Most Romantic Things to Do With Her

All men want to be the most romantic person in the lives of their partners. So when Valentine's is around we always start thinking for long hours how to make this day the most beautiful and romantic one. Here are some ideas for the beautiful couples to make this day an unforgettable one.

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1 Kiss her slowly, so she can feel every spark

Trust me it works out for the two of you (;

Where the hell is sex? It should defenetily be on top 1.

It really works out for both of you she might not even want the moment to end

I plan on kissing my future woman for the first time slowly and intimately and I'm hoping she will do the same on February 14th.

2 Hug her tightly in the starry night

Lmao I can barely see stars in the city

Hug is the warmest thing in the world.

Laugh out loud I hugged my girlfriend really tight.. And I kissed her on her neck she swear never too let go

That is hilarious she slapped you LOL

3 While watching a sunset hug her from behind kiss her cheek and whisper in her ear


4 Hug and kiss her from behind and tell her you love her
5 Kiss her deeply on the lips and then say "you'll always be mine, forever"

Deep kiss then a loving passionate I love you the be mine forever can be a little creepy.


6 Kiss her on her neck while dancing to slow music

Got me the best sex

When this I did this she got nude and striped me and we had some really nice sex guys it really works

This is most intense way to express your true feeling for her. Nohing more romantic than this.

It works every time!

7 Lay with her in her bed and wrap your arms around her. Maybe stroke her hair ...

Great idea you should do that to me ill be naked

I would tell him to get out of my hair!

Joey lay with angelica bed

I don't like it its too rough

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8 Watch the sunset on a silent beach

Sunset on a silent beach is great you might even get something for your self that eavning.

The beach, the sunset, and your could it get any better!?

Amazing, did it and it was great definitely a option I'd reccomend and if its cold lend her your coat.


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9 Lay down on the roof of your car at midnight and watch the stars

Uhh I don't know ;-;

This is exactly what girls want to do with guys

Most romantic thing but you gotta have a, romantic song playing with the windows down

I don't have a car so what else should I do

10 Run through a big field together and then fall down with her when you become tired. Then just kiss her and say she's adorable

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11 Nestle her head in your chest and stroke her hair.

Idek man this hits

Before girlfriend:

1. Videos games
2. Girlfriend

After girlfriend:

1. Girlfriend
99. Video Games

If You have a girlfriend, You don't need them quite.

So sweet... If someone did this to me, I'd fall asleep feeling so safe and warm... ☺️

12 Take her to a restaurant where there is just one table and not a single person around with light music and candle light

I don't think there are any restaurants with one table but if there were that would be very romantic lol

Yes, works every time

This doesn't seem correct.

For the one who said he hates the one whoever think of this it was your fualt, you were not supposed to turn around you were supposed to go to her and tell her how you feel and I'm only 14 years old but trust me do it again but instead of turning around go to her and ask her to dance or something do everything her way

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13 Send a written message through any little street boy expressing your love to her

I think that will make your girlfriend see how much you love her and that you are always thinking about her.

This is a nice trick by doing this my girlfriend is very happy

Every girl wants this

I would chase away the street boy

14 Watch Duck Dynasty reruns and drink boxed wine over crushed ice

Daamn baby that's romantic.

Hey jack that's a good one

Best one she loved it lmfao

Gets the fluids flowing!

15 Pull her away from her friends and sing songs for her

If you have a good voice or play an instrument, then use your talent. Getting a girl alone to sing a song for her to tell her how special she is to you is such a sweet thing to do. I promise you this will absolutely melt her heart.

Well, yes but timing is everything. If she's trying to discuss something with some friends and you pull her away and start rickrolling her, there's a 50-50 chance you're doomed forever. - ThatDiddlyDarnDoge

I sing to my girl every time I like to wake up with a beautiful song I love you when your hair turns grey I'll love you if you Gain alil wait... Cause she is the rose that blooms in my garden... Gosh I'm so in love with her every sec of my day. It will be three years next month

She almost cried with happines

16 Kiss her in the middle of her sentence

You do realized that a woman can also kiss her man in the middle of his sentences.

For when she's talking and all you can focus on is how beautiful she is

Perfect thing to do!

This is awesome. It really works.

17 Take her on a long drive away from her house in the evening

I do it... It workss

It does work just watch for curfew

Yes, and make sure to have the windows down so you can feel the fresh air if it is warm outside, and put them up if you start to talk to her

I would think he's kidnapping me

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18 Everytime you see her after a certain period of time wrap your arms around her and refuse to let go (playfully of course)

This will make them feel really special and appreciated

I do this to my girl all the time she hates me trys strugleing to try and get me but than we normaly turns into real paly if you know what I mean

19 Get some bonfire in your room and sit on the carpet with her watching her favourite film

Yeah my carpet is not good for that lol

It sounds dangerous! :/

Very unlikely you might burn her.

Minus the bonfire, it's a good idea

20 Holding hands while walking on a private beach, just the two of you.

He just did it

21 Take her to the terrace under the moon and say even the envious moon is hiding behind the clouds

What the hell...

Its terribly crap

22 Go skinny dipping

I loved it with her

I would LOVE that if a boy did that with me

It really feels amazing.

Its nice yall should try it guys

23 Watch a movie with her

Did this to my wife and gave her a back rub and said I love you. That night we had also had her favorite for our anniversary dinner. Do this for her when you are in a fight or for any occasion. Trust me it works. I love her

Love to in dim lighting, comfortably between her arms.

She likes it when we do that

I watch movies with my wife every time the kids are asleep. Rent the proposal and do this, we both
Love it. Go to redbox now.

24 Get blue lights in your room and pleasant slow music, perfect for a dance

This is perfect and 100% romantic

I love it your amazing at this I'm naked you should come over

25 Take her to her favourite restaurant with a wedding ring in her glass

That's how people die. Safety should always come first you dick licking jack ass

Now that's dangerous... :-)

Only a man who hates his wife or his girlfriend would try something like that.

26 Hold hands along the beach on a starry night
27 Bubble bath, candles, low light, and just you, her, and soft music

I am a little kid what is sex

The humanitarian reproductive process, also known as sexual intercourse. - RockFashionista

It really is fun relaxing together in a;warm, soapy, bath tub. Everyone should try it at least once.

Hot water or cold?

28 Go to kiss her lips and quickly peck her on the nose

I do it all the time and we both end up laughing afterwards! It works! I enjoy seeing the amusement on her face afterwards.

Then look at her and smile (-:

29 during hugging time tell her that u adore her

I think this one is the best, she will always want to be in your arms,

That could make her to think that you are not playing with her

30 Lay down in a field of grass on a summers night, have slow music, and kiss her

This is how I get love of my life

I would ask him if he going to play soccer on me

31 Lay together in your truck bed and watch the sunset and stars.

Layed so many times cause of that

32 Send flowers to her house and a love card with her favorite candy

Do this for a special occasion, if you want.

33 Do everything she loves doing and support her every day

Always keep a short distance or you will get up in the friendzone

Hmm.. Maybe just do it once in a while.. It can get annoying.
Support her when she needs support. Or if she works, tell her
You think of her and love her as much as birds love seeds.
Not every time though, only once and a while and think of different things.

34 Take her to the place you met in the beginning of it all

Always a good idea, because you get to understand when serious what brought you two togther.

I'm 14 I met my girlfriend In elementary school and tomorrow where ganna go on a long walk it's a little chilly out and I'm ganna lend her my coat cause she yes cold super easyand where ganna sit together on the big playground equipment where we first talked and hopefully have our first kiss.

35 Kiss her in the rain

Trust me guys she will love it

She loved it-! Thanks

The thing was that we had gone out... While coming home it started raining...we were walking... It started to rain heavily...we stood under a tree to save ourselves from the rain...we were holding hands and talking... Then I hugged her after that she kissed me in the rain... It was so intense...she totally read my mind and kissed me before I was our first kiss...

36 Drive inn

The drive-in is amazing did that for my first date with my girlfriend and halfway through the first movie fireworks at the fairgrounds next to the drive-in started going off and he started smiling and blushing which was so adorable. And make sure the movies are scary movies because she will scoot closer to you and you just wrap your arms around her and hold her tight and assure her that she is safe with you. It works trust me!

37 Climb a tree

You feel young again when your doing it like transfers in love, and are away from everyone else at the top

Tree climbing is so swaggalicious. Makes her and I happy. When she's happy I'm happy. Love you natalia!

What are we suppose to do when we reach the top? Jump or hang ourselves? I'd rather jump.

38 Text and Tell Her When You Think of Her

Make sure you put your heart and soul into it

39 Go with her to the movies and eat popcorn
40 Lift her chin and then kiss her

Well I did this for my first kiss so it works pretty well.

41 Make love to her
42 Go to Six Flags then tell her you love her on the top of the Giant Drop

This would be perfect

43 If she fell to sleep on a couch or if she's tired, bring her to the bed, lie her down and wrap your body around her saying "I love you"

I would never want to get out of bed again. That sounds so sweet!

44 Give her a kiss on the forehead

That will make any girls night

45 Kiss her eyes slowly and say to her I love you
46 Take her by the hands and tell her I will carry you through the biggest storms and lay you down where you feel safe. kiss her on the head and make sure she knows you will always be there.
47 Take her swimming

Where to? The local pool and watch soggy band-aids floating past each other. Or play a game called guess which person is urinating in the pool right now...

48 Introduce her to your family

Be your self and don't be shy, lol I haven't even meet my girlfriends family yet but I feel it coming soon.

49 Dim the lights, put on Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On," and make sweet love

Ether that or Barry White's "Never, Never Gonna Give You Up". - JCHOW

50 Take her on a walk to the woods

Walking in the woods? Wrong turn 5 coming in

Or hills have eyes 4 not bad but really the woods

Hey honey here comes Bigfoot. Damn he got away with my wife. Well we'll try this again next year.

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1. While watching a sunset hug her from behind kiss her cheek and whisper in her ear
2. Hug and kiss her from behind and tell her you love her
3. Hug her tightly in the starry night
1. Kiss her deeply on the lips and then say "you'll always be mine, forever"
2. Hug her tightly in the starry night
3. Kiss her slowly, so she can feel every spark
1. Take her to a restaurant where there is just one table and not a single person around with light music and candle light
2. Kiss her slowly, so she can feel every spark
3. Take her to the terrace under the moon and say even the envious moon is hiding behind the clouds

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