Top Ten Reasons Why Anxiety Is Bad

The Top Ten
1 It can control your life

Don't know if can is the right word, more like most likely does.

And it often does.

2 You might not be able to enjoy things without being anxious

Unfortunately this often does happen, like for me, even when I was like 12 I was always terrified something bad was going to happen to my parents or friends, so if they were away I would constantly text or call them which made it actually rather hard to go to things like sleepovers.

If there were a permanent cure for anxiety, I would take it.

3 It takes a toll on your life

It really does

4 You might be insecure about it

When I was 8 I was so insecure and I had social anxiety which left me speechless for 3 years. I am 16 and anxiety-free yayyy

I am very insecure about it, people might think your scared of them, WELL I AM

5 It catches like wildfire
6 People might think you are faking it

Well they don't know because they're not you, they don't know what's it like having a anxiety disorder so how do they know if you are faking it ? They might be wrong..

7 It could be extreme
8 You wish you weren't so anxious all the time

Sadly I think people judge me everyday and wonder why I never talk to people ? Yeah… this is why, people just don't understand, they don't understand what it's like having crappy anxiety, it's not fun yknow

I say this to myself practically every day

9 It could ruin your dreams
10 It could destroy your confidence
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