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141 Ayano Kannagi (Kaze no Stigma) Ayano Kannagi (Kaze no Stigma)

Kaze no Stigma: an anime that has a nice idea and theme... that was until Ayano showed up.
I couldn't get past the first few episodes. She basically shows up in a scene, and screams and yells like an idiot.
She is one of the few characters in an anime where taking out a lead character would do the show wonders.
Sure keep her for Kazuma's back story but dear lord Never show her again.
That word have made it a far better anime

I agree the only thing she can do is act like an idiot and swing that sword around...

Ugh. I hate her. Her English dub voice is just annoying (strange since I actually like the voice actor). All she does is scream and complain to Kazuma. She is nothing but a thorn on everyone's side.

She really should not be on this list she was a very good and useful character

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142 Louise (The Familiar of Zero)

Shes the worst type of tsundere there is shes stupid mean abusive arrogant and stuck up and don't give me crap about her having reasons she is a Malicious ungrateful bully

WHY IS SHE NOT NUMBER 1, this whiny useless brat is abusive as hell to saito but in the end SHE GETS WHAT SHE WANTS WHY?

Honestly should be number 1 she's really abusive towards Saito and she's just selfish brat

There's a reason why she is the top 1 most annyoing character in Anime America

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143 Satsuki Momoi (Kuroko no Basuke)

MOMOI! Is so annoying Tets-kun! She's always shouting that when she sees him she's the worst I hate her so much

So true I hate the ship with her and Aomine

If I say I hate her, it'll sound like I'm jeal of an anime character. She hasn't done anything wrong, but I understand why some people would hate her...

Not only attach to Kuroko but to the boys what a bitch

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144 Iris (Pokemon)

Why is she on the list? She points everything wrong about Ash that I've been complaining ever since I watched Pokemon.

At least serina is higher than her. The want me to throw the T.V. remote at her when I hear say "what a kid" on every episodes and movies!

She always call ash and anyone who agrees with him a liittle kid stuck up b**ch

145 Lenalee Lee (D.Gray Man) Lenalee Lee (D.Gray Man)

At first, I liked her but latee on she became annoying. All she does is cry, cry and cry some more. Everyone has to pay attention her and worry about her, she's a Mary Sue and she is worshipped. Whining about how she cares about everyone, getting herself in trouble, clinging to Allen. Almost making Lavi a wuss as a character but I still love my babies Lavi, Kanda and Allen.

She was good at first but the further the story goes on
She became a mary sue and its all downhill


She's so annoying her name has Lee twice in a row.

146 Nanami Momozono Nanami Momozono

A bratty damsel in distress who cries when things don't go her way. Can't take care of herself so Tomoe has to wait on her hand and foot, protect her, cook for her, save her, and put her too bed. What does this brat do? She tells Tomoe she might stay with this guy that she's only known a few hours, who told her that he loves her. Tomoe tells Nanami he wants to marry her and she says she doesn't want to get married, yet cries if Tomoe talks to another girl, despite flirting with the other 2 main guy characters in front of Tomoe every chance she gets.

I love how your hatred blind you and make you see stuff who never happened. If anything Nanami does everything to not be a burden and never flirt with anyone. But hey what can you do in front of someone that oblivious. - TopiTaupe

She is supposed to be a goddess but expects Tomoe to do everything for her. All she does is act cute and get herself into trouble so she has to be saved by Tomoe. Then she acts all cutesy saying oh Tomoe my hero! She's also a brat. If things don't go her way she abuses Timoe. She purposely tries to make him jealous with a guy she barely knows and tells Tomoe she might stay with this guy. Also, she's helpless. No goddess powers besides being a goddess, she's only there to be a cute little pet-like damsell in distress for Timor to save, protect, and take care of! This brat can't even go up a hill without having to be saved. (Ahh Tomoe I'm falling help me! )

Most of her moments are about how she doesn't want to rely on him but okay. - TopiTaupe

Such a boring mary sue

A Mary Sue is by definition perfect and she aren't. Please chose your word carefully before to spill your hatred. - TopiTaupe

She AREN'T? Did you mean she isn't? I don't think you should be telling anybody the definition of words when you clearly don't know the language. A Mary sue is someone who is perfect or PERCIEVED as perfect. This worthless character may not be perfect, but it is perceived as such by all the other characters. So yes, this brat is a Mary sue. Also, people can "spill their hatred" whenever they like, whether you like it or not.

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147 Shinji Matou (Fate/Stay Night) Shinji Matou (Fate/Stay Night)

Say all you want about Shirou Emiya, but Shinji Matou deserves to be on this list way more than him. Seriously, I hate Shinji's guts so much! He's a total jerk and treats others and even his own sister Sakura badly just to get his own way! He may be a supporting character in Fate/stay night, but my God, he's my least favorite Master in the entire anime! Not only that, but he's a total pervert! I might as well dub him as a teenage version of Sugou Nobuyuki from Sword Art Online. Man, I hated that scene where he licked Rin Tohsaka in the Unlimited Blade Works anime. I was so pleased when Lancer came out of nowhere and punched him right in the cheek so hard. I swear, whenever Shinji suffers, all I do is just laugh at his misery since that's what he deserves. I can't wait to see what Sakura does to him in the Heaven's Feel film trilogy. All in all, I HATE SHINJI MATOU! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

148 Taiga Aisaka (Toradora!) Taiga Aisaka (Toradora!)

I am so sorry to all you toradora fans but this girl is the reason why I can't STAND that anime, I don't mind tsunderes but THIS GIRL IS THE WORST SHUT UP AND GO TO HELL AND THANK RYUUJI OR SOMETHING I don't know WHAT HIS NAME IS BUT JUST SHUT your FACE UP, please

I couldn't even watch the show she was so annoying

Taiga's not annoying. Shut up all you haters!

Little bitch calling her boyfriend a dog what.

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149 Isshin Kurosaki (Bleach)

Okay guys let's not forget that this guy was a squad captain he didn't get there by just being a slacker but yeah sometimes he can be useless but the dude used to be a captain

I disagree. I think Ichigo's father is far more entertaining, likeable and powerful compared to, say, Naruto's father Minato... Sorry, that guys just a bit too overrated, and never ends up doing much compared to Isshin.

I know he is annoying starting from waking his own son then to showing off to his daughters he always gets beated up by her daughter karin - minanaru

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150 Ran Mouri (Detective Conan)

Oh great another short temper character that the main character falls in love with just great people really you gotta stop falling in love with these angry chicks

She is always crying, and always stand in the way of Shinichi. She is too ungirly, always kicking and punching people with no reason. I don't like her,

I don't even understand why they make her a karate champion while she screeeams like hell whenever she sees someone simply dead! HER VOICE IS SOOO ANNOYING, LAST TIME I SAW HER SCREAM LIKE A COWARDLY PUNK BECAUSE A BUTTERFLY FLEW AT HER FATHER'S ARM

She's nothing more than an useless crybaby! always cry for help. like seriously? can she stop shouting? that's so annoying.

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151 Allen Walker (D.Gray Man) Allen Walker (D.Gray Man)

I have this love hate relationship with this character seriously, sometimes I feel like liking him and sometimes I feel like slapping him. I just have no idea why this character is actually very well liked when he betrayed his own Order instead

Why is allen walker is even in here?

Not my babyyy🙄 who the fak put him on this list, I lovee him

152 Princess Sakura (Tsubasa Chronicle)

I totally agree. She's a huge Mary Sue. Clamp even calls it "her luck" or "blessing." Clamp tried to rectify it by making her do some badass trial only once and getting her head bleeding but it's already too late.

Annoying princess wannabe or something either way just pisses you off

She was so much better in the CCS, CLAMP butchered her character on the Tsubasa series.

Useless and the oringal sakura was way better then this one!

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153 Panty (Panty & Stocking)

All Panty thinks about is sex and always mistreating Briefs all of the time. She doesn't care about him until Scanty is about to marry him. She doesn't deserve someone as devoted as Briefs.

Sex sex sex and more sex that's all the damn girl wants!

Well put that hoe on a street corner and get some money from that ass

Everyone prefers Panty over Stocking :( - kawaiitohru

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154 Flay Allster (Gundam SEED)

Move her too #1 easily the most annoying female character in all of anime

155 Masaomi Kida (Durarara)

I don't think Masaomi's annoying. He can be funny sometimes, like that time when he was trying to talk to two girls, and then both girls got up from the bench and walked away - MLPFan

Masaomi is a character done right, I honestly can't see why people would hate him. - VeronikaHolm

What can I say about him his voice was annoying in both sub and dub. He's a pervert who got a girlfriend.

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156 Hitomi Shizuki (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

I actually agree with this. Hitomi was nothing above a minor character whose only purpose in the show was just to create unneeded drama and love trouble between her and Sayaka over a boy. I wouldn't say I hate her, but with her actions in the anime, she did come off as rather... jerk-y. I couldn't help but cringe, though, whenever this character even decided to open her mouth. In short, despite her placement in the show only being intentional to form a love triangle that would lead to an eventual heartbreak with the beloved Sayaka, she's virtually worthless--worthless enough so that there's truly no point for her to be in the show at all, even if it's only for an extra tragedy involving a main character.

I hate Kyuubey and all. But how could I added him In this list instead of Hitomi?! Hitomi doesn't take people's souls and tricks them or anything. But she's very annoying. Why? She's homophobic and the main reason she was added to the show was just to torture Sayaka. And her life was SO easy! She's rich as fudge(censored swearing because If I swear in my comment, It probably won't be approved),She's pretty, she gets love letters 24/7, and she's the class monitor. And when Sayaka dies, she cries like a baby and If the funeral scene had audio, she probably say"IT'S MY FAULT! "In her annoying voice. I hate Hitomi, she'll always be 2nd(Kyuubey will aleays be 1st)for worst Madoka character for me. - MLPFan

She's homophobic, obnoxious, and also a traitor to her friendship with Sayaka. I wish that she could just die at the highly rumoured 2nd season. She deserves that over her selfish actions. She doesn't even care about her friends and would just break their friendship over a guy. At least Shirley from Code Geass(another character I hate, by the way)cares about her friends. She's also one of the people responsible of Sayaka's death(Kyuubey, Kyousuke, and HER). And is she really a traitor to her friends? She kinda is because she once thought of her friends as lesbians and the whole Kyousuke drama. And also the time she took her book bag out of her locker, and she STILL thinks that they're lesbians. She's one of the worst characters in Madoka Magica. - MLPFan

At least Kyubey wasn't trying to get in the way of a relationship. And he is kinda cute...
But that's probably just me.

157 Sorano / Angel (Fairy Tail) Sorano / Angel (Fairy Tail)
158 Foxy the Silver Fox (One Piece)

Can't think of anyone in any anime worse than this guy. Without a doubt the most annoying in the entire One Piece series.

Oh god he's laughs make me cringe and he's annoying I'm a big fan of one piece and I now every character well and this guy is annoying

Any time he opened his mouth, I wanted to reach through the screen and strangle him.

Whenever I hear this guy's name I think of FNAF

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159 Naru Narusegawa (Love Hina)

With every fiber in my very being I will hate the Creator who made love Hina I despise everything about this anime I wish that every single girl character or any character in this anime. Very personal death

I agree with EVERY SINGLE COMMENT HERE. She is just the WORST character of ALL TIME! She is even worse then Sakura and Nami! She is the worst tsundere and there aren't any words in the English language to describe her sheer awfulness!

Nary is a crazy girl who needs to get her act together. I can't stand when she always accuses Keitaro of being a pervert. When he was kidnapped by Amalla Su she automatically thought he was being a pervert and punches him into the sky. She needs to go away because she's a crazy psycho and get a life.

She's not annoying, she's evil! Girls like her needs to die.

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160 Obito Uchiha (Naruto) Obito Uchiha (Naruto)

I like Obito during his childhood, but grown-up Obito...

In Obito's brain, he always think RIN, RIN, AND RIN! Only Rin!

Most annoying charcter, why? Because he's haterd he have a black heart and I can't describe his annoying, and I'm still shocked why he's the 139th? Thumbs down for him

WARNING SPOLIERS: The Akatsuki made waay better antagonists. Obito is just another Uchiha driven by revenge. Maybe if he would listen and trust, he would know WHY Kakashi killed Rin. I very strongly dislike Uchihas.

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