Most Evil Naruto Villains

Which baddie do you think is the best or worst in the anime series Naruto?

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1 Orochimaru Orochimaru Orochimaru is a fictional character from the Naruto universe created by Masashi Kishimoto and developed into a media franchise, which consists of a series of manga, anime, soundtracks, OVAs, movies, video games, and other collectibles.

Orochimaru is the most sadistic experimenting on other people messing with kids minds and basically being a not nice person, I have hardly started watching Naruto but I read fabric because although I don't like a lot of the characters the potential their is amazing.
But anyways Orochimaru is like THE bad guy the rest are just ninjas, Being a sneaky guy and betraying people is the norm in the ninjas world and besides most bad guys just brood not evil I mean power hungry... yeah
Evil... compared to a whole village being built upon ninJason doing missions, villages that have kids learning how to kill at a young age... no, well I don't think so

Besides Orochimaru is bad ass, if he stopped all the talking before his fights that is

He kidnapped little kids and experimented on them... and most of them died. How can you beat that? - Greenbeast44

Hey guys he is the best villain in the series and listen to his soundtrack old member of akatsuki fellas... using sasuke and stuff konohagakure destruction...

All of naruto's villains have some motive except this bastard, He experimented on kids, Killed a entire clan destroying everyone, and perfoms cruel experiments on everyone, I wish he dies in a very horrible way

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2 Madara Madara

Madara is the most definitely the most evil of all the Naruto villains. This guy is actually a bit scary. He uses all the people around to get ahead and tries to send Sasuke and more than likely Pain/Nagato into evil villains to get himself more power. He can act any part to allow for other to truth him and for the love of God, the man is immortal without having to steal other people's bodies.

I would have picked Pain or Orochimaru but I didn't for a coupe reasons. Pain is just a massively power human being bent on revenge, much like every other villain on this show and he had a very troubled past like every character on this show.

The reason I didn't pick Orochimaru is because as the show went on he somewhat got more and more annoying and less threatening, mainly because so many other villains arose that seemed more interesting and more threatening than him.
- masongilbert74

Because of the recent manga updates, we learn that Madara had fooled everyone. He first tricked hashirama that he had died (then he went into hiding), and used obito as his henchman. He gave nagato his rinnegan and indirectly used him to capture the tailed beasts. Then we found out that he used obito to preform the gedo rinne tensei jutsu to come back to life. The best part is that we still don't know why he wants the 10 tails exactly (we can assume he wants to kill everyone but it isn't confirmed). Oh, and we can't forget that that he basically man-handled sasuke in a very short confrontation.

Easily the most evil villain in all of Naruto. He made Obito switched sides and he used him for his power, so when Obito got stronger, Madara used him as a pawn. Then in the end Obito switched sides, also in my opinion I don't think Obito made up for what he has done yet, 1. Obito killed Minato & Kushina (Madara Started It), 2. Obito started the 4th Great Shinobi War which ended many more lives. Yeah, Madara can turn the most kindest people on earth, into the most evil person in existence.

Many of the villains in Naruto end up redeeming themselves further along the line. Madara Uchiha is not one of them. He's probably the only irredeemable villain in the whole series that is beyond any form of redemption. Talk no Jutsu will not work on this demon

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3 Tobi Tobi


Shame on the people who say that he was stupid for going on a rampage because of Rin's death. He grew up without any parents, hated Kakashi because he was the "cool kid," and didn't really appreciate Minato as much; he had nothing but the love of his life, Rin. To him, that was the only thing he had, then it was Kakashi and after him was Minato. He only had his team, and he was happy like that. Now being an Uchiha, they naturally go on a rampage whenever their love for something shatters, just see Sasuke for example. By the time he was nearly fully restored, he went to find his team only to see his best friend Kakashi kill Rin. Not only was Rin killed in his eyes, she was killed by Kakashi, and when out of all the times in the world, Minato wasn't there to protect them. He lost EVERYTHING HE HAD; Rin wasn't only just a crush, she was the most precious person he had in his life and his true love; in other words, she was probably like the equivalent of your ...more

Obito Used Everyone Except Madara

Honestly just a stupid character, too inept in thought to logically and rationally respond to his life experiences. He makes Sasuke seem rational. Whereas other villains in the show had sensible reasons for acting as they did, Obito does not. The death of one person whom he was irrationally fixated with somehow led him to become a mass murderer without remorse, but at least after killing all those people over the years he comes to the realisation that there was an error in his logic and that he went about making the world a better place in the wrong manner. Lol. He sucks.

reformed - boiman

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4 Hidan Hidan

While I definitely don't believe Hidan is the biggest threat of all the villains (actually probably the weakest akatsuki), he is definitely the most evil and unsympathetic of the villains. He goes out of his way to kill people because he enjoys it and because he is a religious extremist. Not a very likable or relatable guy.

While I agree he is the biggest threat. He is defiantly not the weakest of the Akatsuki.

If you are going to be the most evil Naruto Villain, killing one of the Sarutobi clan would be the eyeopener. Orochimaru killed Sarutobi sensei, and Hidan killed his son. He's one of the only Akatsuki to actually kill a named heroic character that stays dead, and he is far more sadistic than any other villain in Naruto. He gets no redemption either, compared to every Naruto Villain. So really, why isn't he number 1, or at least number 2? Is it because he's not a villain sue, or Uchiha? At this time. - SinisterHoodedFigure

Unlike all the other villains in Naruto Hidan is just pure evil. He's a psycopath with no real aim other than to kill. True Kakuzu, Deidera and Orochimaru aren't much better but at least they have aims other than just wanting to kill. Hidan my favorite by the way

Say hello the a hammy villain who can deal some serious damage.

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5 Danzo Danzo

Maybe as a shinobi he is good, but as human he is HORRIBLE!, he constantly tries to manipulate everyone all for the sake of becoming hokage, blackmailed the orphanage kabuto was in when he was a kid forcing him to leave the place being a spy for most of his life which led him to orochimaru, and also he lied to hanzo about the akatsuki becoming a threat to the hidden mist (which by the time they were actually good guys wanting peace in a positive way), which ultimately led to yahiko's death and nagato being corrupted by tobi. Tobi (Obito) is friendzone to the max, Madara wants in his own way peace to the world, But Danzo is just a selfish and terrible guy, he may care for the hidden leaf, but as for the other villages, he treats them worse than trash.

Danzo is the only character in the show that does everything out of selfish reasons. Other characters such as Orochimaru and Madara have reasons for why they are. In orochimarus case, he wants to be reunited with his parents so he tries to attain immortality. As for Madara, he is hurt over the loss of his brother and therefore wants to escape his current "hell" aka the current shinobi world. Whereas Danzo is just pure evil and causes much of the show's conflict.

Danzo was selfish, evil, and committed genocide in order to gain power. He made Itachi become a rogue ninja and stole the eyes of the dead Uchiha. He even stole Shisui's eye before Shisui could stop the Uchiha clan. All he wants is war and death. He is literally the worst piece of human filth.

My favorite character ever. Areal politician.

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6 Pain

The Best villains are the ones who strike the perfect balance between Intimidating and Intriguing. Pain manages to balance these two traits perfectly. He is every bit as ruthless as he is intelligent, but what makes him really stand out is that despite all his power he is still human. He makes mistakes, can be surprised and can even be tricked. Like when Hinata fought him in the anime and she choose to break the rods that where holding Naruto down instead of fighting Pain directly like she did in the Manga Pain was clearly surprised by her actions but instead of panicking he quickly adapted and forced her away from Naruto.

That's something you don't that often in villains in any series, who manage to always stay one step ahead of the heroes and are almost never surprised and as a result many of them boarder on the edge of becoming a villain sue. But not Pain, he is extremely powerful and intelligent but his not invincible or omnipotent which makes him more human which helps to ...more

Self-proclaimed god that is completely badass

Most legit backstory and intentions, Pain was completely badass

Cycle of hatred speech was brilliant

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7 Kabuto

Kabuto got more powerful than oruchimaru and blackmailed tobi that's something

Kabuto is one badass

Kabuto uses the sage mode unlike Orochimaru and have more intelligence than him. The smartest character is an evil villain.

He is a snake. Yes I said it a snake

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8 Deidara Deidara

Deidara rules for eternity! But he's not that much of a villain to me. Sucks that he was forced into Akatsuki.

Deidara is awesome, and it takes only one word to explain it. "KATSU! "

Bad ass and it was bull Sasuke beat him should've lived longer as he was my favorite akatsuki member.

HE is awesome and sexy

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9 Zetsu Zetsu

The one who tricked Madara who then tricked Obito. And he also tricked basically the whole Uchiha with the tablet...

Why...out of every single Naruto he the most cute-I MEAN

Black Zetsu was responsible for everything the Akatsuki has done. He tricked Madara into tricking Obito so he can complete the infinite tsukyomi and bring Kaguya, the strongest villain, back.

The Best manipulator

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10 Sasuke Sasuke Sasuke Uchiha is a fictional character from the manga and anime franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.

he wanted to kill his brother even if he saw that he cryed that night (i though that that was in his imagination) he wants a revenge all the time without see if the thing he wants to do is right or wrong or a lie or I don't know what else. he is like a wall which you can paint whatever colour you want. for his revenge is willing to killl everyone close to him even his friends or teacher.. he don't care about anyone but hisself. he is the worst charachter in naruto anime series.

Sasuke should not be on this list. This is why, he have not killed anyone that wasn't bad. I think he did have the chance to kill his team mates several times, but did not. The brother he love, killed his family and clan of course that would get anyone upset and probably drive some people mad.

So what if he never killed a good person, he still did things which hindered the good sides efforts, thereby making him a temporary villain - DragonHarrier

He's the worst bitch in the series, he attempted to kill Sakura, he killed the Sixth Hokage, wants to use Itachi's eyes to diminish Naruto from the existense of his world, and doesn't care about anyone around him, even allies. - animedude7

Wow he killed danzo

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11 Kakuzu

He is Killing people for money and he isn't afraid of hell! He is stealing people's hearts! I don't know why he is so low. Pein did it for piece, Gaara is now good, Sasuke is just stupid maniac. Kakuzu should be in top ten.

Kakuzu is a perfect example for a pure psychopath. He doesn't show any positive or negative emotions. Everything he does is for his profit, whatever that means to do. He is pure evil.

Because he's too low atm. So badass, he doesn't care about anything except money. And he would've killed Kakashi hadn't it been for Shikamaru and Naruto, Yamato.

Yes I agree

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12 Kaguya

Not my favorite villain, but she's definitely the most evil.

Madara, Obito, Nagato, Konan and Kisame wanted peace. They don't belong here.

In the end, Sasori had a change of heart. No longer a villain in my book.

The same goes for Orochimaru and Kabuto. However, Orochimaru still takes my number 2 spot, since his evils can't be committed.

Kaguya takes the number 1 spot. She used Zetsu to mess up the lives of everyone, everywhere, every time.

She is strong but last time I checked her battle wiki profile it says she has average intelligence and was tricked by Naruto couple of times and if she was very smart like madara she wouldn't have been tricked so easily. But there's no doubt about it she is very strong indeed but intelligence is just average level.

Easily the most evil of all. Naruto himself said that she was unreachable, unlike Madara and Obito. What she wanted was to kill everyone and turn them into an army of Zetsu. What Madera and Obito wanted was actually Nobel. They wanted to end all war and fighting... They were just deceived about how to do that. Orochimaro is second in my opinion. His reasons for doing evil are entirely self centered. He just wanted to be the smartest and strongest.

One of the only ones on this list that is truely evil

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13 Kisame Kisame

Tailless Tailed Beast... and went out in style

He is so awesome to bad they changed his character in Shippuden and make him a CENTIPEDE!

Strongest ninja in shinobi history

That stupid with his fish gills... So stupid he is... I know most of you would agree with me - Aasees kaur!

14 Sasori Sasori

Puppets for the win

Sasori for the win

Sasori for the win

Puppets is cool!

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15 Gaara Gaara Gaara is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto. He is the jinchuuriki of the one-tailed shukaku and can control sand that is stored in his gourd.


He is cool guy,in first section he is villain but after fighting with naruto he becomes good one. Then he is not villain, he is one of the best character I like in naruto

I want to be just like you

Why is he a villain.He is like Naruto

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16 Itachi

Itachi rocks he only pretended to be evil because he wants his little brother sasuke to become strong he even died with love to sasuke when sasuke killed itachi. That is why he joined akatsuki. Itachi killed his clan for 2 reasons 1st is he have been ordered and take2nd he want to make sasuke strong. Itachi is a good guy not evil. Another fact Oscar itachi became alive and left the akatsuki when sasuke killed him. He is awesome even my favourite characterin the show. He looks cool too

Itachi isn't evil, he's a very good guy, all he did was for his little brother, Sasuke Uchiha... - WWENARUTO

He rocks, but he's more of an anti-hero good boy combination than a villain. He tried to save his brother from darkness and he saved Konoha from destruction.

love him

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17 Kimimaro Kimimaro

Kimimaro was amazing! When he versed Naruto while he was bringing Sasuke to Orochimaru, not only did it take Naruto to beat him, but it also took Rock Lee, AND Gaara just to defeat him. On top of that, he technically didn't even get defeated. Kimimaro almost killed Gaara and Rock Lee! If it weren't for his sickness, not only would he have lived longer, he probably would've joined the Taka with Jugo, and he would've killed Gaara and Rock Lee that day he versed them. Kimimaro should be higher on the list!

I loved Kimimaro! I thought he was pretty cool

He's my sempai


18 Zabuza

Zabuza needed more showtime.. they killed him off way to fast

Zabuza was a cruel villain who wore baggy pants a terrible crime. He was a rogue ninja from kirigakure. He had a sword that could slice a cow in half. And it took Kakashi to wound him. Impressive

Deserves to be higher on this list, not because of his cruelty or inhumanity, but because of how he reformed and managed to make the audience truly care about his death in the end.
R.I.P. Zabuza

19 Konan Konan

Yes she is strong and she will kill without hesitation but was killed by Obito all because she joined Naruto on the side of peace.

So strong of all girls

NICE! But why not no.5

Konan is like, the ONLY female villain AND Akatsuki member.And along with Tsunade, they probably are the only two female Naruto characters with high stats in which I mean 30+.Along with Mei.Kaguya doesn't count.Anyone I'm missing? - ilar9118

20 Hinata Hyuga Hinata Hyuga Hinata Hyuga is a fictional character in the anime and manga franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.

Hinata is not an evil character nor a villain but why would somebody put a character with a big heart on this list? - Yorkshire2001

Terrifying creature to face, indeed.

Most evil character ever

Shes worse than Kaguya

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