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281 Hakufu Sonsaku (Ikkitōsen) Hakufu Sonsaku (Ikkitōsen)
282 Nabiki Tendo (Ranma)

I can't stand how Nabiki is always blackmailing people and making bets just to make money all of the time. She also sails pictures of her own sister Akane and pictures of pictures of Ranma in his female form. Taking pictures like these can get Akane and Ranma hurt by guys who don't take no for an answer. Ranma can protect himself but what if Akane gets overpowered and can't protect herself well. She's always getting kidnapped and sailing pictures like these will make things worse. She even ruined her sister's wedding to Ranma by inviting the other fiancées and rivals. Don't even get me started on the crap about how she didn't want her sister forced into this marriage. If that were true her and Kasumi wouldn't have volunteered Akane to marry Ranma when their father said Ranma would be choosing his wife. This meant all three of them are candidates not just Akane.

Why are you always finding a way to make money? Get a real job!

283 Genma Saotome (Ranma)

Genma Saotome is one of the worst anime fathers I have ever scene in all of my life. I know this show is suppose to be a slap stick comedy but the things he does to Ranma in the name of the art is pathetic. I don't care if it's called Anything Goes Martial Arts, he still needs to use that brain of his and have some common sense. The Neko-ken was a martial arts technique that should have earned him time behind bars. Who in there right mind will tie their son up in fish products and throw them into a pit of starving cats. He even throws Ranma in the pit more than once and blocked it with a huge rock so Ranma couldn't get out and learn the technique. This caused Ranma to have a fear of cats and would act like one if he passed out. Another fact about Genma is that he is a thief and a liar. He always yelling at Ranma about how he should listen to him or do things for honor when he has none. He sales his own son for food by promising him to people that his son and their daughter will be ...more

I don't know how Genma is not on the Top Ten Worst characters. He runs away from his problems and has married his son off to a lot of girls for his own personal gains. He a liar and a coward who goes on about honor when he has none. He says girls are weak but hides from his wife all of the time. She should have never made that seppuku pact with her and should not be allowed to have any say in Ranma's life.

Genma Saotome never ever even deserve to be Ranma's biological father. Ranma deserves both caring, responsible, understanding parents, Rumiko Takahashi. Ranma deserves to get to know his mother Nodoka.

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284 Nodoka Saotome (Ranma)

Nodoka shouldn't have allowed Genma to take their son and made that seppuku contract. What kind of mother would hold her son responsible to an agreement like that. It should have only been Genma who was responsible because it is Genma's fault that Ranma was pushed into the pool that turns him into a girl with cold water. She hasn't seen her son in so many years and yet she would force him to commit seppuku because his curse was unmanly. Ranma is manly even when he is a girl and she shouldn't want him to die because she didn't get a chance to really bond with her son because of her stupid husband. She is also delusional about what is really manly because her perception of being manly is being with and sleeping with a lot of girls. That is crazy and she needs to stop carrying that sword around like that just to make Genma and Ranma commit seppuku.

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285 Souun Tendo (Ranma)

As much as Akane grew up as a tomboy who get into fights, acted tough, and kept trying to be a perfect martial artist to the best of her ability, Akane would've shown how to act like a woman and learned the things that women usually now how to do, most important of those, how to cook if her mother hadn't died.

Akane: Tsundere. Her type varies: the manga makes her a Type B (more deredere), the anime gives her more Type A (more tsuntsun) aspects than she had in the manga but she can still be considered a Type B. Due to the death of her mother very early in her life, Akane badly wishes to be more feminine, but as the only Tendo girl with martial arts skill her father raised her as a Tomboy. The Tendo family suffered a huge loss when his wife died. Thus Akane was never ever even really shown how to act like a woman, and didn't really learn the things that women usually now how to do, most important of those, how to cook. Akane grew up as a tomboy who got into fights, acted tough, and kept trying to be a perfect martial artist to the best of her ability.

What was Rumiko Takahashi thinking forgetting to tell us how did Mr. Tendo die? Huh?

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286 Kirie Kojima (Girls Bravo) Kirie Kojima (Girls Bravo)

Like Naru, she needs to die too. She takes a shower (or bath) in someone else's home and tells the male protagonist that he's a pervert for peeping while it's HIS home and that he's the bad one.

Do I really need to explain about this satan girl?

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287 Lisa Fukuyama (Girls Bravo)
288 Kosame (Girls Bravo)
289 Takahata (Mahō Sensei Negima)
290 Shinji ikari (Evangelion) Shinji ikari (Evangelion)

This whiny piece constantly spins 90 percent of the anime crying whining and being emo throughout pretty much most of the anime I really can't stand this guy oh my dad doesn't like me my dad hates me my dad uses me because I'm so to a useless then my daddy doesn't like me you just constantly

Even Shinji's own dub voice actor (Spike Spencer) has a love/hate relationship with Shinji Ikari.

Not to mention the guy lives in a house with mostly horny women and he can't get no play because he's just such a fat bag

The one person who is really a no-good. He actually ruins everything!

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291 Renton Thurston (Eureka Seven)

Ok this anime was confusing enough but we had to have this Wiley kid throughout the whole anime making it more crappy

292 Kousaka Kirino (Oreimo)

How can people even like her? When someone acts as an ass for 11 episodes and then goes their their for like ten minutes it's not like you can forgive her.

Again Ill kill people who hate on Tsunderes. Kirino is not arrogant.

293 Tomoyo Daidouji (Cardcaptor Sakura)
294 Princess Vi (Samurai Pizza Cats)

She is a spoiled brat that needs to be killed.

I'm glad that she didn't get Bad Bird at the end.

I read that if the series had continued, Okara would beat her up.

Also she would go after Bat Cat at the beginning of the second season.

295 Mayaya (Jellyfish Princess)

I don't even know where to start with this chick. Jesus christ

296 Yasutora Sado (Bleach)

Matching with Chat is that they don't give him enough power he is an excellent character down for whatever a true friend however people would like him or if they gave him more power

Sado was great why was he put on the list, and yes I understand he got beat so badly for like 200+ eps (i think) but when he finally ggot super powerful he was so badass

297 Zero Kiryu (Vampire Knight) Zero Kiryu (Vampire Knight)

Zero reminds me of a Justin Timberlake song

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298 Shuichi Aizawa (Death Note)
299 Matsuri (Naruto)

I hate fangirls. This is one of them.

I have no idea how this girl became a shinobi, she knows how to use ONE weapon, and it a rope dart (not used to attack) she was also kidnapped, and all I see her do is fangirl over Gaara along with Sari, Yukata and the rest. Really I don't think girls like her, Sari, Yukata, Sakura and Ino really deserve those guys, I mean, really, does Matsuri REALLY love Gaara for the guy he is? Does she know the hardships he's been through? Or does she love him because he's the charming, noble Kazekage?

So people who's better: Matsuri or a rock?
I'd probably go along with the rock. Sorry Matsuri. Burnn.

300 Rukia Kuchiki (Bleach) Rukia Kuchiki (Bleach)

WHO PUT RUKIA ON HERE?! She can own your ass any day

First you should thank RUkia for Giving Ichigo his god damn shinigami powers

She's WAY better then Orihime...


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