of Heights

I know many people who have this fear...Almost everyone says that!...Dunno why..I don't have fear at all ( Yes I'm saying the truth of course )
But that doesn't mean that I can jump off a roof or something like that haha

Yep, I hate heights. If I have to climb up something you could easily fall from, I wont do it.

2 Claustrophobia - Fear of Enclosed Spaces

I thought it was a fear of small spaces.. I might have this then.

This is quite common

3 Arachnophobia - Fear of Spiders

I have a huge fear of spiders.

4 Nyctophobia - Fear of the Dark

Yeah that's pretty common ( esp for children )

It's human nature to have this.

5 Ophidiophobia - Fear of Snakes

I have a huge fear of snakes.

6 Trypanophobia - Fear of Injection or Medical Needles

I hugely prefer them to pills. I have a fear of pills.

7 Astraphobia - Fear of Thunder and Lightning
8 Nosophobia - Fear of Having a Disease

I have a mild case of this.

9 Mysophobia AKA Germophobia - Fear of Germs

It must be extremely horrible for the one who has it, because everyone knows that germs are everywhere ( For e.g There are more germs on your kitchen slab than in toilet..)

10 Herpetophobia - Fear of Reptiles
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11 Triskaidekaphobia - Fear of the Number 13

Wait.. This is common? HOW, JUST HOW?

12 Trypophobia - Fear of Holes
13 Hemophobia - Fear of Blood
14 Ailurophobia - Fear of Cats
15 Coulrophobia - Fear of Clowns
16 Cynophobia - Fear of Dogs
17 Emetophobia - Fear of Vomiting

I have a mild case of this

An intense, and irrational anxiety/fear of vomit, which is commonly correlated or misdiagnosed soley as an eating disorder.

18 Scoleciphobia - Fear of Worms
19 Scolopendrphobia - Fear of Centipedes
20 Thalassophobia - Fear of the Ocean or Sea

Is this more likely to be the fear of water?
Because you need to wash your hands, get a bath/shower, brush your teeth.
Drink water.

21 Phonophobia - Fear of Noises

Actually one of the rarest..

22 Icphiophobia - Fear of Fish
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