Top Ten Ways Your Body Shows Your Anxiety

The Top Ten
1 Need to Use the Toilet Frequently

This could either be anxiety or diabetes

Well, this is my way of showing anxiety.

2 Can't Stay In the Same Place Without Moving

Yeah, I really feel like this sometimes, like before an exam or a test! Good item, Keyson!

I tend to do this, sleeping is difficult to me.

3 Inability To Focus

Sometimes when I'm nervous, I only think about what I'm doing and how I'm going to do. I can't focus when I'm nervous.

4 Shake

And it feels pretty uncomfortable

I shake and I get it really bad and I can’t stop shaking until I talk to someone

Well duh!

5 Heart Beats Per Minute Increases
6 Start Shouting Whatever Crosses Their Mind

At the football especially

7 Headaches
8 Crack Their Knuckles
9 Bite Their Nails

Do it ALL the time.

10 Body Tension
The Contenders
11 Sweat
12 Breath Fast
13 Inability to Sleep

Yes, I have this very frequently

14 Clean Their Face
15 Peeing

Um yeah everybody does pee.

Everyone does this

Everyone does!

16 Farting

Everybody does it.

17 Stomach ache
18 Nausea
19 Fiddling
20 Pacing
21 Numbness
22 Hot Flashes
23 Chest Pain
24 Crying
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