Asuna Yuuki (Sword Art Online)

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Asuna Yuuki is a fictional character who appears in the Sword Art Online series of light novels by Reki Kawahara.


Dear Lord! Where do I even begin with this girl?! I cannot even--sorry, sorry. Let me make this short: SAO? Wow. The plot is wonderful--I fell in love with this anime just after the first episode! I had already begun to adore the protagonist when this anime first started off, and for me, there were too many things to admire! But, what's one thing about the show that soils any and all respect I have for the show, I wonder! Hmm, maybe a certain girl by the name of Asuna? Christ, this character is so intolerable! Sure, she did seem interesting in the beginning, but as time went on and she began to make appearances much more often in the show, my respect/admiration for this anime went down bit by bit. I finally lost it when she and Kirito became a thing, and did what I would later find out that many other former fans had also done with the same disgusted reaction: being stripped of all interest or liking to SAO, I gave up on this anime entirely before even finishing the season.

To me, Asuna is pretty better than most SAO characters, Although Kirito is my number 1 favorite, she is still one of my favorite characters in the series. She may not be called a badass female anime character, except when in comparison to Misa Amane and Sakura Haruno. Especially Misa, since she is just SO MORE ANNOYING THAN ASUNA AND PROBABLY MORE ANNOYING THAN SAKURA HARUNO! I don't even know how Light can tolerate an annoying dumb blonde like her who doesn't even put her Death Note to good use when Asuna is very skilled in swordsmanship in the virtual world. Conclusion? Asuna is not that bad everyone. Hell, she might be better than other annoying anime girls.

She's absolutely one of the most annoying anime characters I know! She lacks character development, she's just too much like a Mary-Sue, in love with the main guy (who is annoying too but not as much as she is), a beauty, one of the strongest of her guild and has to be saved by her love -_-
I really tried to like her, but she's just too annoying... Asuna fans sure, go hate me now -_-

I don't know WHY people say that Asuna is so badass and awesome. She basically ruined the whole series.

She was supposed to be a strong character as portrayed in the story._. But unfortunately it was a huge disappointment, her actions show likewise and she didn't proved herself worthy in the second part of the anime.
Her only role in this story is of love interest. What a waste of a great female character :/

I actually liked her until she married Kirito. She was cool before that. Then it was just "Kirito, save me! " or "I want to stay with you forever, Kirito! " or some other cliche stuff. And don't even get me started on the stupid cage thing in Alfheim, then she just turned into a typical damsel in distress.

She is useless and doesn't deserve Kirito. She was kinda admirable in the first season, but all she did in Alfeim was sit in a cage and be a doll to that stupid pervert. I got pissed when she tried to escape, like seriously, WALKING IN THE OPEN. The Gun Gale arch wasn't any better. Asuna should have just married the guy with the glasses.

This piece of garbage is on the second page? My faith in the anime community has been shattered.

She turns WAY too Mary sue when she comes out of her shell then goes to being beyond useless

Okay, Yuuki Asuna is not the annoying one here. Yukiteru is the true annoying one here! I'd much rather see Yukiteru Amano be above Asuna! It's just too much haters being the reason why Asuna is above that pathetic bastard. One more thing, watch the Mother's Rosario arc, and you'll see who Asuna Yuuki truly is!

I always wanted to watch sao but when I found out this girl married a very good protagonist named kirito well now I hated it

So I hear she's better in the light novels but what can I say? She clearly lacks character development. I just HATE how she has so many fanboys. In the end she's just another pretty girl with no personality. I would have much rather seen kirito with Lisbeth or Sachi. Heck, even Leafa/Sugu. Ugg. it's honestly killing me. Why is she the main heroine again?

Kirito should've been with liz, not this jerk.

Well. How can I start with Asuna? She started out as an excellent character, willing to fight and quite badass. Then she became a piece of crap. She was weak and a tsundere, who relied on Kirito for everything. Additionally, she is somewhat of a Mary Sue seeing that she is reasonably good looking as well as a good fighter. There were several better girls in the show, and personally Liz is best girl (fight me if you'd like). Asuna did not develop in any sense as a character, and just remained for the sole purpose of that sweet fanservice. - nk_the_epic

I like her in the first episode she was in, but she started to get annoying and stuck up in the later episodes

She just a damsel in distress with no damn logic.

She made the whole show horrible it was fine it till she met jesus-kun

Naruto scores more on this list than Asuna? There's a huge problem here.

All we hear about Asuna is that she's OH so AMAZING and GREAT. But all she does is whine, and be there for Kirito (and fan service. Let's not forget fan service)

Kibito's OP, SAO is completely illogical, but you know what? I don't care. I love it. and him. And all the other characters. But Asuna's so... BLAH

Eh, I don't hate her. But it is mean to try to say you want to punch the writer in the face for something you don't like. I'm just glad it isn't a death threat. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

A coco cola machine would have more emotions and character than her. That is a fact. She serves no (good) purpose in the plot what so ever!

I love SAO a lot. But Asuna came in and ruins the story, and result to a bad end in season 2..

I mean sure I always liked Kirito as the main protagonist more than her but I never ever thought she was annoying. What's not to like. I really don't understand.

She started out great but then she was added to Kirito's harem and pretty much became useless. what? So much great potential wasted...honestly

3 months after I quit watching the show because of the above-mentioned, I decided to give her a vote. Effing b1tch.

Oh, please, I've seen worse. Heartfilia is even more annoying than her. Not to mention all the girls in One Piece who are not just annoying, but ugly.