Sakura Haruno (Naruto)

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Sakura Haruno is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto.


She's seriously obnoxious. It's really annoying when she starts screaming at Naruto in every episode then hits or intimidates him. Most of the characters in the series would wipe the floor with her. The way she treats Ino is even worse, she constantly talks down to her and shames her after Ino was like the one person from her childhood who was decent to her. When they fight at the genin exams Ino wipes the floor with her, until she's magically saved by Naruto. Again. Even with all the screen time Sakura gets, Ino, Hinata, and Temari are all more well developed characters. It's a shame none of them are main characters.

Yea. Sakura is so annoying. Like others, I would love to see anyone else be the main girl character. Let me list a few things.

1.Sakura is annoying. She literally lets Naruto and Sasuke do ALL THE WORK. Whenever I hear her squeal "SASUKE-KUN, I wanna throw a brick at my computer. Like seriously...

2. Sakura is just plain useless. She is strong in Shippuden I guess... But in Naruto seasons, she just stands there with a kunai for more than...five seasons? That's like 200 episodes! Also...Sakura is a crybaby and made Naruto go risk his damn life for Sasugay. She should of done it herself since she's the one who loved Sasugay.

3.She is a complete liar. Sakura said she loves Naruto. Come on...Hinata proved herself more worthy than that piece of pink haired brute.

4. She is so...dumb. Sakura was smartest of Naruto and Sasuke in the first Naruto season but she NEVER thought to use her brain to help. It's brains over brawn. Just take Shikamaru for ...more

Oh God..the most annoying and useless character that ever walked the world of anime. There are plenty of reasons she's hated so much. Like, jeez she LITERALLY lets Naruto and her precious 'Sasuke-kun' do all the fighting. She's always there at the sidelines, watching and crying. She's so pathetic. Tsunade's apprentice or whatsoever, don't give a damn. She's completely useless. And the way she always punches or insults Naruto is so-so-so-so annoying and irriting! Like, poor Naruto. He always puts his life on the line to protect her and she doesn't even thank him properly. Even her gratitude is a punch! Jeez, for crying out loud. And her love for Sasuke is sooo fake. She's just obsessed with his looks. And even though Sasuke became a rogue ninja, killed beautiful beautiful Itachi and made Naruto suffer, Sakura couldn't bring herself to kill him and cried instead. Oh, God. For every time I heard Sakura say 'Sasuke kun', I'd earn a fortune.

Yo...she has never won a single battle by herself. Probably the only one she can take a tiny bit of credit for was the fight with Sasori, but, I mean, let's not kid ourselves, Granny Chiyo did most of the work. If it came right down to it and Sakura was the only one left who could defend the village, let's face it, the village is screwed. Tsunade's apprentice my foot. Moving on from her uselessness on the battlefield, her personality also SUCKS. She's just genuinely mean and cold-hearted. Naruto and Lee have both been pining for her almost all their life but each time, she would just laugh it off or punch them as if their feelings mean nothing and can be thrown away as she pleases. I don't care how "mature" Kishimoto tried to make her in The Last. She done screwed up.

Haha that's so predictable, first I saw the title I instantly got a pic of her face in my mind laugh out loud she's become a definition of irritation. seriously, seeing her in anime bugs me so much, everything she thinks of is just herself like how unhappy she's, yeah being so useless must be hard. And that love of hers is fake to my mind as the only thing she loves ab Sasuke is his appearance. Arg & I hate how she always insults Naruto- like that time when he defeated Pain & she punched him- how f arrogant she's, couldn't even thank him properly. Moreover always talks about how clever she is ~~like seriously? And her hate & disrespect towards her parents make her even uglier! (well I could go on 4rever but I better stop like I'm so pissed &she's not even real, I need to get a life, buy)

Sakura is just the character that people talk about because they don't have anything else to talk about. Kakashi probably covers his eye so he can't accidentally copy her uselessness. I was hoping she would disappear randomly from the show in the second season of Naruto. Sakura should've been replaced with Hinata. Sakura disliked Naruto in the beginning and I was like YOU SHOULDN'T HATE ON Naruto YOUR LIFE WAS LUXURIOUS COMPARED TO HIS ;-; ;-; Everyone needs to open their eyes, Hinata would've done better.

She is the most annoying female character that I knew because she can't do anything useful except saying, "Sasuke-kun..." I stop watching, reading, and supporting Naruto just because of her character alone. Why didn't she died instead of Neji? At least Neji is useful and can fight. Honestly, I want to throw up every time I see this sickening girl moreover with that super ugly spawn called salad. Ugh, is there something worse than this?

She's super annoying, in the first series she felt bad fro Sasuke because his clan and all that stuff, when Naruto went through something similar but she treat d him like he was nothing, Sasuke didn't even care about her but she does everything to get him back and begs Naruto to bring him back not to mention she cries fro a guy that doesn't card about her, and up until shippuden she tries to bring him back and fails. during the pain arc she did nothing she just sat around while Naruto fought, if you saw the fight she watched Naruto struggle but just sat there but if that Was Sasuke she would have jumped in right away to save him. When Naruto saves her she stands there like she didn't even know and back to he first series when she did needed to be saved (which was all the time) Naruto and Sasuke would come to save her and she would just thank Sasuke when it was all Narutos work. What I'm trying to say is that Sakura is a useless, crybaby, ungrateful person and she deserves to be alone ...more

She was useful 4 times out of both series. FOUR! And every single time something happens, it's always tears. Oh Naruto come save me or Oh Sasuke. But what I can't stand the most are her fans totally ignoring the fact that CHIYO was the one who technically defeated Sasori. Sakura was just a puppet.

She is so annoying! I swear it's always about Sasuke, Sasuke & SASUKE! Poor Naruto for having such a horrible friend who's always abandoning him with her problems. I always felt that she was the one dragging the whole team. God have mercy because I have never hated a character as much as I did with Sakura.

I know all she ever did was just heal Naruto and kakashi. What else does she do, oh I remember NOTHING. She is nothing but a useless crybaby who is OBSESSED with sasuke. All the time she ever did in Naruto is to bother sasuke and give no credit at all to Naruto the one saving her ass all the time. I agree Sakura SUCKS!

She is probably the worst overall character in modern anime but isn't the most useless character in Naruto. Shes dull, lacks personality and has the typical temper most powerful anime women have. Throughout the original Naruto anime and manga she is the weakest link in the team as well as the one with the most potential. Her attitude and constant drooling over the typical broody Shounin Anti-Hero leaves a bad taste in your mouth due to the fact that literally everyone else in the series comes with a story and personality. She does however redeem herself in Naruto Shippuden by becoming more mature and a great leader with real DEPTH. Given it say "Naruto' above, I will assume we are talking about base Sakura and I will agree. Most annoying character in all of Anime.

Naruto used to have a crush on her and at the end of series, she is married to Sasuke. One question. What part of her that you guys like? I don't see any of her good point

Why heroine of shounen manga always this kind of character? Chichi from Dragon Ball, she is annoying but Goku marries her. Orihime from Bleach is not any better. I am embarrassed as a fellow girl

Sakura is only concerned with petty affairs. The character is a child, and children can be irritating and petty. However, by sheer opinion, Sakura initially illustrated the incredibly closed minded, mocking, unpleasant teen-mindset that emanates throughout the modern society among both popular males and females. She's just childish. Sakura Haruno - deliberately made irritating to demonstrate a point concerning the opinion of at least one of the screen writers.

Her obsession over Sasuke is just really annoying. She is the biggest crybaby ever.
One of the things that I've noticed is that characters like Naruto, Sai, and sometimes Rock Lee never mind when Sakura hits/punches them. Like, would Sakura ever even dare to hit characters like Shino, Shikamaru, or Gaara? I don't think so. She's taking advantage of the characters that don't mind her.

She is the worst in everything! Worst human being, worst ninja, worst friend, worst person and etc She is incredible annoying, I don't know why they killed neji instead of her.

Sakura's entire screen time consisted of two things. 1 obsessing over Sasuke. 2 treating Naruto like garbage.

I don't like to bash characters in general but Sakura has always annoyed me because I feel like she hasn't really shown her true physical strength and I am actually starting to doubt whether she has any. She hasn't grown as a person as much as the other characters which is a real shame as she had so much potential. Instead she just mopes around and allows herself to be rescued by other (usually male) characters instead of manning up and doing stuff for herself. She completely ruins Naruto for me grr.

I know right? I mean Naruto is THE BEST ANIME ever and Sakura ruins it. She thinks she is the best in the world, hits Naruto while she doesn't deserve to talk to him. I got really confused when Nruto started liking her. she had such a bad life with being called names like forehead while Naruto was called names like beast demon monster, had no love, family, friends was never accepted and look how he turned out. The Hokage.

I don't really have a problem with most useless characters because for some reason I like them, but with sakura, she's just stupid. I don't like to be mean with anime characters but she's just stupid. She IS smart and powerful but she for some reason when is put into battle proves useless. She could really do something if she tried. Like in one Naruto chapter, after ALL THIS TIME she realizes that she's been looking at the backs of Naruto and Sasuke, and does just a little bit of help. I mean, she came back from tsunade's training, and gains the power of immense strength and can't use it for some reason! And whan she tries to use it, she usually doesn't really help the situation!

Jeez. She's smart an all, but she just doesn't want to put it to use.

I wished Sakura haruno died in one of the episodes I would literally celebrate.

I hate Sakura. She's a very useless and annoying character who's done nothing else but standing there for the first part of the series. In Shippuuden, she's just as annoying and even louder and more violent than before. - sockersoppa

I don't usually hate anime characters all that much, but this one PISSES me off! I wish Kakashi would kill her, and I'd pay him for that.

She was practically useless in part 1. And all she ever talked about was Sasuke and he clearly wasn't interested in her. The only thing Sasuke cared about was avenging his clan. But with Sakura, it was always "Sasuke this, Sasuke that". And she didn't actually defeat Sasori of the Red Sand. He chose to die. Chiyo even says so. I don't flatout hate Sakura, but I do admit she can get on your nerves sometimes.

At first when I first saw her I thought she was the human version of amy rose (from sonic the hedgehog) since amy is my favorite character I thought Sakura would be just like her for some dam reason. BUT BOY WAS I WRONG! SHE IS THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE! WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING! She is so annoying!