Top Ten Ways Your Body Shows Your Anxiety

The Top Ten
1 Need to Use the Toilet Frequently

This could either be anxiety or diabetes

Well, this is my way of showing anxiety.

2 Can't Stay In the Same Place Without Moving

I tend to do this, sleeping is difficult to me. - MoldySock

Yeah, I really feel like this sometimes, like before an exam or a test! Good item, Keyson! - HezarioSeth

3 Inability To Focus

Sometimes when I'm nervous, I only think about what I'm doing and how I'm going to do. I can't focus when I'm nervous. - funnyuser

4 Shake

And it feels pretty uncomfortable

I shake and I get it really bad and I can’t stop shaking until I talk to someone

Well duh!

5 Heart Beats Per Minute Increases
6 Start Shouting Whatever Crosses Their Mind

At the football especially

7 Headaches
8 Crack Their Knuckles
9 Bite Their Nails

Do it ALL the time. - moonwolf

10 Body Tension
The Contenders
11 Sweat
12 Breath Fast
13 Clean Their Face
14 Inability to Sleep

Yes, I have this very frequently

15 Peeing

Everyone does this - JoPro

Um yeah everybody does pee. - andrewteel

Everyone does!

16 Farting

Everybody does it. - andrewteel

17 Stomach ache
18 Fiddling
19 Pacing
20 Numbness
21 Hot Flashes
22 Chest Pain
23 Nausea
24 Crying
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